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  1. Yeah sorry I thought you were still talking about the OP. I edited my post immediately after I realized you weren't.
  2. This actually sounds like a hit (it won’t be because TikTok Lipsters hate Bopna).
  3. Crazy Husband Thief


    4 years later, we finally have the confirmation. This song was indeed submitted by Lana for the Bond theme.
  4. To be honest, I believe some of the ultra short ones were just because she was too lazy to write the full title.
  5. We have a set of "confirmed" titles based on leaks, yes. 1. For K -> Drive By (confirmed, From The End EP) 2. Next To Me -> River Road (based on screenshots from her My Space but unconfirmed) 3. A Star For Nick (confirmed) 4. My Momma (unconfirmed) 5. Bad Disease (confirmed, From The End EP) 6. Out With A Bang (confirmed, From The End EP) 7. Westbound -> Dear Elliot (confirmed, From The End EP) 8. Try Tonight (confirmed, From The End EP) 9. All You Need -> Peace (confirmed, From The End EP) 10. I'm Indebted To You -> How Do You Know Me So Well? (confirmed, From The End EP) 11. Pretty Baby -> For K (unconfirmed*) 12. Aviation (confirmed, From The End EP) 13. Find My Own Way -> Move (confirmed, Young Like Me EP) 14. Pride -> Junky Pride (confirmed, Young Like Me EP) 15. Birds Of A Feather (unconfirmed) *There is a strong theory that suggests that Pretty Baby is in fact "For K (Part 1)". The song For K Part 2 from AKA suggests that she had a song on a previous release called For K and that is was renamed from its original title "Rehab" to "For K Part 2" due to the similar lyrics/themes/melody/structure. The only pre-AKA song we know of that could fit this is Pretty Baby. That said, it’s very much a no-brainer cause For K Part 2 flips the "Pretty Baby" hook from the verse to the chorus compared to Pretty Baby/For K. They have a striking similarity in terms of structure, rhythm and overall theme.
  6. I actually disliked it from the moment I heard it for the first time. The fact that she's obsessed with it made me hate it even more. It’s an incredibly unremarkable and boring song imo.
  7. The official source (Rob Kristofferson) himself leaked the CD (without metadata) ages ago. He probably just looked the tracklist up on Google himself . That’s the thing. WE KNOW where those titles came from. They were invented right here or on LDR.fm. We have confirmed titles from different leaks. The fake titles cannot logically be the true titles of the songs cause fans literally made them up. Edit: I just saw that @lizzyology had the same theory about this.
  8. It’s definitely confirmed that those titles were made up here on this very forum ages ago when the CD first leaked with no metadata.
  9. Girl…where have you been??? 😂😂 The CD leaked with no titles and no metadata and most of them were guessed by fans. Some of them were guessed correctly but not all of them (as confirmed by the leaks of the pre-Sirens EPs "Young Like Me" & "From The End"). Unfortunately, the old tracklist with the wrong titles has been so popular/reproduced many times that even some "official" sources list them as such cause they themselves aren’t aware of the true titles and just lifted them off the same sources as most fans downloading the album would.
  10. I want those fanmade titles to really disappear forever. They drive me nuts. You likely won’t have to cause the girl just looked up the titles on Google and got fed those bullshit titles.
  11. Yeah that’s why I said: I think she just looked up the tracklist online. She probably thought they knew shit cause they heard Sirens not knowing that we know more than her at this point. 💀 But thanks for trying to look further into this!
  12. These are literally just the fanmade titles. I think they don’t know more than we do. That person likely just looked up the old and long debunked tracklist. No 1. Drive By 2. River Road 3. A Star For Nick 4. My Momma 5. Bad Disease 6. Out With A Bang 7. Dear Elliot 8. Try Tonight 9. Peace 10. How Do You Know Me So Well 11. For K 12. Aviation 13. Move 14. Junky Pride 15. Birds Of A Feather
  13. To be honest all of the following need to be cut and replaced: - Bartender - Pretty When You Cry - Cherry - Hope - The Grants - Arcadia - Candy Necklaces - Born To Die add: - Say Yes To Heaven - Radio - Peppers - Let The Light In - White Dress - Fishtail - Taco Truck x VB - Brooklyn Baby
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