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  1. I'm so ready for her desertic-70s-melancholic-folky album <3 I got the feeling this album will have two sides : one very soft-folk like For Free/LMLYLAW and a swimming-pool-dreamy side like Cocc. This time I will not listen to any snippets if she releases some 'cause it really damaged my NFR era (I was already sick of HIAB before my first listen). I'm still so in love with Cocc, this song fits so much what I'm living in my everydays life ; when Venice B*tch was released I tought it was her best song since Honeymoon, but it aged like milk very fast for me (I like it more now that NFR era's over), but I strongly think Cocc is one of her best thing since a long time, it's so close to the LfL demo 1 that I absolutely adore. I was scared she abandonned the misty/dreamy LDR persona and proved me wrong so hard.
  2. can't stop listening to cocc, my fave song from her since honeymoon/swan song; absolute masterpiece i hope the others songs will not be like the oh-so-boring lmlylaw
  3. I've heard the first part of the interview. I think she's deeply hurt by the racism accusations she faced so she says what she wants to finally say, by herself in the first minute of the interview. The rest of the interview is more a roleplay of her new LDR personna and a citizen that shares her visions about society and politics. I never liked her views on that since a long long time so I still don't care, and I don't shame someone for speaking freely. I understood the line of narcissism as it brings: overconsumption, slavery, climatic change, polarisation, wars etc. I heard that climatic change wasn't the main problem cause narcissism of our societies brings it, but many other destructive issues. The part of the album she didn't like was strange, but I choose to be interested by this album more now she said it was so out of her goals and that she didn't see what's next. It's kinda exciting when I thought she was frozen in that NFR era. I might be optimistic.
  4. Am I the only one who like the original cover more than the hmv ?
  5. One of her best videos ever. The song is pure magnificence. It's the LDR I love. + What do you think of the box ? I love my LfL + HM boxes, but this one is costy as hell, i don't know if I buy it or not
  6. triangles19

    Britney Spears

    I was an enormous fan for 99 to 08; I started to dislike her music with Womanizer (but Circus is an album I like and I still listen to it occasionaly - Lace And Leather and Unusual You are bangers), but Femme Fatale was a mess for me (but I loved Hold It Against Me), and all the Myah Marie vocals have disgusted me forever. Everybody said I was crazy when I said Britney didn't sing a note on Work Bi*ch, but then I was so true :
  7. triangles19

    Miley Cyrus

    I orderd the black and white CD, I love this record so much. The strong 80s FM vibe of it makes me feel so good. my faves : Hate Me / Plastic Hearts / Gimme What I Want / Edge of Midnight
  8. I love this new song, and the elevator shot is iconic
  9. triangles19


    I made a little guide for the ones who wants to dig into their disco : My tier : 1.Grey Ocean 2.Heartache City 3.Tales Of A Grasswidow 4.Put The Shine On 5.We Are On Fire Two Tracks 6.Bianca Casady & The C.I.A Oscar Hocks 7.Coconuts, Plenty Of Junkfood 8.Metalic Falcons Desert Doughnuts 9.Noah's Ark 10.The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn 11.La Maison de Mon Rêve 4 tracks I love :
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