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  1. THIS PERFORMANCE WAS EVERYTHING!!! I Missed those vocals so much 😭😭😭 it was one of the best performances ever!!! LANA WE NEED THOSE VOCALS on new songs!!!! SLAYED.
  2. well, she's finally free, but rip "masochism"
  3. Actor

    Lykke Li

    Those are covers that im using, becuse i really had a problem with her albums art. Made by me, except the second one
  4. Can anyone explain whats going on?
  5. rihanna masterpost?
  6. please, is there anyone who has something of her unreleased in wav?
  7. Actor

    Amy Winehouse

    We need more of her. Theres more work, like "summertime" cover from 2003
  8. Hope that we r gettin BTD 2.0 or UV 2.0 😌 (or aka unleaked material) 😌
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