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  1. love this album, glad she went for this sound again
  2. I have a polaroid-ish texture someone made to look like his photos I can't remember who it was but they were kind enough to share it with me
  3. kallumlavigne

    Amelia Lily

    We only got a few photos unfortunately here's some hq ones I still have.
  4. kallumlavigne

    Amelia Lily

    her album deserved to be released such a shame as when it leaked it was really good.
  5. I can't believe its 10 years old, feels like yesterday I heard off to the races as iTunes single of the week, and something just clicked with me.
  6. Are everything but you and don’t get mad explicit?
  7. It’s called last dance
  8. thanks for the love on all the covers lol been obsessed making them
  9. it was fake apparently someone just slapped stems on top of it one we had
  10. a later demo of everything but you leaked with more production.
  11. Hot City just leaked shook, were really getting everything
  12. thought I'd share this with you guys, made an album cover for the epic leaks.
  13. kallumlavigne

    Charli XCX

    I know I just meant was it shared here
  14. kallumlavigne

    Charli XCX

    was this outtake posted already?
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