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  1. What amazing memories. Thank you
  2. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Ignore. deleted
  3. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Ignore please
  4. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Jackson Novem unfortunately did not understand that you have to submit songs in order to receive nominations and thusly High Tide has received 0 nominations at this years Grammy’s.
  5. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Ignore. It doesn’t matter.
  6. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    Justice for Needle and Thread, a thorough masterclass in how good Melanie can weave a concept together
  7. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    In current events, Mr. Novem has gone to a Halloween party as the iconic Lois Griffin!
  8. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    Thank you for your kind words, hon, I’ll never forget em!
  9. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    i just dropped a new song too
  10. Jack

    Jackson Novem

    “I used to pray for times like this”
  11. Your signature just made me cackle you have a wild sense of humor and I love that
  12. She wanted to pick up my username but could only find yours Adolescents don’t have funky pop collections… that’s Reddit mods
  13. Me unliking once I realize it’s a them problem
  14. Jack

    Christi Buckley

    Christi’s legacy is being tarnished by some nobody releasing a cover of her gorgeous song “Yes to Heaven” we need to call interscope and STOP THE STEAL!
  15. Jack

    Melanie Martinez

    This is a Lana del rey forum. Think critically when commenting on vocal mixing issues.
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