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  1. What are those songs?
  2. I mean it would be very brat-y of her to not release it
  3. This is the tracklist I'll be using:
  4. Brat - Charli XCX 1. 360 2. Von Dutch 3. Club Classics 4. Sympathy is a Knife 5. Talk Talk 6. Apple 7. Mean Girls 8. Spring Breakers 9. Rewind 10. B2B 11. So I 12. 365 (Extended with the Easyfun remix)
  5. By the way, did Spring Breakers leak? Haven't been able to keep up with the forum for a few weeks
  6. Finally I remember listening to Forever 21 and Slay live performances back in 2016 when I first started listening to her hoping she would one day release them AND SHE DID OMFG
  7. Inferno Euphoria


    If she doesn't release No Comma and Love To Make I will riot
  8. Inferno Euphoria


    This would make such a cute mixtape for the summer:
  9. Honestly those lyrics lowkey make me hate that song even tho it's a bop, like you knew Sophie and all you could think of in writing a song in her remembrance is ``Oops try not to fall next time ``
  10. The Illusion music video should have been Training Season's: The swimming and the gymnastics would have made much more sense and a video like this would have been perfect for a second single Also am I the only one who feels like Illusion is Hallucinate's funky sister?
  11. Stranger, Cool Girl and I Like U Also is she Associanu? Each of their track feature her vocals
  12. Scarlet - Doja Cat 1. Paint The Town Red 2. Demons 3. URRRGE! (feat. A$AP Rocky) 4. Gun 5. Shutcho 6. Ouchies 7. Disrespectful 8. Wet Vagina 9. Go Off 10. Agora Hills 11. Can't Wait 12. WYM Freestyle Deluxe 13. Attention 14. Fuck The Girls 15. Skull And Bones 16. 97 17. Masc 18. Headhigh
  13. Why did I not know she released a deluxe Disrespectful is a BOP
  14. The REAL XCX World tracklist is this: Hope you'll like it
  15. She's played songs before on live that never saw a release (I'm looking at you Tropical) so that's my theory too. Does she want them out? Probably. Will her record label let her realease it? Probably not
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