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  1. triangles19


    Oh, I LOVE this newbie. Long live to you on LB <3
  2. triangles19


    Hello everyone, is there a Madonna unreleased megapost somewhere ? I'm looking for all Hard Candy outtakes but I can't find any good source around. <3 EDIT : found a full pack here https://vk.com/wall303769777_18 but I'm still looking for a Megapost of her whole unreleased stuff if you know one.
  3. I'm really ready for an American Classic album. I highly doubt she'll release this but a simple thing, low-key as she said, could be a great addition to her discography.
  4. The thing with Lana is that it's all about the music, and the aesthetic too but the music first. What I'm the most obsessed with is precisely her albums. In our Spotify era, being able to release this kind of albums is rare and very precious + All of the songs we have (released or leaked) are, more or less, cohesive, like a big story of the LDR persona so I can't stop to imagine some "What if" and I make concept albums frequently (what songs? what imagery? what format?). And I don't feel any "stan" side in my experience of being fan of her music. I remember when Off To The Races surfaced on YouTube, I sent it to my best friend and told her it was the music I was waiting in my life. Just after that, Video Games conquered the world. I never stopped collecting each leak and celebrating each release. Some people mistake this passion for her music for idolatry, they ask me if I want to meet her in person or stuff like this and I always answer that I don't think I would even like her as a person. And I 100% don't care. She has something quite facinating in the way she looks and in the way she speaks oc but to me LDR is the name of a musician before everything. I haven't seen all her live performances, haven't seen or read all her interviews, and I don't care, but I know everything about her music for sure. And what I love with Lanaboards is that this kind of thread you're reading right now is secondary, the main threads are the pre-release ones and the leaks ones, and so it's all about the music. Sorry for my english
  5. I think it's due to the result of the picture being originally RGB or CMYK. I know that a CMYK picture (so, made to for print, not for screen) converted to RGB by not using the ORIGINAL RGB file gives this kind of result.
  6. Because it was her favorite track of this era and the main single of the original UV concept (before everything leaked with Hollywood, Starry Eyed, JFK and Angels Forever Forever Angels).
  7. No honey, don't regret it, it's not a big thing like a whole record of something. And you'll always be able to buy it later (on Discogs or else) when you'll have more money, whatever its price (it still isn't out of stock, so it will not be the rarest thing). You're making the good choice, don't feel bad because of marketing things.
  8. wow, you're like a high level Jack hater. What's the point of trash-talking the closest collaborator of your fave singer ? Y'all guys, if you really wish this song should be done with LDR vocals only it would means she's a basic industry plant. If you had 0 excitement with previous Bleachers album the chances are high for you to dislike it again. So let it be and let them do the music they want (and which gave you A&W and VB btw). You're just not the targets of a Bleachers album (you're allowed to silently wait for the Taylor's next album)
  9. I'm so in love with this song, it's like a diurnal sister of Breaking Up Slowly.
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