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  1. i am really tired of seeing this conversation on social media of whether she is pregnant or not or why she hasn't got kids yet.. it's none of our business to speculate like people were straight up saying on a youtube video that she is pregnant just because the angle of a specific photo was a bit odd
  2. text book is a great opener and a really good song it hits different in autumn
  3. Elle your encounter made me teary-eyed I'm so happy for you <33 It seems that our favorite artist is a really good and kind person in real life , something you can't really say about all artists Also them mentioning Greece was so random , still waiting for her to perform here
  4. My mind every album cycle be like :
  5. her setlist choices are becoming more and more questionable as the time passes esp removing CN when you won an award for it ..
  6. honeymoon , you are crafted so intricately and i love you for it my favorite lana album along with uv ofc i've been thinking of the interlude lately and how beautiful this part is Footfalls echo in the memory Down the passage which we did not take Towards the door we never opened Into the rose-garden..
  7. feeling like a kid again with this one
  8. 10/10 sarah looks deranged kinda relate to her atm due to exam season
  9. deserved ofc the fact that annoyed me the most is that they didn’t even announce it officially. That’s so disrespectful..
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