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  1. let's talk about tour setup, since ocean blvd is all about ORCHESTRA i really wish she'd go back to the time that she brought violins to the stages.
  2. HELLO RIO, its been a while hun? ~byron starts to play the piano with the chords of living legend~ the chorus starts screaming WHYHWYHWYHWYHWYHWYWYHWHYYYYYYYYY
  3. I think the issue is lana not chuck honestly, when lana is inspired her shoots shows that
  4. im already brainstorming. The vinyl could be a broken heart design but with some golden stripes to feel like it was glued together with gold and then the single is KINTSUGI
  5. when she releases a double single heart shaped vinyl but designed as a broken heart to be an antithesis of the lfl heart shaped vinyl on valentines day
  6. im so skeptic about this article, i looked their ig and it has only 1k of followers, (yersterday, because i checked rn and now they have 6k of lana stans!) they don't have the ''verification seal'' and also they NEVER DID a review of someone like lana, she's the first. My only guess is : lana sent to them specifically, because they are from venice, italy, the exact place she was last year, maybe they met each other and the guy from this magazine said ''hey lana i have a small magazine!" or something like that. Which upsets me a little bit because i wanted to have a tease of the critics reception for the album but this man problably will be biased.
  7. until blue banisters, lana has always put AT LEAST the lyrics of singles on the vinyl/cd packages, so 24th of march we will discover!
  8. i hear clearly "leaning on my back", but honestly "lennon in my back" would be just as niche as when she says ''its like camarillo, only silver mirrors running down the corridor'', which was the mental hospital in ventura that was taken down but there are a plenty of rumours that ''hotel california'' was inspired of, and the single cover of the song is the exact place (that nowadays is a university)
  9. i wish i could travel back to past and delete harvey weinstein from existence because cola not being the opener anymore in any circumstance is the GREATEST LOSS in the culture
  10. theres is no problem with doing simplistic chorus like repeating a word a lot of edm, pop,trap songs do this. UNLESS YOU'RE DOING A BALLAD! Ballads are mostly stripped back instrumentals to make the listener pay attention to the composition, SO YOU NEED TO SPEAK SOMETHING
  11. My only issue with beautiful is : THE SONG LEADS TO NOWHERE . It starts promising the verses are really good, the pre-chorus is great and THEN: the chorus is simply shes saying multiple times the title of the song , it doesnt even have a bridge to have a little spice to the song, its just boring.
  12. i would kill just to watch the entire crowd singing together "MADE ME FEEL... MADE ME FEEL LIKE A GOD"
  13. Now that we're debating the tour setlist, imo i think shes going to snob blue banisters af. I think it was never in her mind do a tour for this album and most of the songs are very personal and she has a huge catalogue of songs that she didnt sing as well. On the other hand, i don't think is the same situation for chemtrails (and i hope white dress is in the setlist). But i think lana will sing at least 4/5 from this new album, she chose to tour with THIS ALBUM specifically so she probably feels that this one is meant to be performed! But the bigger the catalogue the bigger is the surprises, she can sing unreleaseds , never performed songs from old albums, teases a new song, do a cover, who knows!
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