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  1. This is like her third worst cover and the other one we got from this project was also quite boring. 💀 This will be another drought for us Bopna stans.
  2. Ranking Lana's officially released covers (not counting live performances and YT only releases) Doin' Time Once Upon A Dream Season Of The Witch Blue Velvet Buddy's Rendevouz The Other Woman You Must Love Me Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood For Free Take Me Home, Country Roads Summertime The Gershwin Version You'll Never Walk Alone
  3. Oh the incoming bombs. 🫠 Should have released the leaked sessions instead.
  4. Please. They are literally what’s saving the album from being another Blue Banisters. Some of yall just have an utter aversion to Bopna. Us Bopna stans deserve to be fed too from time to time, okay?
  5. Sad Girl haters, rise! I’m sorry but this is awful.
  6. 1st ranking: Song quality (How I would rank the songs regardless of them being openers and more based on personal preference) Love Cruel World Norman Fucking Rockwell White Dress Born To Die Ride Text Book Honeymoon The Grants 2nd ranking: Opening (Does the song set the mood for the rest of the album? Was it the best option from the album overall?) Ride Honeymoon Cruel World Born to Die Norman Fucking Rockwell White Dress Text Book Love The Grants I think the only one here that really shouldn’t have been the opening track is Love, especially when 13 Beaches was RIGHT THERE.
  7. This is the author of the article: https://people.com/human-interest/chloe-cooper-jones-on-claiming-space-and-new-memoir-easy-beauty/ I find very strange that someone like her would write something so incredibly superficial and dated. I guess they just didn’t vibe and she didn’t know what exactly to write about Lana.
  8. This interview was trash. They talked about nothing except the same old dated shit. “Is she really as humble and authentic as she claims to be?” ”Critics hated her debut and were proven wrong.” ”Does she have a boyfriend? Does she want a boyfriend?” So fucking dated. The shoot is gorgeous nevertheless!
  9. Are all the STINT demos from 2014? I believe they are all from 2015. Rick and Lana recorded the songs that were later reworked by STINT from September-December 2014, minus God Knows I Tried. Just like she did with her demos from UV, she let other producers do some additional work on the songs previously recorded by Rick. The STINT demo of Freak clearly builds on Ricks production. STINT's demos are likely from EARLY 2015. They were likely done after God Knows I Tried was written and recorded by Rick and Lana (unless he didn't produce that version). She is known for usually going back to her original ideas and concepts after letting others work on the songs. Interviews tend to get published a few months after they were done. So, probably November.
  10. Back when Natalia Kills did her thing on the X Factor, she was removed from her label's official roster shortly after. Tinashe has released a lot of stuff too ever since she got out of her contract and went independent.
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