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  1. Sis

    Porcelain Black

    Collab please!
  2. Sis


    A slayage
  3. Sis


    She looks & sounds like that cock destroyer woman
  4. Sis

    Sky Ferreira

    The way you've just presented the proof that she's an addict. The only person that needs to fuck off is you, you're probably a toxic gay man yourself or an angry lesbian with pink hair and a mustache. I hope you never get any new Sky Ferreira music. Immature little kids in this thread. User was warned for this post
  5. Sis

    Sky Ferreira

    Well some men just aren't into women that do crack
  6. Sis

    Sky Ferreira

    Oh sure it's men and not Sky's crack addiction ruining another album release.
  7. I think everyone here agrees that Video Games should never have been released, it sounds so demo'ish & barebones.
  8. Westcoast, because as a first single from Ultraviolence it doesn't really do that masterpiece of an album any justice.
  9. Sis

    Britney Spears

    Thank god finally no more documentaries
  10. Sis

    Charli XCX

    Streaming how i'm feeling now to celebrate
  11. Sis

    Caroline Polachek

    Well I was wrong. Still sad she didn't do Insomnia and Billions though, but I am grateful Smoke is still alive.
  12. Sis

    Caroline Polachek

    The set is only 30 minutes though and I think she did a 30 minute set at LadyLand and it didn't include any of the new unreleased songs nor all of the songs from Pang (no Insomnia, Look at Me Now, New Normal).
  13. Sis

    Kim Petras

    Dr. Luke can abuse my hole any time he wants. The D must be so good if Kim Petras keeps coming back singing OOoooOOooh La LA La la baguette Yum Yuum yum Wooh wooh woop Ah AH! jet aime oui oui in the studio
  14. Sis

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    LOVE + FEAR underrated album
  15. Sis

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Yes MARINA-Ancient_Dreams_In_A_Modern_Land-CD-FLAC-2021-PERFECT But it is the same as the streaming version, I guess the leak we got is an early mix.
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