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  1. Actually there is a nice solo version by her already. There's this amazing microphone record from the NFR tour in Sacramento, where she performed it live.
  2. I once used these Gil Elvgren paintings for inspiration in BING 😅❤️ ... generally loved the wild west theme
  3. True. So far I've mostly been thinking of Apollo's sister Artemis/Diana, also because of the deer shoes. I really wonder what princess he meant. Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, because of the thorny wood and rose?
  4. I think so, too, as these times (finally, luckily) seem to be over in general, but I also feel like September is realistic. She's just announced it, without starting a pre-sale. In the last years I usually preordered vinyls so many months ahead of release date, now it's like 2 months max. for any artist. I hope Lana won't be an exception, I'm tired of paying for stuff arriving 6 months later. Your whole "essay" seems very true to me. (no idea why the quote was split into 2 parts)
  5. Is it in Germany still? This delay usually happens if the parcel has to be processed by the custom/toll office, but if it's delivered to a German address. (not to Austrian though, would be in an Austrian custom office then)
  6. Omg 😅 now that's seducing, it's only 21 euro on amazon right now. Like playing lottery, but...
  7. This is great, maybe they indeed finally understood the meaning of Brexit. Amazing. When did you order? 😁
  8. Did you order from the UK shop? As I live in Germany I just wanna check the shipping cost now, wondering if they are that overpriced, too 🙈
  9. They probably have to do donations and then they tell them who's coming 😁
  10. (😬 Now that would make lyrics...) She only wanted her 16 Million followers troll that live chat room 😅 Maybe it's a sweet revenge that Judah Smith didn't want his Interlude to be included to the special edition vinyl? 😁
  11. Olympia

    Taylor Swift

    I think it's natural that you might be critical towards a piece of work even as a fan. I also have albums I hate in the catalogue of artists I love. I admit though I don't get the drama as I really love the album. Also the anthology extra tracks. It's surely forms my top three together with folklore and evermore. But I don't care much about her other albums (they are either ok (lover, 1989) or actually impossible to listen (red, fearless) in full to me), so I wouldn't call myself a fan.
  12. Olympia

    Taylor Swift

    I wonder if some disappointment/boredom maybe comes more from the vocal range than from the music itself? I admit I never got into her that much because from the albums I heard I always had the impression she stays pretty safe within a special vocal comfort zone, with a limited vocal range and interpretation. Especially compared to artists like Lana, for who you can rarely guess how she's gonna use her voice - including everything from baby voice to screaming. For this reason I totally love the extra tracks of the Anthology - she seems to experiment and to play with her voice there. (But maybe I'm just not acquainted enough with her full music catalogue!? I find her pre 1989 albums very noisy from the music, so I played some tracks of them for about a minute and then gave up 😅)
  13. I guess he could still post pics not to be published in the album later. Besides, unlike tunnel (I think!?) lasso was already announced by her, so I guess he doesn't spoiler anything anyway 😅 Could be easily possible he got inspired for new material during an album concept shoot I guess. Besides, if Lana pics are taken at a ranch or something like that, desert isn't exactly the same.
  14. Same for me. And after listening to Ride for the first time, I was like "girl, I'm never gonna leave you again" 😅 funnily all this happened not before 2020 during covid Lockdown.
  15. Totally agree! Actually OB felt totally cohesive to me from the beginning! Maybe the songs are different genre, but the way she sings combines the tracks perfectly by her voice and interpretation. Fishtails stands a bit out for me from the effects, but still it's not falling out for me. Both BB and even Chemtrails (not that much as BB though, and still one of my favorite albums) are much less cohesive to me. I can't wait for LASSO as always when I think she cannot top this she seems to do it ❤️ And please, Lana, give us a vinyl album package as Taylor's tortured poets department. I need such a case bound booklet with amazing Western movie film Noir pictures on high quality matte paper 😅❤️
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