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  1. still haven't gotten over TRENCH hope i like this one more than their previous album
  2. Damn thatโ€™s why her music is so addicting she puts witchcraft on it , that explains a lot
  3. her story on insta , hello??
  4. A&W not winning a Grammy is ridiculous.. The different layers of the first part and the more playful character of the second part ( that ties to sm Lana lore with Jimmy ) It really baffles me that it didn't win in its category
  5. Omg i totally forgot about the existence of this video also this reminded me of the pandemic and what a horrible period it was ngl
  6. His impact though .. two mega-celebs sending him lawsuits just for sharing public data
  7. As long as it is public information and can be accessed by anyone then i donโ€™t think the lawsuit would stand in court , right? Iโ€™m not familiar though with the american law system so idk. The small percentage of the most wealthy that keep polluting the environnement should always be held accountable imo. Corporations keep pushing this narrative that only us people can make a change individually (which is only partially true) when in fact the biggest amount of pollution can be attributed to a small percentage of corporations and people . My comments are not only towards Taylor because i know that people love to bash her ( for sometimes unjustified reasons ) but towards all of the mega-rich people as well that could actually make an impact with their platformes. To add to this it would be better for Taylor to stop her excessive use and advocate for the environnement . It was a bad move from her part to send a lawsuit to a literall uni student.
  8. Deadly  Nightshade

    Taylor Swift

    Really excited for the collabs
  9. Yeah thatโ€™s why they decided to go together to the event because they hate each other sm
  10. i really thought that this year she would probably win at least one due to the change of public perception towards her..
  11. My morning did not start off on the right foot and seeing this made it worse
  12. Ik that this is edited i posted it for @The Siren i mustโ€™ve done something wrong while inserting the image because it isnโ€™t showing up for them
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