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  1. Beemo

    Tom Odell

    Does anyone have a download to the Grow Old With Me EP?
  2. Beemo

    April 11 - Las Vegas

    The good sis paid dust to TWMUG and Lucky Ones. She never performed them live ever, did she?
  3. Black Beauty, PSB, Your Band Is All The Rage
  4. Beemo

    Paloma Faith

  5. Beemo

    Paloma Faith

    A Perfect Contradiction song previews are out on iTunes. It absolutely sounds amazing Also, this was rihleased on iTunes. Pm for download link I guess
  6. Beemo

    Paloma Faith

    It's out March 3rd, when the album drops. The only song available atm is Love Only Leaves You Lonely (u get it when u pre-order the album), and Can't Rely on You in 4 days
  7. Beemo

    Paloma Faith

    Paloma belts out one of her album tracks at the burberry fashion show
  8. Beemo

    Paloma Faith

    The good sis Paloma is jamming to ha own song. Luvs it
  9. Beemo

    Tom Odell

    That was beautiful
  10. Beemo

    Lana Belting

    Usually singing notes above your normal voice break at a loud volume, shows heightened emotional state usually. Can also be held for that extra pizazz The singer I know w/ the most control over her voice when she belts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugnDxJ6qib4
  11. Beemo

    Lana Belting

    4:11 Controlled, resonant, and w/ vibrato. Luvs it
  12. Beemo

    Jake Bugg

    Jake performed A Song About Love on ELLEN! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0PzCqMSFfk
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