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  1. Reputation - Taylor Swift As for the singles since I removed some of them, here's the rollout I'd do:
  2. So she's the one that leaked it?
  3. I'm disappointed with both singles and Surrender My Heart They sound like scrapped Dedicated material that wasn't good enough to be on either sides
  4. I hope karma will bounce back to him soon and to get cancelled for this
  5. Seems like her career is over if she doesn't get dropped
  6. So she's finally releasing the Epic album with all the song that we all wanted And she reads Lanaboard! OMG
  7. You're not a real fan if you don't remember listening to this version on repeat:
  8. Inferno Euphoria

    Addison Rae

    Now that it got scrapped, can she buy Hit It From The Back from Kim and release it
  9. All She Wants And HIFTB is her Bounce: She performed it live on tv but ended up not releasing it
  10. Inferno Euphoria


    I feel like we should get droplets by the end of next year knowing how productive she is, but yeah I don't think we'll get a full project until 2024
  11. Inferno Euphoria


    Sad she didn't include Crazy but a song with Rico Nasty and her together is gonna KILL it
  12. She is SERVING LOOKS wow
  13. If it's this one you're talking about https://open.spotify.com/album/49xoGbYKxnS0PEfapnFG6c?si=QYUTh_XdSZ6u0ifR_JWTNg , then it's not really new. She put it out almost a year ago and released vinyls and "visuals" to go with it
  14. Waiiiit for real? That's close to where I live
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