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  1. Absolutely agree with this. As far as Lana stays from all the industry pantomime -Grammys being a milestone of all of that-, the healthier for her, personally and artistically. Not that she isnt one of the biggest names on global pop music and will be able to stay away from all that bullshit, but not thinking about being awarded by the Academy when making music is a task that she may be able to accomplish.
  2. Her rants about being sweet and peaceful as her contribution to improve the world make some sense listening to this songs. Not that the way she articulated the thought wasnt clumsy and childish, but fortunately she has a better way with songwriting when it comes to transmit. I absolutely admire the fact that she has been able to create and transmit such a peaceful and clear song as COTCC given how stormy her mind seems to be lately. It allows to see the place she's coming from when talking about what she's able to contribute with.
  3. Absolutely adore the song and the fact that she's talked so comfortably -not gonna talk about the topics or her views on them, cause they dont really step from how they normally are regarding politics (uninformed and derivative), so no news there-, but truly cant avoid to note the fact of her conversation building and her train of thought... Most of what she said didnt make sense. Since the beginning and the again tragic explanation on the racism issue till the album related part and of course regarding the Capitol assault. Maybe she was just with her mind in other place while talking or something, but she didnt made sense at all and even Annie Mac seemed to notice it.
  4. This. While listening to this track I could see all of what got critics astonished about her songwriting on NFR -and that I cant see in that album till today, even if there's some career highlights in it-. I am absolutely curious about the artistic direction the album will take.
  5. Absolutely love the song. What a beautiful track! The video is kinda weird, but very nicely executed. Truly interested to hear the rest of the album!
  6. she cant get bored cause she's not just wild, but also fun!
  7. I just saw all of this -her IG post included- and been laughing for 5 minutes... Like... I've been watching your amazing and quite sophisticated artwork since she announced the album many months ago, and now... Like... It's even worse than the Doin' Time single cover, and that was physically impossible to overcome in terms of ugliness... Can't stop laughing at all of this, this is truly History of Lanaboards hahahahahaha
  8. She went on and wore a mesh mask in the middle of a pandemic right after being cancelled by the whole Internet after the Question for the CuLtURe thing. Don't think actually that the prospect of being dragged is something that she thinks about before doing stupid stuff.
  9. I think we can expect a lyric like this quite surely... And I dont know what would I choose if we were to choose from that or a song called "Bro the boat will sync", tbh...
  10. Hey! Dont know if this has been discussed yet, but there happens to be a spanish cover of Nfr(song). Dont know how to embed the link, but its called "Puto Normando", by Irenegarry.
  11. Cannot read this without hearing Shakira's voice hahahaha
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