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  1. Top God tier trinity Honourable Mention trinity Center-average tier Good songs I don't always vibe with tier Songs that I'm ok with forgetting tier Wildflower Wildfire Living legend Blue Banisters Dealer Text Book Violets for Roses Sweet Carolina Thunder Black Bathing Suit Nectar Of The Gods Cherry Blossom If You Lie Down With Me The Trio Arcadia Beautiful
  2. I read several french reviews of BB, and now I get a point I was missing. Blue Banisters is an assumed synthesis of LDR's persona first decade, with songs that illustrates everything she made for now. I like the idea, but it might be wrong, especially if the next record is equal to this one.
  3. Ok I'll do that too cause this is one of my fave albums ever Top God tier trinity Honourable Mention trinity Center-average tier Good songs I don't always vibe with tier Honeymoon Terrence Loves You Music To Watch Boys To High by the Beach Swan Song God Knows I Tried The Blackest Day Salvatore 24 Freak Art Deco Burnt Norton Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Religion
  4. Violets for Roses is stuck in my head all day long since I head it. This is not my fave thing from BB, but it really works on me. Blue Banisters isn't her best album imo. All the previous albums are concept albums but here it's less clear, less interesting for me. It's a cute and pretty album, but that's all for me for now. I think it will grow on me later.
  5. Oh thanks I just noticed the differences, I like the video version more, it's more stripped
  6. I read Arcadia have a piano version, can you help me to find it ? I don't know where it is
  7. I did it. I haven't bought the standard CD and only kept my pre-ordered tractor CD and red cassette. Now I can't wait for my yellow vinyl to come (after November 5th :s )
  8. haha, it's aging well for me, at least for now, fingers crossed
  9. Finally heard the album, and I'm not 100% into it. Here's some of my raw feelings : the - s : - One thing I like very much about Lana's music is that she had very distinctive artistic directions for every album she made, but with Blue Banisters it's not that clear, it's the first time I'll agree with people saying she repeats herself (Beautiful and Violets for Roses are the main exemples). I'm sure most of the songs are more-or-less old unreleased tracks so there's a strong feeling of déjà-vu for me. Plus, this album misses a strong lead track (like OTTR, WC, HBTB, SB, VB, DBJAG) imo. - Beautiful is pretty boring (strings or not), but I love the lyrics. - I heard If you lie down with me 2 times and it doesn't really works on me for now. The song reminds me California btw. the + s : - That being said, the album is pretty cohesive. It's a ballad album, and some of them are incredible like the 3 lead singles (BB, TB, WFWF) that are among the strongest tracks she ever made imo. - One funny thing is that I had more fun discovering the already-knew-tracks as being part of an official record than the new ones. The super new version of Thunder, Nectar, Living legend and Cherry Blossom, here mastered together, is perfect and Living Legend is def one of my fave songs from her, it's infinitely deep. + I hear two completely different songs with the two Thunder versions we have now. I love them both, but differently. - I'm mixed about Black Bathing Suit, I don't like the line "They're fucking broke and we're laughin' about them", but I like the rest of the lyrics, and I like the Beatlesesque production. - Dealer is an incredible song, I'm really happy I never listened to the leak so I had a virgin point of view (the fake (?) synth on the leaked version is an artistic sabotage, glad I haven't discovered the track this way). - Even if it feels like an already-heard track I really like Violet for Roses. - Sweet Caroline is such a sweet and beautiful track - and a strong feminist song. So, I don't know where to rank Blue Banisters with the others. After my first listen of COCC, I instantly knew it was my fave LDR record, but I'm not that impressed with this one. There's no surprise into it. I like it, it's a cute album, a vast record but I have no idea of its replay value for me now. + Excuse my english, I'm french
  10. I need help sisters, is the standard CD booklet the same than the tractor CD booklet ? Or is there any difference into it ?
  11. I haven't listen to the album yet cause I was waiting to grab my CD / cassette first and here it finally is, October 22th ... And I have a FUCKING painful angina + I need help sisters, is the standard CD booklet the same than the tractor CD booklet ? Or is there any difference into it ?
  12. This video might be my fave with COCC one. It really feels like a short author movie, like a Gus Van Sant movie. The way the feelings are portrayed, the whole visual aspect of it, the cut, the subtle narrative (it's so risky to picture the lyrics of a song on a music video, but here it's delicate and beautiful), plus the very bittersweet ending : the way Lana looks at the camera seems to tell a secret story, that she is still, in a way, haunted by troubles and that she knows the support of her family and friends will not be enough for what she's carrying ; she keeps on painting the banister but it will not be enough to hide the sadness. That's what I saw, and I really liked it.
  13. I loved UV / HM / NFR booklets so much, but there isn't lyrics into it, I just want some new artworks and ambient pictures
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