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  1. With the hand-binded copies of VBOTG that took her so long to do
  2. It isnt her most critically acclaimed album and that's why I can't take the critics seriously. Happy birthday, Honeymoon. And thank you, Lana, for giving it to us.
  3. And the subsequent "SheDoEsntOwEUsNoThInG" army coming with it. "Ben said its coming SoOn!"
  4. When I discovered Lana some years ago I used to cringe a lot about the lack of analytical perspective she always displayed, yet I couldnt help to deeply love and relate to the way she communicated, no matter the point from where she was doing it. Now, some years after listening to her chronically and getting to know her a bit broader, I've come to the conclusion that she has the intelectual/analytical tools that she has and chooses -not the ones me or many of us find the most accurate, for sure- and does what she can with them to face the conflicts and wonders her life brings to her, just as we do too. I've learnt not to expect from her to be an informed social commentator, but a weird, mostly uninformed yet brilliant and intuitive artist who always has the way to talk beautifully about the things she perceives, and sometimes gets some things right on a more objective way too. The lesson for me is not to expect her to be precise, but to be heartfelt in the most touching ways, and that's more than enough. There's always other people to look after for a more foot-on-earth approach to reality.
  5. This is so, so beautiful. She looks and sounds just magnetic, the images are very carefully done, the audio is elegant, the whole video has a feeling of documentary to it that I truly love. Hope we'll get more from this.
  6. This is so, so beautiful. She looks and sounds just magnetic, the images are very carefully done, the audio is elegant, the whole video has a feeling of documentary to it that I truly love. Hope we'll get more from this.
  7. "Blowing up her own ego" is exactly the main impression I got from this article. Even if I enjoyed the parts where she discusses music or some aspects regarding daily life, the fact that her and Jack act as if they were some kind of omniscent genius bugs me off. Lana talks as she's eaten all the stuff the critics said about her last year ("a laureate poet of a world on fire" or whatever), and Im happy that she acknowledges she is talented, but what made me feel close to her since I knew her was how foot-on-earth she was, and how self-aware of her ignorance on some topics she seemed to be too, as it seemed to push her to explore deeper from her artistic perspective. She's always had a quite intuitive way to approach to reality, even if not always educated, she's always been good intentioned and sharp in her own ways, and I've always appreciated that honesty a lot. Now reading her talking about how she thinks she knows about everything while dropping the comment on how people will look more on genetics to know about their psychological issues... She obviously isnt aware still, at her 35 years, that most people in the world arent ruminating at their LA mansions about the "culture", but facing huge structural problematics related to the possibility and struggle to materially survive, and that mental health may have a lot more to with that than with intuitive healers or whatever she thinks she knows and we dont. She's definetly eccentric and has a quite egotic and privileged way to look at the world, and I guess that may be part of her enchantment as weird and genial as she is. Not genial on the omniscently way she thinks she is, but in the confusing, sensitive and beautiful sense I think she gets to approach to the world. She's random, clumsy and very smart too. Truly wanting to listen to whatever she's been working on.
  8. I get where you come from and even if I dont share your perspective 100%, I truly appreciate the fact that you took the time and energy to adress the place where the frustration comes too. Thanks for keeping the dialogue respectful and enriching.
  9. I'd be okay with her developing some empathy towards her fanbase.
  10. I wouldnt have problem waiting for five or ten years if she needed them. What I cant support is someone having given a specific date, having given clues about delay of the project and not being able to even properly adress the situation hours before the album when she knows she has an enormous fanbase all over the world that truly cares about she puts out and is waiting wholeheartedly. Truly zero problems about the delay thing. What bugs me is the disrespect.
  11. Go and check if truly "nobody" likes and agrees with what I said. Talking about reality checks, I mean. Whatever...
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