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  1. i liked hurt my feelings, we’re not alike, and run for the hills
  2. so did she unfollow her or did she never in the first place
  3. snow on the beach gave her a huge new wave of fans but whatever
  4. she followed kim kardashian
  5. crazyforyou

    Song vs. Song

    sweet vs grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep sea fishing
  6. crazyforyou

    Song vs. Song

    Burning Desire vs Melancholia
  7. crazyforyou

    Song vs. Song

    Cherry vs Serene Queen
  8. Taylor’s albums that are in desperate need of being rearranged Red (Taylor’s Version): reputation: Lover: Midnights:
  9. scrap bartender, born to die, and blue jeans and replace it with paris texas, fuck it i love you, and fishtail put candy necklace, venice bitch, flipside, and white mustang back on make A&W the opener again instead of NFR add let the light in and tulsa for fun
  10. i feel like and hope the album won’t come out until late 2025.. not because i don’t want new music, but because her albums are way better received when she takes longer to make them.
  11. could someone tell me how everyone knows that taylor or her team didn’t reach out to her family? things like this should be kept private, in my opinion, not everything needs to be on social media… agreed, she definitely won’t be playing there again. hopefully the são paulo shows go better.
  12. crazyforyou

    Taylor Swift

    unfortunately no but she’ll probably do another restock on the stars align collection at 3pm est tomorrow
  13. anyways yes she’s a billionaire and yes, she is most definitely a businesswoman, but a greedy cash grab? and in context, you’re talking about these eras tour shows being a “cash grab”. i don’t even care if you like taylor but that’s actually insane to call shows that are 3 hours long with huge production a cash grab. also, of course she has a conscience??that’s why she’s cancelled shows (that people fly from all over the world to see, btw). for the safety of her fans and everyone else on stage. that’s why she was throwing water to people while performing. and honestly read the room when talking about people dying and getting sick because of the heat and bringing up that jet thing again. she rents out that jet anyways, so putting all the blame on her is just incorrect.
  14. okay but i’m talking about people who had flights for monday and had the intention of going to a show on saturday. there are donations right now to help give fans money for either the show on sunday or flight tickets for later in the week. hypothetically, they could “see this show in two days”, but we all know people will pay for flight tickets to the eras tour. there are many countries in South America that taylor isn’t going to that are flying to Brazil. it’s a bit rude to guilt trip people who don’t get to see a show they paid for with something like “well at least you’re not dead and can see taylor live in the future”. okay? eras tour tickets are so expensive for the average person, and people get tickets for a date because they know they can be there and rescheduling means people won’t be able to go. also keep in mind all the people who have been waiting outside in that heat, all for it to reschedule.
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