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  1. How could this be read as unpopular? </3
  2. Was just fooling around on guitar and noticed that BB chorus and Without you use the same chords. Just a nice curiosity!
  3. sjatib

    Instagram Updates

    Yes, exactly... Its absolutely ridiculous that this kind of behaviour is being held even by progressive people. Like, it isn't a popularity contest where you take severe acussations and throw them at discretion to gain points. Its absolutely disgusting to see.
  4. sjatib

    Instagram Updates

    Few days ago an argentinian youtuber I follow called her "white supremacist" and "Trump supporter" on an Arcadia reaction video, without having even reading about what truly happened with her that made that kind of acussations to emerge. Just for keeping on track with what seems to be the "cool" position to hold regarding her. If the general ambience is that, Lana couldnt do anything better than what she's doing. I mean, we all know she's been quite ignorant and unsensitive many times when expressing herself since the beginning of her career, but to call her a "white supremacist"... The level of frivolity just makes me sick.
  5. sjatib

    Instagram Updates

    The video seems definetly weird, but truly, this is the best thing she can do. Social media can already bring huge mental health issues to people who lives non-celebrity lives, can't imagine how it may be for someone with a global public relevance and near to 20 million followers (that's more people than the population of many countries). Hope she's gonna be better after doing this. (Not Uhauljoe liking the post haha <3)
  6. She actually talked about a potential covers album (even gave a name for it, "Pacific Blue") right after dropping NFR. This could well be that album and not the ASAC one, actually!
  7. Hey, kinda out of topic, but anyway: for IG users, I just found an account called @heroinfreak which uploads the SICKEST Lana content I've seen in a while. They mix spacey-neon-narchotic vibes to her work and its truly, truly amazing to watch to. Go give them some love, they truly deserve! <3
  8. Damn, Lana. Capitalism will fall, but Lana's prolificness will survive it!
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