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  1. tbh, I just want to see gucci's campaign and maybe cruella soundtrack (i just want her participating in one of those at least) i can wait more for music, i dont want to forget of cocc rn
  2. because people are theorizing using the number of days that white dress was released, but white dress wasn't supposed to be released in the day of the album release so the countdown will be wrong ( and it's not a good idea to rely on since the release wasn't well planned ) i dont understand why people are saying that, we haven't heard singing live since 2020 how people can conclude this? (La to the moon has some vocal serves)
  3. I don't have anything to add to this thread anymore, but those who think that the single will be same type release as white dress isn't noticing that white dress was delayed 1-2 weeks it was supposed to release on feb
  4. of course!! I just really can see her doing the uv sound, but for me the way she worked on the era maybe won't ever be repeated like, she made a really strong visual to this album, and after norman she's progressively doing more simples things for that.
  5. i think lana just did born to die and uv so commercial because there was more pressure of the labels to she convice that shes really profitable and because she was really mainstream at the time, so they really wanted to invest on her carreer. I think that lana herself is not really into this type of stuff because it's tiring for her. But I can picture it her doing some Tropico again
  6. For those who heard the song, where I can find the leak?? mod note: user has been warned for this post
  7. I think lana will never make an uv again. I dont mean in quality or genre. I just think that the album is perfect by a conjunction of things at that time. Lana was really broken at the time. It’s just like electra heart by marina. But im craving for a new rock album!!!
  8. What I mean with 13 beach and bp is that they fit so well the theme of honeymoon. But of course they would need a new production. The demo of 13 was described as a scary movie soundtrack, exactly how she described the title track for honeymoon. But yea, HM is beautiful the way it is.
  9. Lust for life is such as mess, 13 beaches and beautiful people should have been on honeymoon they would shine there. And she should’ve done two separate albums, one for the middle part (coachella, gba, when the world was at war) and other for all the others tracks
  10. Bipolar - Yot Club, found this Ep on tik tok and im in lovr
  11. The part of DTWD I agree so bad with you!! Like I always noticed how lana since lfl seems to give hints of what is comming next ( since get free for me is very close to what norman is, and songs like bartender really shares the theme with chemtrails ) so im hoping so bad for this song be de next hint that she want to give
  12. I wish soooo bad that she included everything at once that she scrapped from the album of the last shadow puppets. But im my opinion, I think she will only put 1 or few songs. She said that she didn’t relased cause it didn’t make sense and the whole body of work wasn’t that good for her YES JUST A FUCKING HINT
  13. she takes too seriously “I contradict myself, I am large - I contain multitudes”
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