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  1. liam

    First time on lanaboards in god knows how long! Pretty much just came back just to express my joy at the success she had last year in the UK. So crazy. Excuse my ignorance, but did she blow up elsewhere or pretty much just the UK?
  2. liam

    Azealia Banks

    I went to Leeds Fest yesterday and I FINALLY SAW AZEALIA LIVE. She is frigging amazing. So happy!
  3. liam

    Oh lordy I'm in love with New Year's Eve. So gorgeous!
  4. liam

    Azealia Banks

    On what charts? iTunes? I'm talking about the actual official UK charts - like the UK equivalent of billboard
  5. liam

    Azealia Banks

    62 on the official uk charts... is that good considering it was only released three days ago?
  6. liam

    Azealia Banks

    Thank you!! They've issued me a refund So fucking happy with this album. I was really worried that it wasn't going to live up to all the hype from the last few years, but it certainly has. Over the moon for Azealia! Ice Princess, JFK and Miss Amor are glorious
  7. liam

    Azealia Banks

    Me when I realised I bought the clean version of the album
  8. liam

    Azealia Banks

  9. liam

    Ah man I watched it. She looked like a lost puppy constantly looking at Iggy for guidance and reassurance... ahhh no I wanna give her a hug! The whole thing just wasn't MØ and it showed
  10. liam

    Is it really that bad? I don't know if I want to watch it... I'd feel too bad for her
  11. liam

    Disappointed that they messed with MØ's vocals, but I actually LOVE it
  12. liam

    Azealia Banks

    'Can't we just print more money and then burn it afterwards' I thought she was more intelligent than that haha
  13. liam

    Azealia Banks

    Chasing Time is nothing special, but it's pretty good! I'm liking it. Also really super happy that she's finally ditched those stupid stage outfits
  14. liam

    Sooooo excited for this
  15. Couldn't help but think of this video whilst watching the pool scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--rs7Ni7nmA
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