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  1. This is my only complaint as well . Even though i enjoy many songs from her recent work too i think that she needs a different approach with her next album
  2. I really liked the episode but what a wasted opportunity to just put it in the credits the second version sounds amazing as well
  3. I didnโ€™t notice that at first but then i was like-
  4. I think that i have said that about her in the another thread as well but i really canโ€™t understand the shifts of perception of her that have taken place through the years . I think that the general public started praising her and recognizing her greatness as an artist during the NFR! era or am I wrong ? The thing that always made me doubt the sincerity of the general acceptance of her art was that this specific album didnโ€™t explore themes that Lana explored in her past music or themes that made her face a lot of backlash in the past .I found the album to be neutral in some ways compared to her older work ( idk how else to explain it ) . So in a way i never felt that this shift was sincere i just felt that they praised her because she gave them something that they found to be proper and acceptable ( themes that are not controversial , risky or her trying to make a statement LFL for example )
  5. I havenโ€™t watched the episode yet but i am a little bit disappointed after hearing it only got played on the credits
  6. Tbh BUS has a dark vibe that i really like and i prefer it more than some other songs from COCC . But I am not so sure about the country direction of a whole album or ep . I guess i'll have to listen first and then judge the collab .
  7. all these random posts with lana and the military and now this one where her face is covered with coke
  8. I literally missed the whole thing because i had to sleep Congratulations to everyone who won โค๏ธโค๏ธ i am so happy that we actually have a community here and do events like these that are so fun ! Truly this shows how unique the forum is
  9. I think that the song is addicting and has replay value . It also is atmospheric to me at least. I think that with more prominent drums and guitars it would go on another level. I think that the main concerns about the song stem from the lack of fuller production and variety in instrumentation that many of us want to see from her in her future work imho .
  10. whaaat that's so exciting
  11. I liked that fact that he experimented more and got out of his comfort zone Is there really a new album coming ? I canโ€™t wait
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