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  1. Bartender(Western Saloon) incoming on Lasso
  2. I think this performance will be very important for the future of lasso. If the release date is actually September 20th (or just the time around it), then an upcoming show would be the best way to announce something ,because the time to start a new era is slowly getting shorter Also summer is literally HER and the best time for promoting new material
  3. Timeless classic that will be a topic of conversations even on 100th anniversary ,also Cult Leader 10th anniversary release would heal the whole world(me)
  4. I think we have guaranteed a big stadium tour in future. She feels now more confident than ever ,since her first OB festivals to coachella a lot changed. This year will be bigger than we thought
  5. half of them probably haven't even heard about lasso, we need someone to save us from current drought
  6. Reporters will ask about Lasso instead of pointless things
  7. I hope it include her with new desert dyed hairstyle
  8. Exacly, you can tell she's really enjoy that stuff and the way Lasso probably was ready for release couple times says a lot ,just like it was with BTD
  9. I have feeling that Interlude- The Trio was for a moment a part of Lasso and could be an actual hint for some part of it.(We know from her that she was working on Lasso for the past 4 years). I wonder if this song was in some way a discarded idea that was too cool for her ,so it randomly became a part of BB
  10. I feel we are right now the closest chance for their collab than ever. Orville recently is releasing his duet album and right now we only have vol 1 collabs ,so i was thinking we could get something with Lana on vol 2 especially since Nikki Lane is going to perfom on his upcoming tour and we know how close is she to Lana
  11. They're very similar to the ones what we got with OB
  12. The way this album still feels so fresh after more than a year after release is amazing. Ocean Blvd u will always be famous
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