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  1. Brat


    wait this is so fun i feel like a little detective
  2. I'll honestly be shocked if she releases anything in October, with both the Arctic Monkeys and Taylor Swift dropping albums in that month. That leaves either September or November if she wants to release anything soon-ish. I'd love for her to do something in September, its my birth month, but I think the most we will get is a single (if we are super lucky).
  3. ldr9 is a hoax. a lanaboard cryptid.
  4. I'll add to the discussion:
  5. its giving haiku section of vbbotg
  6. i dont know why we speculate when we know its gonna be an introspective, wordy album backtracked by bare boned piano ballads riding on the coat tails of BB.., the writing is on the walls not this shit again
  7. okay but imagine how hard brokeback bareback would serve...
  8. now y'all know damn well that women is not releasing Noir now or fucking ever
  9. interscope is begging her for a hot girl summer moment but shes giving them mixtapes of her scatting to old country songs with nikki lane
  10. im in my delu era so im creating fake titles the tracklist: 1. Playing God's Favorite 2. Baby's Breathe 3. In my Arms, Forever 4. Peach Fuzz 5. Nude beneath the Nebulas 6. Goddamn, You're Mine 7. Private Singer 8. Whiskey Nights, Quiet Mornings 9. To my Father the first half being very Blue Banister-esque and the second half more L4L witchy bad bitch adjacent
  11. since we got like 5 previously leaked tracks on BB, chances are theres gonna be some leaked material on ldr9 also. im voting UFB in my heart and soul, but i know realistically its prob gonna be a more country track like prettiest girl in country music or whatever the fuck that was
  12. lana doesnt have a fall/winter album. its not up for debate. the only albums i'd say are spring are cocc and bb... the rest are all summer albums.
  13. i want boobs the album
  14. i want this album to be a break in my psyche
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