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  1. Your signature just made me cackle you have a wild sense of humor and I love that
  2. She wanted to pick up my username but could only find yours Adolescents don’t have funky pop collections… that’s Reddit mods
  3. Me unliking once I realize it’s a them problem
  4. Jack

    Christi Buckley

    Christi’s legacy is being tarnished by some nobody releasing a cover of her gorgeous song “Yes to Heaven” we need to call interscope and STOP THE STEAL!
  5. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    This is a Lana del rey forum. Think critically when commenting on vocal mixing issues.
  6. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Alternative icon and Grammy-adjacent generational artist Jackson Novem has dropped a critically-reviewed Album of a Year with his newest record, High Tide. Buy/Stream here: https://songwhip.com/jackson-novem/high-tide
  7. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Lanaboards, your income has been affected
  8. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Not me waking up and realizing this thread has more views than my entire music career has had streams
  9. just replying bc it isn’t true lanaboards drama if i don’t put my 2 cents in.
  10. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Nobody expect this vinyl to sound good ok? It’s for aesthetic only and my ranking after first listen is…
  11. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Melanie’s Next BF Armie Hammer confirmed
  12. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    As the OG crybaby of this forum i would like to ask everyone to hold off on judging this record until you have had the opportunity to soak in every track, almost every single song of Melanie’s has been a grower to me and has required 4-5 full listens to really process.Sending love & light
  13. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Glad that’s the version i bought 4 copies of
  14. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Where Do Babies Come From? Cooties Rotten Milk Bombs on Monday Morning You Love I 99¢ Store Unhappy Meal just what I’d pick
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