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  1. Dont have the time or the mental energy to elaborate now, but this may be the peak of her artistry till now. All of her deepest fears and ambitions summed up in such a smart, beautiful and disturbing way.
  2. Do we know when the first concert is? I've seen she's announced a lot of dates lately, truly expecting to see what she brings!
  3. Most probably an unpopular opinion, but is it me the only one who thinks the pics look terrible?
  4. "How do my blood relatives know all of this songs I dont know anyone left to know the songs that I sing, and that's how the light gets in." Peak lyricism. This song gets more and more beautiful everytime I listen to it.
  5. I absolutely love Fishtail's production (one of her best songs in a while), but this comment is just too funny, haha
  6. Have been reading a bit about Black Dahlia and the story is just horrifying. There's even pictures of her face and body after being found and the whole thing is too horrible. Don't know which kind of approach to it could make it less disgusting, but for now I can't even listen to the song after associating it with that terrible event.
  7. Didnt know the story behind the reference and... Not the most sensitive approach to it (just judging by Lana's response and the "meta Black Dahlia" thing), definetly. Let's see how the thing ends up developing though.
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