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  1. Lana boards: ''Lana's music post-Lust For Life has lost its edge...it's too bland and flavorless'' Also Lana boards: '' Lana should collab woth Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Kacey Musgraves, The Weekend and Noah Kahan ''
  2. The Nikki Lane hate is so lame/bizarre. Hope her and Sierra Ferrell song makes it onto the album.
  3. Every popstar will be doing middle-of-the-road ''country'' pop crap this year. We really don't need Lana and Jack to join them, hopefully they surprise us.
  4. A big chunk of people following Lana don't like her music, they only like her image. And they want her to be a shitty popstar. Hope this helps. .
  5. After listening to Jack's production on The Chicks album and some unreleased songs (I Must Be Stupid For Feeling So Happy. Prettiest Girl In Country Music), I i suddenly have a really good feeling about this. Are Lana and Jack about to change the game again?
  6. I need to give this a listen for Jack's production.
  7. If Lana and Jack put a fresh and unique spin on the genre and make something weird, it could be interesting. But right now, my feeling is that this is going to be bland pop country. If I see that cornball Zach Bryan listed as a feature act, I'll know my suspicions are right.
  8. People who think music made on a laptop isn't real music because it's not made entirely with ''real instruments'' and who shower artists like Macklemore with best rap awards have terrible music takes. Oh no, who could've seen that coming!! Imagine still taking these losers seriously or seeking validation from them in 2024.
  9. Random YouTubers and TikTokers have more credibility & cultural relevance than the Grammys in 2024 and Lana win won't change that. e more credibility & cultural relevance
  10. Country Roads is a ''stand-alone single'', according to an official press release.
  11. Lana now consciously panders to them which is why I no longer care when they make super weird and awful posts about her.
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