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  1. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    Watch us get an Adele style power ballad album about love and roses. Goth subversion.
  2. That's my problem with ADIAML - the politicism feels very "14 year old edgy girl on Tumblr in 2012 thinks she just uncovered grand conspiracies about women and the world that 7 billion other people have *NEVER* ever noticed, and is so ANGRY about it that something *NEEDS* to be said, as if Betty Friedan didn't already write 'The Feminine Mystique" 50+ years earlier". It just gave me a lot of "gen Z discovers politics for the first time and is SHOOK", which shocks me because it's Marina, we *know* she ain't a brand new teenager who's like "omg...ppl sexualize women?????? DAE think its creepy???" It feels lyrically reductive for her. I'm so used to a blending of sarcasm and intellectualism and personal experience and emotion that gives me something very high brow and nuanced, but still somehow light and pop; ADIAML's politics served me some weird valley-girl idpol twitter algorithm buzzword salad instead. Venus Flytrap was cute, title track was a vibe, and "I Love you But I love Me More" was a star, but the tracks that were supposed to be more feminist, more political - paper mache, babes. Honestly, that artist Jax with the Victoria's Secret song did "It's a man's world and the fact that our waistlines and tits are being sold to us, by THEM, is just so stupid" better. (And I, personally, still cringe a bit at that song, but it's also not for me, so.) The (political) songs Marina gave open the album just feel immature in their stances, and just so very very green. It was just a jarring step backward Edit - Nah, I'm not done. Like, I think of Sheryl Crow and her fucking "goodbye Trump" song she did; and you know, vibe, camp, celebrate the emotions in the moment, wig, but it's not going to age well, because it's a specific moment, about a specific moment, and outside of that moment, it's got no staying power. That's kind of what ADIMAL did with the politics. I think it picked up on a vibe that several people were feeling at the moment of writing and production, but it didn't turn that into a message that could stand the test of time and be templated to stand in for/with other situations going forward - it just feels very...topical and on the nose, for that exact moment at release. That's the best I can explain it??
  3. I fucking hated Froot for so long. I wanted EH Pt 2. The only thing I liked was the title track (my god will I belt that shit with my off-key vibrato like nobody else; car alarms go off every time), but then one day like 2 years ago I was like "Ugh. Fine." and gave it another go, and just - Blue. Forget. Savages. They HIT.
  4. AtomicMess

    Azealia Banks

    We're never going to get another proper album or even another 4-5 track EP at this rate; she ain't even giving the labels enough material to cobble something together before she drops/is dropped (schrodingers label exit) Legit wondering why she doesn't just make her own label, self-publish, and use some shit like Qrates to publish/distribute the physical media? Or is it that she'd firebomb the Spotify HQ and drag the top executive's wive's dog's twitter account when some upload doesn't go right and support does't email her back in .00005 seconds so she took it as a slight to her artistry?
  5. So glad for, or so sorry that, whatever happened in this thread happened since I last checked in (I forget what page I left out on and I'm not about to try and figure it out) So I was listening through old leaks and materials - American Dream. Looks like Sky was pissed/fighting against her label/career even back then (song leaked 2011) and put it into a song, and it reminded me a bit of Marina's 'Miss Y', which was a similar vibe expressing frustration over her career and what she'd done and where she was going at that time. It makes me wonder how many artists have tracks buried that came from them being in a place of frustration and stagnation and they just pumped it out in the studio.
  6. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    Thinking 'bout MOTDF , wishing it would show up soon.
  7. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    Sky thread soaking up all the drama juice.
  8. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    Ice Spice could never.
  9. AtomicMess

    Kim Petras

    Based on the teaser and beat alone, I thought this would be a...faster song? I guess? I don't hate it, but I don't love it. But I don't hate it.
  10. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    Speaking of, miss miss did those nuclear seasons stems/instrumentals that our legend dropped two weeks ago make it into any of your masterposts/archive posts? The OG link is already dead.
  11. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    So......Tilda Swinton?
  12. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    I feel like there is some lore here, but I'm afraid to ask. (I'm asking)
  13. AtomicMess

    Charli XCX

    I think the single/video choices were...a choice. Good Ones was honestly good for me, 8/10, and set the theme IMHO (see below re: Demonic/Sexy) but then the rest didn't feel like it matched up to the energy. New Shapes was ok. Baby should have cooked a few more months in the womb if they were sure *that* needed to be a video. I won't dignify "Every Rule" or Flop4U other than this line. Lightning and Yuck had SUCH potential. Sorry if I Hurt You as well. Conclusion: Sabotage. Riggory. Other shit should have been pushed as singles/videos. Eh, she did tweet that "deal with the devil". The thing for me is that it's not just that she's a singer. She's also a powerful songwriter, as we've seen by all of the leaks and demos that have gone to other artists, as well as writing credits. That's a STRONG asset for any label, and if her contract is up and she's looking at renegotiating, any kind of a deal that includes better coin and spotlight on that front is a strong bargaining chip. Conclusion: depends - do we want coin and kickbacks and a budget, at potential cost of artistry, or do we want music and creativity before dollars? Good Ones? Yes. I wanted that whole black widow/vamp/dark vibe. Everything else just kind of melted from there, for me. (Used to Know Me was cute though.) We got sexy in all of the videos, I'll say that, but it wasn't demonic and sexy. Conclusion: It was....sexy-ish.
  14. AtomicMess

    Kim Petras

    TOTL + TFSN, Choker, Heart to Break - are highlights for me. They're easy, they're club friendly, they're the direction I wish she'd keep/lean into. I don't know what is up with her management/label. It's sonic schizophrenia, truly. You've got a singer, who is trans, who is marketable, who has more mainstream notoriety at this point (re: Unholy) - there's a lot of ingredients for success and to check a lot of industry boxes here, and yet - nothing. I worry that it's possible that she's considered "stale" - we've been trying to manifest a career here for how many years now? Going off her first "proper" single, 2017. It's 2023, and it feels like her shit is still on the runway waiting for takeoff. The Diet Azealia Twitter moments aren't helping at all. If you want to defend or keep working with Luke, just shut up. It costs zero dollars to just shut up. If you're going to do something unpopular, just. shut. up. And, on the flip, if you realize that's an issue, and you want to break free from Luke, at this point, also just shut up - just run everything by your PR team and management regarding the whole topic. Get a second and third opinion. Damage control it before it's out the door. And pick a sonic lane musically and stick in it. Get a cohesive EP together AT LEAST instead of scattered singles that are all over the place. Ugh. Frustrating.
  15. This is what happens when Sky has to cover Ethel's shift at Panera.
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