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  1. It makes me so happy that this thread didn’t die but has instead truly thrived
  2. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Not y’all turning this into the Allie X thread
  3. Jack

    Dua Lipa

    So i took about 15 minutes to edit a better cover for my library
  4. Jack


    I said horrible things about Sophies record when it came out because I simply wasn’t open and accepting of her artistry. I hated myself and projected that onto what I was not comfortable accepting within myself. I will never be able to apologize to her for my hateful words and for that I will always be sorry to her. She deserved respect as an artist and as a human being and I gave her neither.
  5. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Legends supporting legends, we never forget the Butterflies remix of Try
  6. Pro-tip for those already wealthy enough to invest in vinyl records, purchasing 2 copies of records you really enjoy allows you to display a copy and play one for your own enjoyment. And in most cases vinyl records increase in value as the market is increasing again, making them a good investment in an artist as opposed to buying stock in a company. Haha that’s my view at least ‘EDIT: I mainly use this mindset for new releases that will most likely sell out, so please bear that in mind
  7. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    And it was everything i could’ve asked for and more
  8. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Mostly just the guitar riff in lobotomy being so incredibly close melodically to the bell synth in Notebook is what got me. No shade to either of them (tbh lobotomy has more replay value for me as the guitar riff is soooo smooth and notebook just feels like a rehash or detention and pacify her aka her more sexy tracks) but several friends I played both songs for said it’s just so similar it’s sketchy so I just wanted to get y’all thoughts haha
  9. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    So they make the same songs, guess I’ll just stick to Mel then
  10. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    I don’t wanna be shady or anything but i just added both of these to my library last week and am I tripping or...
  11. so this is why pop auteur Jackson Novem has been blacklisted from radio stations across the country??
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