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  1. Anyone remember Waves by Miguel ft Kacey Musgraves? It’s got a really nice r&b/country sound I think Lana might could go for. I love it.
  2. Aeryx

    Taylor Swift

    I also like this album cover the best, very excited for this album… edit: that vinyl color is also very beautiful
  3. Artifact Driftwood Stonehenge Lighthouse You’re Tearing Me Apart Over and Over (Again) Into You Zephyr
  4. Aeryx

    Song vs. Song

    I don’t wanna go vs starry eyed
  5. Aeryx

    Taylor Swift

    I think it will be soul pop and melodic r&b/hip hop with some organic instruments added in
  6. Aeryx

    Taylor Swift

    I feel the same exact way, everything you said lol. And don’t get me started on the satanic accusations and transvestigators
  7. Aeryx


    Hello. What’s a good image upload service that I can use to post edits and other images on here? I don’t want to use anything that asks for my info or includes metadata. I like to be anonymous
  8. Aeryx

    Taylor Swift

    Unpopular opinion: She looked f*ckin stunning with that bob
  9. Aeryx

    Taylor Swift

    Are those snippets going around on TikTok real
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