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  1. Ok stop everything I really need this song “please send it to me Rachel” mood
  2. Well this is so Lana code… hopeful, we will have the record next year…. Or maybe never.
  3. Fishtail - Pepper - Taco Truck always like a ⛓️‍💥 chain together (It is impossible not to listen to them together when one of these three songs comes on)
  4. I think I really understand her ( a little bit?) because sometimes those edits are kinda cringey 😬
  5. Yes well, opinion exists for something
  6. I think it could be both. In her video for "candy necklace" the allusion is direct; as if it were a metamorphosis of the endangered American woman who does not end up flourishing, due to the dark side of the American dream. Basically, ending up dead.
  7. basically the whole lana discography...
  8. mitski sounds always the same for me... love a couple of songs tho, but sounds the same....
  9. The video is amazing, the song is just a expensive wine we don’t care about views we want that Lana tbh
  10. Can’t give her more money but looks amazing…
  11. I have PTSD abandonment now
  12. It feels like “fuck her” I’m following you and all your fucking family and now she’s gone. But let’s be honest, she’s just tired of this shit. Good luck for her, too. Can’t understand all this “private” non private account honestly
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