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  1. Hoping Why Don't You Love Me is on FKA3
  2. A lot of great projects came out this year, but here's my top 15 ranked: 1. Renaissance - Beyoncé 2. Sunday In Heaven - Zella Day 3. Dirt Femme - Tove Lo 4. Crash - Charli XCX 5. The Loneliest Time - Carly Rae Jepsen 6. And In The Darkness - Weyes Blood 7. Slut Pop - Kim Petras 8. Dawn FM - The Weeknd 9. Motomami - Rosalia 10. The Runner - Boy Harsher 11. Laurel Hell - Mitski 12. Holy Fuck - Demi Lovato 13. Hold The Girl - Rina Sawayama 14. Caprisongs - FKA twigs 15. Nymph - Shygirl Albums I still need to listen to (might edit this later once I have): The Gods We Can Touch - Aurora Dance Fever - Florence + the Machine Clearing - Hyd American Gurl - Kilo Kish Las Ruinas - Rico Nasty Preacher's Daughter - Ethel Cain Once Twice Melody - Beach House Otherness - Alexisonfire Midnights - Taylor Swift Ants From Up There - Black Country New Road Big Time - Angel Olsen Sometimes, Forever - Soccer Mommy Glitch Princess - Yeule
  3. It probably is And when the album is released we will have heard at least the 4-5 singles (Depending on if Long Road Home is on the album) and smoke even if there aren't any singles after Welcome to my Island
  4. You know this album is gonna SLAP if she's still recording it after all that time
  5. It probably was just for that one show: With how demanded that remix is we probably would have gotten a crunchy discord snippet on dbree if it had been recorded by Brooke in studio quality
  6. 1. It's Charli Baby (feat. Charli Damelio) 2. Uncancellable (feat. Kim Petras & Slayyyter) 3. F*gg*ts (feat. CupcakKe) 4. Beach Hut In Hawaii (Arca Remix) (feat. Tove Lo) 5. Poppers (feat. Shygirl & FKA twigs) 6. Grandmas Ashes (feat. her fans) 7. Taxi 8. Familiar Frooots (feat. Marina) 9. Google Drives (feat. Dua Lipa & Lana Del Rey) 10. 3099 (feat. Twink Sivan)
  7. They probably did a lot of drugs, wrote Sweat, made those tik toks and then that was it
  9. I personally feel like it will be a late release next year, like first single during spring/summer and album in september/october since vinyls take so much time to produce now, but I'd like to be proven wrong
  10. Inferno Euphoria


    We need a mass leak of pre-solar power songs
  11. Family Jewels 1. Obsessions 2. Are You Satisfied? 3. Mowgli's Road Electra Heart 1. Bubblegum Bitch 2. Valley Of The Dolls 3. Homewrecker Froot 1. Happy 2. Froot 3. Immortal Love + Fear 1. Believe In Love 2. End Of The Earth 3. True (Yes, sue me) Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land 1. I Love You But I Love Me More 2. Purge The Poison (Again yes, sue me) 3. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
  12. I now want a disco meets techno album produced by AG Cook from her with Murder On The Dancefloor as a single
  13. Liz - Planet Y2K 1. BTR 2GTHR 2. Diamond In The Dark (feat. Slayyyter) 3. Laguna Night 4. Mickey 5. Lottery (Solo) 6. Cool With It 7. WKND (feat. Sonikku) 8. Electricity 9. Intuition 10. Lost U 2 The Boys 11. Hearts Don't Break 12. Last Call (Afterparty Mix) Bonus Tracks 13. Sweat (feat. Sonikku) 14. Bubblegum 15. Sunscreen (feat. SOPHIE) 16. Everybody 17. Laguna Nights - Sonikku Remix 18. Sweat - SOPHIE Remix Cover:
  14. Can't wait for her debut album featuring Beach Hut In Hawaii
  15. Thats literally half of Ancient Dreams
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