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  1. Who would’ve thought that UV outtakes would be officially released after all these years
  2. Wow i really missed her . It dawned on me that she had a long time to release an album when i saw her live perfomance with rolling stones on youtube ..
  3. I am fully vaccinated but i am still afraid as well. In my country we don’t even know if universities are going to open this semester in person . Everything is still very uncertain .. i hope things get better
  4. I think it was damn you but at the time i didn’t even know it was an unreleased . I was in love with that song
  5. Oh i see having exams on top of that makes it even more difficult Also it’s weird to see countries like the UK having big festivals and other eu countries not even allowing concerts .. i am tired of this ongoing uncertainty due to the virus
  6. A night on the floor gives me AM vibes for some reason listening to the song on vinyl is truly an experience
  7. I am good as well ty i am in the same situation i was when the album was released .. studying for exams I will definitely post then if you go MIA again
  8. Nothing is really happening and the 22nd of October seems so far away atm
  9. So I reallyyyy liked the album and I think that it is a great debut I didn't listen to the album when it was initially released because I waited for my vinyl to come ( my friend brought it to me from the UK ) . A thing that i missed from my favorite artists is guitar infused songs so they didn't disappoint to say the least, full of bangers ( esp the closer ! what a masterpiece . When it breaks remains one of my favorites ) Hope you make it and find tickets !! I was ready to post on your profile because I didn't see you online in LB very often during the summer, hope you are well Oh i am sorry to hear that you might not be able to go , i would love to go but i haven't got anyone to go with especially in Dublin
  10. I didn't even know the existence of this website and i used to have a tumblr account . Are these rumors really true? rip grammar
  11. The thing that i love most about Lana is her versatility . She is able to have such a big catalogue and do many genres at the same time. I don’t think that every song she makes has to have a deeper meaning lyrically . That’s why i appreciate and really like LFL because it has some songs that you can really vibe to and songs that are more intricate and thought-provoking . I also really enjoyed the interlude because it reminded me that Lana can do different styles simultaneously something that i’ve missed seeing from her . I am really excited to see if she has more surprises for us in BB
  12. The possibility of her not wanting to have some sort of connection with her fans or that she hates the majority of her fanbase makes me really sad . I hope she returns after her break when she feels better
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