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  1. I totally get you. Wouldn't say her "best" myself, but her most significative one maybe. Her best remains BB for me <3
  2. Still remember that snippet of the supossed rework of NLMG with Thunder-like production. Truly wish its not fake and we get to hear it in full.
  3. This is kinda funny and I can't say that I dislike it for some reason, haha. The execution is definetly amateurish and its difficult to take it seriously, but there's as well something definetly going on there artistically. I'm all up for the noisy vibe. Kinda makes me think of some of Frusciante's late solo stuff, which I adore. Let's see if he'll keep developing some kind of sound of his own or this is just some thing that came from boredom. 😂😂😂 You just made me remind that FRIENDS episode where Ross rediscovers his passion for keyboards 😂
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    The way I didn't even see it... Disturbing
  5. I kinda feel the same and it makes it even more annoying. She has been going to that Gala for years knowing that no matter what she's leaving with one or various awards, yet still the overacted reactions. I get its not her fault -and not totally sure that I'd feel better if she reacted on an apathic way-, but the whole thing is just obscene.
  6. Btw, won't judge on TS intentions while dragging Lana to stage, but if I were Lana the last thing I would have wanted during that moment (having had 5 nominations and got AGAIN not a single award while seeing how they go to people like TS) is to be exposed directly to all of that people having to smile from the damn stage. Don't think that making her feeling forced to went there was a good move.
  7. Nah they can rot. 12 years of INCREDIBLE albums and yet they think she needs to demonstrate anything. They can truly rot.
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