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  1. Digging the vibes and lyrics of *Breaking Up Slowly*. Hoping the album won't have a strong country sound. Would love it if it leans more towards a bluesy folk rock sound instead. Kinda like
  2. Had this nagging feeling since yesterday about the familiarity of LMLYLAW chorus. I was listening to this tune on Deezer and the next song that played was Blue Jeans and Lo and Behold I discovered that our Queen has once again recycled the melody of the chorus of Blue Jeans. I will love you till the end of time I would wait a million years Promise you'll remember that you're mine Baby can you see through the tears? Let me love you like a woman Let me hold you like a baby Let me shine like a diamond Let me be who I'm meant to be
  3. *Yawn* Highly Bland and underwhelming. With a song title like that I pictured her going in the Portishead's *Glory Box* direction. A wasted opportunity. She needs to fire JackOff right away. He is killing her creative spark and making her release Grandmaesque songs. The song should be Retitled *Let Me Love You Like A Grandma*
  4. I Couldn't Stop Laughin' No, I Just Couldn't Help Myself See, You Messed Up My Mental Health I Was Quite Unwell
  5. Will The Real Lana Del Shady Please Stand Up?
  6. Little Fish, Big Fish, Swimming In The Water Come Back Here, Man Gimme Lana's Record https://youtu.be/lbq4G1TjKYg
  7. Don't Lana and Ellie have the same management? Why doesn't Lana make a video explaining her creative process as well? I need a video of Lana explaining all her different voices just like Ellie has done in the video below. It's super interesting and intriguing. Oooh it would be wonderful if Marina made a similar video too. https://youtu.be/Uui1Kjg0pmY
  8. Ughhh This fucking Magical song ^^^ The Otherworldly Vibes ^^^ The Middle Eastern Instrumental ^^^ Imagine Lana creating a song like this for her upcoming album. It would easily fit into the cinematic LDR Aesthetic.
  9. Hmmm I Talk To Jesus L iving Legend L ast Girl On Earth U s Against The World M eet Me In The Pale Moonlight I Can Fly N ational Anthem A ngels Forever T ired Of Singing The Blues I s This Happiness
  10. The real conspiracy that is the most mind boggling though is why does Lana not release her unreleased songs and demos which are always far superior to the final versions she puts on her official albums. It does not make sense. Thank God for leaks that we get to have a peak behind closed doors where Lana cooks up the greatest melodies known to mankind.
  11. LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE 1. Oh Say Can You See 2. Bel Air 3. Life Is Beautiful 4. Yayo 5. God Knows I Tried 6. Black Beauty 7. Is This Happiness 8. Bartender 9. Thunder 10. Black Leather Moonlight 11. Guns And Roses 12. I Talk To Jesus 13. Fine China 14. Cherry Blossom 15. Wild On You 16. Living Legend 17. JFK 18. American 19. Starry Eyed 20. Angels Forever
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