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  1. Referring to my comments as “bait” just because you refuse to accept that what you’re saying can easily be interpreted as antisemitic after the plethora of comments you’ve made attacking a group of people that aren’t indicative of a government and its actions. As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, you literally PUBLICLY said on a PUBLIC forum (which means anyone can view this thread, anyone can see your comments) that you were “considering becoming antisemitic” merely because of a government that doesn’t represent the entire faith of a people. Get a morals check.
  2. Do you even know what the word nuanced means?? Once again, you’re being antisemitic. You saying “I’m not a fan of the Jewish faith right now” is literally antisemitic. The Jewish faith isn’t the one responsible, you’re blaming a FAITH (which includes people from around the world!) instead of a government. The Jewish faith does not equal the Israeli government. That’s antisemitic.
  3. Once again, no nuance added. Just playing defense when you’ve outed yourself on a public forum that you would decide to participate in the hatred of a group of people because of the actions of a government that isn’t indicative of that group. Insanely weird. Maybe take a break from the Internet if you’re going to just spew hatred instead of articulating actual thoughts to such a complex topic.
  4. You literally just said you’d *become* antisemitic. You’re stating you would hate an entire group of people because of a government… and douse yourself in being a bigot… just weird.. Once again stating all of this on a PUBLIC forum is crazy. So many people can see your grotesque words where you are undoubtedly just calling yourself an antisemite.
  5. If you're going to come onto a PUBLIC thread trying to act educated and provide nuance onto a topic, maybe try framing your argument without antisemitic undertones. ????
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