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  1. completely agree. imo hope and HIAB have a different sound than the rest of nfr. it's like a surfy ballad album but those two songs have a more raw, piano ballad sound if that makes sense
  2. LITERALLY. that's what i meant when i said she's get crucified for this song
  3. i can see why she didn't release this, only because of how people treat lana, they would think she's "romanticizing the killings" lmao. but it's very interesting that she wrote about this, and i think it deserved better than getting scrapped.
  4. my ea app won't open lmao right when i wanna play it
  5. i bet she is so tired of people constantly trying to tell her story, i would be
  6. fishtail, guns and roses, lucky ones and breaking up slowly
  7. i heard summertime sadness and video games like everyone else, but west coast, cola and white mustang really made me a fan
  8. i usually do one of her aliases (like sparkle jump rope queen, gangster nancy sinatra, queen of coney island) or i'll do a lyric/title i love, my lana playlist is called "living legend"
  9. where can i find HQ photos from the concert? like i've searched the whole thread and google doesn't have any HQ photos
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