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  1. I love COCC and BB with all my heart, they are stunning, heartbreaking and so, so, so Lana, I don't really get how someone could not see it but to each their own. Still, my most controversial opinion is that apart from Love, Heroin and Cherry, LFL has nothing else I listen to on even a remotely regular basis. None of the other songs click for me at all. I adore the demos of the title track but the album version just loses me. I think Change and Get Free are beautiful as poems but I don't really vibe with them while listening. To be completely honest, I'm not sure I could name any more songs from the album off the top of my head. I don't hate LFL by any means, it's just really not for me and while I understand what some people might get out of it, I struggle to understand loving the album.
  2. Mike and Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight are fighting for top spot today though my bf also woke me up like three times last night and told me to stop singing Blue Jeans which I'd apparently just belted in my sleep repeatedly so could be that too (I've also had Ben on the brain for weeks now, "darkness assumes the room" literally every time it gets dark out and "You don't know what you do, do ya? I am on fire for you" every time I see a friend who said that lyric reminds her of me)
  3. Probably nothing interesting but I downloaded something titled Talking Like An Answering Machine from god knows where ages ago and just looked it up in my music library again and this is just The Forbidden Baby Song Not sure at all if this is the right thread for this but seeing Answering Machine in the list reminded me
  4. I accept my fate of getting crucified by the EH stans but let's face it... TFJ was pure gold and after that Marina just lost her passion
  5. notthatdreamy

    Melanie Martinez

    Whatever tf that was, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't care how nonsensical that was, I was having the time of my life watching
  6. With all due love, from a fellow at-times-questionable poet... I hope she sticks to music.
  7. YOU ARE SO RIGHT Used to play this on repeat for MONTHS last year, literally so beautiful and fun
  8. This is so true, majority of irl fans I know are autistic middle-aged women and boy howdy do they LOVE her (I introduced them all to Lana)
  9. notthatdreamy

    Nikki Lane

    Yeah, that's the one! So yeah, Nikki Lane did not do that
  10. notthatdreamy

    Nikki Lane

    I'm pretty sure this is a copypasta and someone just replaced the original name with Nikki's
  11. notthatdreamy

    Melanie Martinez

    Am too stupid to figure out pictures or embeds for the time being but she just pretty much confirmed the film isn't coming on her Insta stories. Transcription in the spoiler thingy:
  12. We need to invent time travel so current Marina can go take songwriting lessons from her teen/early 20s self
  13. notthatdreamy

    Melanie Martinez

    I'm so over her arrogance. We get it, we just don't like it. You can make bad art as a hobby. But don't expect people to throw millions at you and sing your praises if this is the best you can do.
  14. notthatdreamy

    Melanie Martinez

    So apparently the film isn't coming bc the label can't afford to fund both the film and 13 music videos. Can't pull up the IG comments she implied this in rn but yeah. What a surprise.
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