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  1. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    I made my own Tension now, lol track order still in progress.
  2. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    I also have my own list now, mixing album tracks and leaks. I have thrown out 10 out 9f 10, hold on to now, one more time, hands and green light (and somebody to love and just imagine) and included drum, hello, eyes on you (yes!), Vegas baby, running, love train, heavenly bodies plus piano as a bonus track. I did not throw out "the things we do for love", I think it fits in.
  3. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    Perfectly, yes! Which album session is it supposed to be from?
  4. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    https://music.kylie.com/product/122639 Download of the album incl. "drum" and "heavenly bodies" plus the three deluxe tracks (6 EUR only) Still not getting why drum, eyes on you, Vegas baby and running (and tears of joy and hello as bonus tracks) were not included to the album. 🙈
  5. I love this one, too. Btw, since Lana Fans might be interested in stories including age gaps in relationship, "easy virtue" with Jessica Biel and Colin Firth is amazing. 😍
  6. The "stripped" album by Christina Aguilera. Helped me finding my way and coping with prejudices. Made me a fighter 😉 And Kylie Minogue's music. She made me interested in fashion and made me travel alone for the first time, to see her concerts. And a Greek singer I made a website about. Through this website I got to know my know husband, 16 years ago 🙈 I also traveled abroad alone for the first time to see her live.
  7. "the bucket list" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson "Finding Forrester" with Sean Connery "The Intouchables" with Omar Sy I use to watch these with students in my ethic lessons, talking about happiness, sense of life and friendship. I am always hypnotized again, although I have seen each of them 20 times now, lol.
  8. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    The thing is that as a long term fan I have been waiting for her for years to go into the direction of padam and tension with an album (like getting the gloomy sleepwalker with better vocal production, including a bit of body language attitude and kiss me once vibes). So I was super happy and had big hopes. Not saying it's a bad album, but I expected something I wanted for years and now I'm a bit disappointed for not getting it 🙈 I guess that's how many here feel. Maybe helps to understand. (I also got very excited about Golden back then as I heard it would be country, which I love, and then it was so much pop. But now I am perfectly happy with the demo and unreleased leaks of the Golden era, these are perfect 😂)
  9. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    😔 I agree. Especially as some of the leaked, unreleased tracks would have sounded amazing in combination with tension and padam. (Running, Vegas Baby (why on earth include Vegas High instead of it???), Eyes on You are so amazing, and Drum and Hello are pretty cool, too) I so wanna love the album because of the singles and stunning artworks, lol. Her best in decades. The visuals and lyric videos for the songs are so fabulous. I quite like her recent vocals though (Disco and Tension). Since she started to edit them herself, I like them much more. Listening to vinyl on it right now, trying to fall in love 🙈 maybe I will. I also didn't like track 2 and 3 in the beginning and changed my mind, so...
  10. Pretty much what I expected, thanks. I guess we can hope for red honeymoon then, too.
  11. Olympia

    Kylie Minogue

    Omg you make me nervous now. Haven't listened yet as my copy didn't arrive yet. I expected it to be like the singles and outtakes, don't wanna get an 80ies inspired disco album 😭🙈 critics seem to rate it high though. Btw, it's so crazy, she has a pop up store in London with special items like an exclusive vinyl and lithographs. Of course, the resellers again. The vinyl is offered between 250-800 Euro on ebay, a Litho for 800.
  12. Adore mine as well. But I go crazy for boxes generally, must have been a cat in my last life. 😂
  13. True, didn't think of this. Could be split into it's 2 parts though.
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