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  1. Inferno Euphoria


    I need this remix
  2. Tension - Kylie Minogue: 1. Hold On To Now 2. Tension 3. One More Time 4. Hello 5. You Still Get Me High 6. Padam Padam 7. Vegas High 8. Love Train 9. Heavenly Body 10. Drum 11. Just Imagine 12. Somebody To Love Bonus Tracks 13. Vegas Baby 14. Running 15. 10 Out Of 10 16. Story
  3. Inferno Euphoria


    Same here, i feel like with heavier production this could have easily been her best album but even with the folk/country production it's still one of her best album
  4. Dirt Femme is her best album
  5. Problématique: 1. Problématique 2. Revelations 3. Hit It From The Back 4. Coconuts 5. Je T'Adore 6. Love Ya Leave Ya 7. Born Again 8. Confession 9. Deeper 10. Sex Talk 11. Dirty Things 12. All She Wants 13. Left My Body 14. Your Time To Cry 15. Future Starts Now Feed The Beast: 1. Feed The Beast 2. King Of Hearts 3. Dance To Forget 4. Lolita 5. Alone (DallasK Remix) 6. uhoh 7. brrr 8. Claws 9. Castle In The Sky 10. Minute Slut Pop: 1. Slut Pop 2. Treat Me Like A Slut 3. XXX 4. Kimkimkim 5. They Wanna Fuck 6. Horsey 7. Treat Me Like A Ho
  6. Left My Body and Your Time To Cry should have replaced Something About U and Treat Me Like A Ho on the released Problématique
  7. Inferno Euphoria


    I mean Ghost/Ghosttt (And Honest but that's not really her song...) is the only song of hers I truly hate. Letters, Stupid Boy, Crush On You (Cause of those aggressive synths that give me headaches) and E-boy are meh imo but still miles better
  8. I remember people saying this was part of the scrapped Venus music video and to this day I still wonder if it could be true
  10. Doja Cat's new album I liked Demons, Paint The Town Red, Agora Hills, Gun and Ouchies, but the rest... Also Lana after Chemtrails
  11. Inferno Euphoria


    At this point... when Fenty Beauty will flop and she's got nothing else to promote
  12. Ava is now the one raw dogging Dr Luke for her next album
  13. Can somebody link the unreleased songs from Tension?
  14. Inferno Euphoria


    A deluxe with Tommy, Makeup, Heartbreak in Stereo, Psycho Lover, My Replacement and Icon as an interlude would EAT
  15. Inferno Euphoria


    The Plastic demo was better imo but this whole album is SO GOOD. Def her best and it's the aoty She NEEDS to release a deluxe asap and I'm hoping for her to get a massive hit out of this era cause she deserves it. Also Hollywood should have been the first single. Also to those of you who said Rhinestone Heart and Memories Of You should have been scrapped:
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