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    1. 𝒯𝒽𝓊𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇
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  1. honestly I kinda like the small venues thing but only if she comes somewhere near my state this time
  2. this might be a dumb question but how to you change the text above your rank (the dots above your profile picture) or do you have to be an advanced member to do that?
  3. TASTEE especially if you lie down with me
  4. 1. nfr 2. chemtrails 3. ocean blvd 4. blue banisters 5. honeymoon 6. ultraviolence 7. born to die 8. list for life
  5. 1. NFR 2. blue banisters 3. ocean blvd 4. ultraviolence 5. chemtrails 6. aka lizzy grant 7. paradise (ep) 8. honeymoon 9. lust for life 10. born to die (after 5 i really love them all equally so i’m sorry in advance)
  6. as a list making lover i’ve given a lot of thought to mine and i love looking at other peoples favorites so here we go 1. thunder 2. bartender 3. dark but just a game 4. black beauty 5. venice bitch
  7. I like is this happiness better but They judge me like a picture book By the colors, like they forgot to read I think we're like fire and water I think we're like the wind and sea You're burnin' up, I'm coolin' down You're up, I'm down You're blind, I see vs We keep changing all the time The best ones lost their minds So I'm not gonna change I'll stay the same No rose left on the vines Don't even want what's mine Much less the fame It's dark but just a game
  8. lilac heaven

    Movie vs. Movie

    ok that's kinda difficult but Marie Antoinette is one of my favs Marie Antoinette vs black swan
  9. my first song was once upon a dream cuz maleficent was like my fav movie and then after I heard summer time sadness and west coast I was hooked
  10. I literally love both of these I never understood why ppl didn't especially summer bummer
  11. this isn't really a song but the Blue Jeans SNL 2012 performance isn't even that bad and people act like its the worst this ever... for songs I would say For Free - LDR (I love it and its the most overhated song ever) and Coachella WOMM
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