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  1. i need, an announcement, like a true official announcement that tells idk the lead single is comming that LASSO is really taking off because it's driving me crazy how im fucking craving to have this fucking album.
  2. is there any specific reason to "eat for free" not being considered as a potential track as well?
  3. i think it's time for this little hidden gem to shine, it was reworked in 2021 so it fits on the 4 year length that lana told us about working in this project https://x.com/tropico_cola/status/1359000719165067268?s=20
  4. i can't stop looking on my fy page so many people rooting for her and thinking about this is the BEST MOMENT EVER for her to win a grammy i keep getting emotional about it and afraid like i really really really need her to win with this record it would be so meaningful but im so pessimistic atm
  5. no but im manifesting out of nowhere For K pt 2 being remastered for LDR10 in the middle of an country album
  6. thinking about this song and kicking out a new era , i would love another album rollout just like what she did with honeymoon. Teasing ''honeymoon'' live in the ultraviolence tour (aka endless summer tour). I think it's very suitable for the occasion since she will be doing a lot of performances but she never stops cooking something up for the kids, maybe she almost ready for releasing new material
  7. pin up galore and the rock garage band version of raise me up, goodbye. ps: also catch and release is just as chaotic as aka, so it would be a silly addition to the record as well
  8. im a little afraid of stripped down songs, i love them as a little moment on the record, like nectar of the gods but i need a loud ass album im tired of quiet productions, idk if its country , hip hop, disco, reggaeton just give me something to dive deep into!
  9. it's literally my fav part IM IN LOVE WITH THE BEAT
  10. that's why i dont get why people get so crazy when genres such as "country" are considered to the next record , like lana ALWAYS has her own approach to any kind of genre, her jazz it's not similar to most popular jazz songs, neither her hip-hop, neither her folk and the list goes so why wont yall just wait to see the results like chill lol
  11. Love Song's MV inspired by Monet paintings Lana X The Last Shadow Puppets Record and the original Tropico.
  12. im starting to think that she was only colaborating with a new writer because the song is meant for the Christian Dior serie that she's participating intead of a new record, but who knows, those collabs sometimes last longer than we think (cough cough nikki lane and jack antonoff).
  13. The fact that we don't know who it is makes me so anxious, i wonder if its someone from the country industry, because the only place regard jack's studio that we saw her making music was in alabama.
  14. ngl im kinda excited that lana is writing with someone else, at this point of her discography i honestly thought she would just keep to do improvises. Maybe she's planning something more polished idk , im looking forward.
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