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  1. I'm gonna miss getting excited over her random post notifications we get every now and then
  2. Keep an eye on her tiktok accounts, FB account, burthdaycake, oceanblvd and missdaytona because she truly never leaves social media.
  3. At least grandma's FB is still active
  4. Honeymoon is no longer alive and breathing.
  5. Wtf is wrong with her 😭😭😭
  6. What's her obsession with stripping down things that are already stripped down? 😭 It still sounds lovely tho 🥺
  7. Makes me happy she still puts effort into visuals. I was scared she's gonna take 'strictly music' route
  8. Such a brilliant video! Kinda hoping she'd release an alternate video like arcadia
  9. https://stanfordreview.org/the-right-wing-straussianism-of-lana-del-rey/ Came across this article. Who tf are these people?
  10. Is 'Aaron Greene' supposed to be the dead guy she sings about in Dark Paradise?
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