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  1. Still no signed card from french store too... I wrote CS but no answer yet, and no i didnt recieved any cancelation news.
  2. @electra Congrats! We love you! You Will never be forgotten!
  3. That happened to me, i was following her and one hour later i was not. And now im not following her anymore and the account is private. It must be a glitch or something
  4. No answer from French CS... Dont know if we are going to recieve the cards at this point to be honest
  5. I think cards from french store are going to arrive. But no till december, we need to wait for an email with the shipping notification
  6. This Vinyl didnt arrive to Spain so ill try to buy one online. I want one so bad
  7. annedelrey

    Taylor Swift

    Only song i didnt like Run with Ed Sheran. Rest of the vault 10/10
  8. I think the black is the one that they are selling rn. I think se will have to wait till 19.
  9. Finally she returned! I loved Flames and Grow, def this is the way! 2002 Avril Lavigne its coming! Im so excited for the new record!
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