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  1. I have started to create my own version of it by now, but she releases new music faster than I am able to design the pages, lol. It's so frustrating when you just finished the honeymoon chapter when chemtrails came out, and before being able to finish Lust for Life, BB comes out.
  2. Thanks! So this called a flask, too. I googled the word but found only things I could not imagine as merch, lol. Love it. Wouldn't mind buying it.
  3. Must be extremely rare as I never saw or heard of it, lol. What is it, please?
  4. Just to be sure - these tracks from Chemtrails and BB never leaked, or did I miss something? (the NFR EP was just called like this by you, or is there more to it?)
  5. you mean these 2 prints? Can be anything, I don't take this as a proof for a box set.
  6. if it sells out until then, you can still get the one from amazon, which is not engraved ;-) I have actually decided not to pay like EUR 40 for the merch item (25 USD + shipping abroad + double VAT + post fee...), but might get the one from amazon/ebay for less than EUR 7.
  7. Probably depends on how much they improved the quality. So far they didn't look like selling with huge profit, but the whistle and pill holder gave another impression now.
  8. As they could easily get more, they probably will. Very easy way to make money :-D The engraving does not look very strong/deep to me btw, judging from the photo of her.
  9. Ah that probably explains why I never find it looking for ldrEy
  10. just found out it's still in the European UO shops. For some reason it only doesn't show if you look for "lana del rey", but you have to add "tunnel". Lana Del Ray - Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd Indies Only Alternative Cover & Green LP | Urban Outfitters DE
  11. I really hope prototype means there will be few more weeks until it comes. If it really comes out, ok, I will be able to afford it luckily, but I surely would prefer some time for my bank account to relax. And I am afraid a lot of people will have to miss out due to money reasons because of that current merch drip drop overload.
  12. plus listening events. Pretty cool idea, even though no option for me.
  13. I'm glad I got them all in December already, too. However, there have been months now for getting them from EU stores, so I think there are worse things than a few euro tax and more shipping now. With all those merch items never being sold within EU, that's another story again.
  14. They have no more left. Actually this variant has been the most difficult to get from EU stores from the very beginning. About a month ago, there were still options, but I guess that fans who join "the party" now, have to order from outside EU. Some fans recently bought them through their national Urban Outfitters store, but I cannot find them there anymore.
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