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  1. I'd recommend to stop listening to her song as fast as you can, stanning her is a curse
  2. Inferno Euphoria

    Tove Lo

    I'm actually happy she removed the bridge tbh, the song is perfect as released imo
  3. She should have released a FN Side B project instead of the awful Moonlight Edition, so many songs deserved to be released
  4. This Hell is the diet version of Who's Gonna Save You Now Also WGSYN deserved to be the lead single/a single
  5. Her lead singles are always weird choices so I'm not really scared for the album. I remember when she released STFU and I was one of the only person here liking it at first
  6. Inferno Euphoria


    So she couldn't release the WAP video because she was in a new era BUT she could release a video for New Gods which we didn't know existed
  7. "They don't think we have good enough songs yet" Her label is not wrong
  8. A sign that you're headed for a car CRASH
  9. Inferno Euphoria


    Honestly I feel like had she included WAP (On the standard), Death Angels, Shall I Compare Thee & Darq Souls even if they weren't "finished" she could have made her best album
  10. I really hope her next project will be a mixtape/experimental album, just imagine the cultural reset a project like this would be:
  11. His first two albums are more psychedelic rock, then Currents is a mix between pop and psychedelic rock while still being very experimental. Currents is his best imo
  12. It's his most "mainstream" album so it got a lot of hate from his fanbase for not being as experimental/being generic. IMO it's his worst too even if it's still great
  13. The fact this performance was exactly one year before the Crash album release too
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