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  1. GOD when will this leak in high quality
  2. its unknown wether they actually fought or marina just unfollowed after qftc. They were so cute together tho especially when lana put her in Lfl thank yous and marina put her in l+f thank yous
  3. i hope she includes all 3 of the outtakes unless she lied about only writing 15 songs
  4. williamprb


    What’s peoples opinions on the original die young mv? I think it’s sm better than the released one
  5. williamprb

    Taylor Swift

    i feel like it would have been better if she released the anthology later on as an almost side b like carly rae jepsen does but i think she released it on the day to boost sales/first day streams which was smart Kallum is on lb and they have a thread here with all their designs they r all soooo gorgeous
  6. williamprb

    Taylor Swift

    sorry if this is switching the conversation but i just saw a taylor leak tracker and GOD the swifties have hoarder problems
  7. williamprb


    yess i never watched the simple life but found out through that one rlly interesting yt documentary
  8. When are we going to get again again in high quality like the versions of the song even on streaming and the cd are terrible sounding like they’ve been heavily compressed for no reason or is that just me 😭
  9. williamprb


    The one where they find her mom a man right?
  10. williamprb

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    I don’t feel as if it got super far - maybe not even a tracklist as the songs from 2013 we know of are mostly reworks and she started on Cinderella pretty early in 2014 which was when the indie project started supposedly so would she have even been able to record many songs while also being on the summer kiss tour - I mean Carly writes all the time but the album thing I think most likely was just a vision and didn’t get super far before emotion happened
  11. williamprb


    When will we get chewing gum in high quality or am I just dumb because all the versions I’ve found are subpar
  12. williamprb

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    guys where is bright baby blue i know multiple of these bitches have it
  13. williamprb


    ohhhh i didnt know it was less cropped on that The weird line at the bottom of the warrior cover art behind the text always annoys me Also yall like standard cover or deluxe cover more
  14. williamprb


    what is the itunes LP
  15. williamprb


    Is this image ai extended?
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