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  1. How is even possible that Fnac have a CD imported fron Japan and not the red vinyl? Its obv that the vinyl is coming soon!
  2. annedelrey

    Kim Petras

    Im still hoping for it, she said she was coming on october. New album january 2022. You will see
  3. Not especific order: 1. JFK 2. Serene Queen 3. Boom like that 4. TV black & White 5. LFL demo 6. YTH Honeymoon version 7. Damn You 8. Wild One 9. Spin Me Round 10. I talked to Jesus 11. Queen Of disaster 12. French Restaurant 13. Hawaiian Tropic 14. Boom like that 15. Wayamaya 16. Afraid
  4. last chance next week. They changed the name of the vinyl... Lets see
  5. I talked with them again and they told me that the vinyl is ordered, but the provider not responded yet, so who knows... Probably soon Will be up
  6. Sometimes also the vinyl is Up online for people Who dont have stores in the area
  7. Omg! my town dont have an indie store or even a record store! Hope its also online lucky me
  8. Frederic always says that you need to try yo other agent!
  9. I talked with Lauren, Alice, Frederique and Alex hahahaha Lets make some presure. You just need to go till the botom of the Page and find chat. Then ask them about the Vinyl. Use Google translate !! Maybe if they see interest they will insist too. I leave the message i always use to Talk to them: J'aimerais savoir s'ils vont sortir le vinyle Blue Banisters de Lana del Rey. Je parle du vinyle rouge avec la pochette alternative. En ce moment vous avez le CD à vendre et j'aimerais savoir si vous allez avoir le vinyle.
  10. I have spoken to Fnac customer service again. They have told me that they are waiting for the supplier's response to see if they are going to send them vinyls and then be able to sell them. They told me that a lot of people are asking for that vinyl. Thats why they are insisting so much to the provider, but that at the moment there is no response
  11. Is there any news from any european store for the alternative red Vinyl? I want one sooo bad and i dont wanna pay taxes from ordering UK. Im losing my faith with Fnac
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