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  1. in England I had a powercut the other day because of intense rain and lighting but then an hour later it was sunny so you never know what to wear
  2. The BBC did a 31 minute interview with her in 2021 so why not do a proper interview instead of asking her about the eras tour?
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/radioprimaverasound does anyone know if this will broadcast Lana ?
  4. Oh my god not Judah Smith that church is basically a cult that Lana has somehow ended up in. Staff being forced to “donate” money to the church, the church being a charity meaning it doesn’t have any tax, Judah buying mega mansions for him for an “investement” to the church, straight up saying abortion should be fully banned and how it’s a grave sin , while also hiring rapists and defending there actions This is not a “church” and not something Lana should be affiliated with. As a Christian they are not real Christians
  5. I agree. Even raising awareness with donation links would be amazing and the best option to spread awareness and provide aid for Palestinians imo. I can’t help but think there’s something holding her back, this might be an insane cope but are her team zionists? Evan wrinkler is a vocal Zionist. I sound crazy now I think I’m gonna leave it there
  6. mcull13

    Taylor Swift

    first Morgan now Taylor Nikki is going after Lana’s faves
  7. just got an email saying these tickets were on sale but there not ? any info
  8. mcull13

    Taylor Swift

    where do I find this ? user was warned for this post do not ask where to find to be released music
  9. he also said that young in beautiful was his favourite from the great gatsby he needs to get of Twitter
  10. why do people obsess over her weight it’s so strange and weird. he needs to get a life.
  11. I think he works for her still but I’m not sure what he does
  12. can anyone post the coachella performance on mega?
  13. we don’t want khelani anyway she’s probably went back to hating Lana to please her fanbase. after all she was only hating on her 2 months ago
  14. I don’t know like she reposted a video about not liking Lana on the 6th February this year she’s actually so strange for switching up that fast. I would stay well away
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