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  1. No luke on the new song
  2. future stars now & coconuts is getting a vinyl single for UO
  3. Could be just me but I think your not the one sounds so odd with Dolby
  4. Hopefully you can see this everything i have mostly HQ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MwPnVGfGJS-PWMkabRqjARgvXzt58Q8c?usp=sharing
  5. made a cute cover for the album thought I'd share with you all.
  6. can anyone help me organise the new leaks lol when are they from/eras?
  7. it's called Modulus here's the logo too https://imgur.com/a/JWXTsS3
  8. what is the possible album title so I can sort it in iTunes lol and why did she do slut pop when they had these?
  9. love this album, glad she went for this sound again
  10. I have a polaroid-ish texture someone made to look like his photos I can't remember who it was but they were kind enough to share it with me
  11. kallumlavigne

    Amelia Lily

    We only got a few photos unfortunately here's some hq ones I still have.
  12. kallumlavigne

    Amelia Lily

    her album deserved to be released such a shame as when it leaked it was really good.
  13. I can't believe its 10 years old, feels like yesterday I heard off to the races as iTunes single of the week, and something just clicked with me.
  14. Are everything but you and don’t get mad explicit?
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