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  1. Divey

    Kim Petras

    He produced this and mixed it? Why is he kinda talented.... You have opened a can of worms for me and now I can't stop investigating further
  2. Divey

    Kim Petras

    Leah Kate fans really know how to infiltrate every medium huh. Anyway finally we get Born Again & Deeper on streaming. Here's hoping we get Your Time To Cry or Left My Body on the FTB deluxe if that ever gets a release
  3. Divey

    Addison Rae

    I don't think this is 100% legitimate, as I'm pretty sure we already know the songs that are being released by now, but lord if this is an accurate tracklist (or just songs she'll end up releasing eventually), then I'm mourning songs like Chills, Rock All By Myself. Lucky & Never Wanna See U Again. Mess Over U is one of the weakest songs off the scrapped album and Love Hate Miss is way too repetitive. I want her to do well but she's not gonna gain a good reputation to the people calling her a tiktok star if she releases these. Also as much as I love Nothing On (But The Radio), we need to leave that song behind - I'd much rather have discography be built on originals rather scrapped demos from other artists.
  4. Divey

    Dua Lipa

    I just got back from watching Barbie and now I get fed these, I am eating so much today holy Protect Me From What I Want is definitely the best out of these. With the exception of 'Who Do You Love', why do I feel like these are sort of glimpses of what DL3 could pan out to be? Maybe I'm delulu but I can't help but hear hyperpopisms in the other two tracks (PMFWIW & DWFM). With Danny L Harle supposedly being her lead producer on her new record, I feel like it's plausible. I can't get over the chorus on PMFWIW, her vocals were serving - they all sort of sound less finished that some of the earlier FN outtakes that leaked but damn with some better mixing and more additional elements PMFWIW could have been such a standout for me on FN. It's disappointing seeing so many good tracks shelved presumably forever, especially due to some of the tracks on FN and especially TME being easily replaceable, but I suppose they wouldn't have flowed as well as the original album did - here's hoping for an anniversary edition in 10 years time
  5. Girlie I want to support you but I just can't I'm sorry it's giving fiat 500
  6. Divey

    Kim Petras

    oh whoops, got it the wrong way round - but nope it's ai, always too late is 'im not crazy' by charlieonafriday as I said - I agree it does give Kim vibes (especially the chords), but unfortunately it's just another Juice Wrld/Kid Laroi wannabe singer
  7. Divey

    Kim Petras

    All Night Long is a song by charlieonafriday and I can't comment on Always Too Late because whatever file I just listened to made me think I was getting possessed by that demonic audio over it
  8. Divey

    Kim Petras

    Zach Sang show didn't really bring anything new to the table, just a repeat of the same questions she's already been asked. It has got a few more details on her opinions on specific songs from FTB and also her overall process but nothing too in-depth.
  9. Divey

    Kim Petras

    Has Dashboard (Studio) leaked yet?
  10. Divey

    Kim Petras

    I had no idea about the falling out between Kim & Aaron but if it's true then that's really sad to hear. My favorites on FTB were basically all at least co-produced by him (that being said, my favorites were mainly the tracks that made the cut from Problematique). I hope they can reconcile in the future as her most recent music has been lacking that magic that made her so unique IMO, some of her tracks with new producers are nice but I don't think they're going to age as well as Clarity has. Whatever the reality is about her feelings towards Problematique, I hope she gets to follow through on seeing some more of those tracks see the light of day and I hope she'll be able to find her feet again for future projects, regardless of whether Aaron is there or not.
  11. Divey


    Not seeing enough people rate Anything 4 U, best song on Serpentina for me personally
  12. Divey

    Kim Petras

    Bit late on this but Minute being written by Griff doesn't surprise me at all. It's still one of my favorites from the album although I can recognize the 'cheesy' aspect of it. I'm still hung up over Deeper and Born Again not being included on this project, she needs release these tracks on a future album as those are easily some of my favorites tracks from her. They would have fit perfectly with the disco resurgence back when it originally leaked but oh well
  13. Divey


    If there's any new sessions or multi-tracks anybody could share I'd be so grateful
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