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  1. Lmaooo the drama... Also Tessa di pietro lifting cough off her body what??
  2. Fuck the haters, the critics and the academy. I need to see more lana after this. More shows, more events, more tv performances, more magazine shoots and more music. All in this year alone! Need her presence to be up in everyone's faces all the time that they can finally stfu.
  3. Been seeing lot of tweets of fans who went to the show saying she sounded better in person than the livestream audio 👀
  4. Saw tweets about how lana getting a hologram instead of Hatsune Miku being played on LED screens was funny as hell. Lana 1 - Hatsune Miku 0
  5. No I think fans should be a little more critical of this. She's the headliner and being put on a bigger pedestal therefore the show should match if not surpass the hype. We've had better shows than this come on
  6. I'm sorry the set list is 'just' fine, could do better but the songs flow is such a mess.
  7. Looking at the stage design with balconies and all, this would eat if she choreograph the entire show like a theater play.
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