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  1. Discovered this song through Britney and it was on the OST for 'City Of Angels* movie too. This song would be perfect match for Lana. She needs to cover this NOW!!!
  2. It’s a 3-day sale. 20% off everything. Code: 3DAYSALE on REDBUBBLE
  3. These are the 3 Designs I have uploaded on Redbubble so far. More to come. Stay tuned. Celestrippial.Redbubble.com
  4. Posted my 1st design on Redbubble yesterday under the name #Celestrippial It's a Close Up Photograph Of A Beautiful Red Rose with Velvet Texture. Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day. Do let me know what yall think Celestrippial.Redbubble.com http://pin.it/2zsij14 http://rdbl.co/3jql9BM
  5. LDRs IMPACT ON THE MUSIC INDUSTRY Here are a few artists who revamped their styles and started to follow Lana's footsteps. I will add more to this list as and when I remember them. Enjoy List of Artists inspired by LDR :
  6. This song is such a guilty pleasure Just imagine Lana singing this song in an alternate universe Lana could have made a video like this for her #Stargirl song
  7. OK yall but why hasn't this song gone viral?!? It has "Born To Die" instrumental and smoky Lanaesque vocals+vibes by this Ultra Gorgeous Goddess *Milla Fucking Jovovich* who happens to be a hardcore Lana Stan judging by this song alone
  8. Lana needs to cover this song. It's super melancholic and a perfect fit for Lana's aesthetic.
  9. Well maybe she was cut off from her inheritance for a certain amount of time due to her wild child behavior during her teenage years. Maybe she had to do odd jobs and survive on her own. Who knows? There are certain aspects of her life that she can never openly reveal even if she wants to as it would have terrible consequences on her loved ones. In order to protect her family name she can only reveal things in a vague manner.
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