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  1. I agree! Hawaiian Tropic for me is the most obviously about him (and by default EMGHW and Daytona Meth although she mixes them up) because every single line is a reference. But there’s so many others I think are. I also always suspected the “Hawaiian Surf” theme was partially inspired by him as her Elvis references start hardcore in the trailer park era
  2. I truly believe way more songs than just “Elvis” are actually about Elvis or at least directly referencing him so I love this for her
  3. I’m a lifelong elvis fan so there’s a bunch of songs that I think are about him (like All Smiles) but don’t technically have references. but I don’t know how big of a fan she was - if she’d read a bunch of the books about him then there’s other niche references too. because her look was so heavily Priscilla influenced I’m inclined to think she was a Big fan and might have read some oh and also! more direct references would be super movie which references Sand hotel casino, Chevrolets, Vegas and the cococabana which are all heavily associated with elvis .
  4. Soo many. Firstly it seems like most of her references to him start in the trailer park era - so I think possibly the whole entire “Hawaiian surf” theme was inspired by him. he was closely associated w hawaii because of movies, vacations and the aloha special worldwide satellite broadcast. Off the top of my head, not including the one offs where she mentions his name or Velvet Elvis etc hawaiian tropic (and therefore Daytona Meth and EMGHW) I think is the most obviously a song for him. Black hair, Cadillacs, red hawaiian shirt, being bad and then going patriotic, Coca Cola and rollercoaster references (two of his favourite things), he gave Priscilla a white corvette, plus “king”. So any time she mentions a bunch of those references. Plus King Creole is an Elvis movie where he plays at being a criminal, and a lot of the “watching tv” stuff. I’ll edit this with some more when I think of them edit: Supermovie has Sands Hotel Casino, chevrolets, cocacobana, vegas . All Smiles I believe is.
  5. Omg I can’t believe I posted that 8 years ago I’ve been here forever. also I’ve started to think a lot of her songs are about musicians that have passed away. Elvis for example I think has soo many possible references apart from the obvious named ones.
  6. I agree with Lineage or even Lithium. I think it’s probably Lineage but I actually think Lithium could be interesting as it’s a mood stabilizer. I think there was an absolute shift in her writing around the time she started discussing Violet Bent Backwards and she’s heavily implied there was a hospital stay around then, and “With Lithium came poetry”, that time seemed to mark her writing becoming a lot more inward (at some points a little navel gazing but that’s just me) and self searching. A lot less focused on outside recognition and if I’m honest, men. It started to regularly reference women and then motherhood which was never a point of focus in her work before, aside for a few mentions of ‘girls’. There was also, in my eyes anyway, perhaps not a ‘peace’ in her work but an acceptance of her current reality and an enjoying of it which wasn’t there before. As someone on lithium for bipolar disorder, the meds and the diagnosis completely changed my life. Just my two cents on it.
  7. I was in the UK for the tropico release and Virgin TV music video on demand accidentally made it available early
  8. im an addict and I totally love how Lana constantly discusses feeling crazy even when you’re clean/sober, I find it really comforting. also I loved this video - by far the most exciting thing she’s done for years for me personally. I love when her vision is EXACT and fucking BIZARRE. That’s Lana at her best for me
  9. I think she had a strenuous relationship with her mother for most of her life "My Momma" but something happened and there was a big rift in the past year or two. The sudden significant referencing of being Motherless, growing up without love recently online and in Violet indicates it's a new, recent wound. Or the opening of an old one from childhood. I'd imagine being sent away to boarding school when you're going through something (I mostly believe she was just partying a bit too much and her parents wanted to curb her behaviour and thought it was a good school because she was musically gifted) feels like an abandonment age 15. And from pure speculation not based in much, I feel like they didn't get along because her mother was emotionally unavailable. The reference to her mothers glamour etc always seemed a lot colder, more aloof than her mentioning of her father. And it would make sense if there really was a short time when she didn't speak to her parents that her father might have been more eager to apologise/re-connect.
  10. so absolutely beautiful. love this two particularly, they got me "Maybe an artist has to function a little bit above themselves, If they really want to transmit some heaven” ... "Oh - and Jim died at 27 So find another frame of reference When you’re referencing heaven"
  11. This exactly. I don’t care what criticisms she’s facing on twitter or insta when I’m watching protesters of systemic racism and police murder be tear gassed and maimed by rubber bullets that the UK made to brutalize the Northern Ireland protesters in the 70s. This is so serious and if your words get twisted THAT easily that means u weren’t clear enough tbfh. She should have de-centred herself.
  12. That actually makes a lot of sense. The title does sound like the title of a book/collection of poems/spoke lmao word something rather than a music album... but who knows. It’s Lana
  13. I honestly think Lana's original point is REALLY interesting and REALLY complex - where's the line between asking women to be responsible with their output and then asking them to edit their truth? men aren't asked to be responsible. men aren't asked to edit their truth. That is a genuinely complex and nuanced question. But her point became moot when she used those those WOCs names as if to suggest they haven't recieved far worse critisism than Lana has ever or will ever recieve. there could have been a really interseting conversation that came from her post if she hadn't executed it the way she did. the hate she recieved from mostly women at the start of her career WAS notably vicious and i think hurt her immeasurably to not be taken seriously and to be accused of fabricating her authenticity.
  14. I’m like that too. But I have a feeling they’ve actually reached out and questioned her about it and she hasn’t liked what they’ve said - I feel like she hinted that in the video maybe?
  15. Honestly I think it’s unhealthy when fan bases blindly support their artist. She’s human and she has things to learn and we all love and support her (many of us have been here for years and years) but we have to hold others accountable.
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