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  1. 1. A&W 2. Say Yes To Heaven 3. Paris, Texas (this replaces Bartender while they do her hair) 4. Without You 5. Doin’ Time 6. West Coast 7. High By The Beach 8. Brooklyn Baby 9. Pretty When You Cry 10. Cherry 11. Tulsa Jesus Freak x Fishtail (Mashup) 12. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 13. The Grants 14. Cinnamon Girl Ride Monologue 15. Ride 16. Get Free 17. Let The Light In 18. Margaret 19. Taco Truck x Radio x Venice Bitch (Medley) 20. Young And Beautiful 21. If You Lie Down With Me (cut 2nd verse) 22. Video Games 23. National Anthem 24. Tunnel under Ocean Blvd
  2. crazyforyou

    Taylor Swift

    exactly, im not saying this isnt weird behavior, but im pretty sure everyone would do this if they had the fanbase… if she can keep the album charting, why not? the fans wont let anything happen to it. i mean in what world are people actually interested in buying 20 different versions of one album? swifties are clearly just doing it to help ttpd stay on top
  3. crazyforyou

    Taylor Swift

    if your album can be blocked by voice memos did it really stand a chance in the first place?
  4. crazyforyou

    Song vs. Song

    Dragon Slayer vs Season Of The Witch
  5. the best case scenario is that we still get an album this september but it’s fully trap
  6. crazyforyou

    Taylor Swift

    billie ellish saying “even my favorite artists i’m not trying to hear them for 3 hours. that’s far too long. that’s literally psychotic”. who’s nobody? like or hate taylor, she’s sold out every single show on a global STADIUM tour. there are literally thousands of people waiting outside the venues every night because they couldnt even get tickets because of how high demand it is. maybe she’s just talking about herself in this context, because i wouldnt pay to see her run around in sweatpants for 3 hours.
  7. bittersweet anthem we've never needed you more than we do right now
  8. waiting for father john misty and miles kane to come out
  9. camilla baby im so sorry for anything i said please come back.
  10. why is lana even giving these people attention honestly.
  11. my manifestations since it's the BEST song on born to die
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