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  1. https://www.vulture.com/2023/01/lana-del-radio-lana-del-reys-songs-get-spliced-with-movies.html Lmao
  2. I remember Lana wanting a moving paintings / collages for "Love Song" mv. Unfortunately it never happened. It would be so cool if Kaiman's artworks of Lana turned into 2d animation for one of her MVs.
  3. Big relief sigh! Initially I was scared that this era was going to be another dry one
  4. Let me be delusional but what if the credits on the cover are just mockup so she can reveal more later just like how she kept the tracklist secret for a month.
  5. Maybe we should spam her comment requesting album trailer but I'm scared I'll get kicked out of HM
  6. Numquam de Lana iterum loqueris. Longe te a nobis tolles. Inveniet Deus aut satanas vindicabit te.
  7. I feel like we can guess the soundscape & theme of the next album based on at least one song from the previous album. To be more precise, the very last song she records for each album or the one that sounds a little different from other songs are what she stretches into the next album. From example, I believe "Change" from LFL led her to explore the sound and its theme further in NFR. I'd say the same about "White Dress" leading into BB which she had lot to say about her past. So my guess from BB is BBS & Arcadia.
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