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  1. i’ve been listening to the album non-stop since its release and i have to say that it’s really addicting also loveee the new mv the contrast between more urban and rural shots and the color grading of the video as well that looks more greyish convey the feeling of the song really well imo
  2. whatever people might say this song marked the music industry forever
  3. That’s so exciting !!! Hope you have the best time ever with Lanaaaaa
  4. Really interesting production I really like it after sitting with it for a couple of days
  5. Trying not to say the baddest for a minute straight : challenge impossible
  6. Deadly  Nightshade

    Taylor Swift

    TTPD has more replay value than Midnights for me , truly addictive and coherent as a whole with the exception of some songs that i still can't listen to due to some lyrical aspects
  7. thinking about this today ... it gave me secondhand embarrassment
  8. zero tolerance policy seems to be one sided then...
  9. So they are letting a country that is actively and constantly for six months bombing people to participate and when someone reacts they instantly disqualify them?? Eurovison has always been political !! I read somewhere that when Turkey invaded Cyprus they didn't let anyone talk about the incident and they even told them that the contestants might be in danger if they participated . The contest has always been political this is a total joke at this point
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