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  1. Rebel


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03w5bqm New song - fucking amazing. Anyone in UK wanna buy it on iTunes? Can't find anything but a shitty rip anywhere and it isn't on US iTunes yet.
  2. I did! Some songs were hard to add, but basically here's the new playlist (some tracks shuffled around as well): Blue Velvet Ultraviolence Born to Die Paradise Lost (Tropico) Gods & Monsters West Coast Ride (w/ Monologue and Outro) Guns and Roses Angels Forever Black Beauty (album version) Yayo Honeymoon Bel Air (w/ Tropico piano intro) Is This Happiness Video Games Old Money Hotel Sayre Young and Beautiful Once Upon A Dream Tropico (Score) Big Eyes Salvatore Blue Jeans Cola Fucked My Way Up To The Top The Blackest Day Body Electric Sad Girl Carmen Pretty When You Cry I Don't Wanna Go Burnt Norton Never Let Me Go Religion Kill Kill Million Dollar Man Wait For Life Terrence Loves You I Can Fly Shades of Cool 24 Off to the Races The Other Woman Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Gramma Music To Watch Boys To This Is What Makes Us Girls Lolita Summer Wine High By The Beach Florida Kilos West Coast (Radio Mix) Freak Art Deco Dark Paradise Serial Killer Summertime Sadness (Extended radio mix) Diet Mtn Dew Burning Desire Lucky Ones Starry Eyed Brooklyn Baby Flipside Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Radio Hollywood National Anthem Money Power Glory American Without You God Knows I Tried Cruel World Swan Song god why did i type all that out
  3. Rebel

    Really looking forward to this one from her live performances.
  4. Rebel

    El Perro del Mar

    Really like some of the songs. If anyone could gimme Love Is Not Pop that would be greatly appreciatedddddd.
  5. Rebel


    Where can I listen to Warrior
  6. Rebel


    I'm so exciteddddddddd!
  7. Rebel


    Okay I deleted everything lol (u got me on twitter tho!)
  8. Rebel


    But I am sure you are always looking out and will let me know when you do
  9. Rebel


    Do you have it yetttt?
  10. Rebel


    Of course it's not on spotify and it's album only on iTunes lmao The preview sounds a lot like the Radio 1 version though?
  11. Rebel

    Wild Belle

    Sounds like refux Kali Uchis
  12. Rebel


    This is SO CUTE! You're def her #1 fan I'm so excited for the album!
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