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  1. I get your point in the sense that the narratives on the show are utterly exploited in dramatic terms (that's a bit the core of the series), but it's also true that the topics it navigates through are part of everyday early 21 century as well. Have to say too that the way to approach the narratives was brilliant in 1st season, from my point of view, and ends up looking a bit forced in these new episodes, but let's see how the whole season unfolds.
  2. Wasnt a fan of this song, but the use of it to end with the chapter... F*ck. Love you, Lana.
  3. The new song is just amazing. Cant wait to hear those harmonies in studio quality.
  4. This is lovely to see. BUS is one of her best songs and the duet with Nikki is just magic.
  5. About the artworks, must say I love the three of them. Paradise seems so saturated and intrincate aesthetically, so is the album itself. NFR seems quite contemplative. Looks like crashing waves at first hour in the morning for me, just after dawn. A sense of desolation that I associate the most with Hope, which I found to be one of the absolute highlights of the record. About the Born to Die one, I truly like it as well. I take it as someone consuming early Lana's visuals as a way of finding refuge in a notion of dark, disturbing beauty. Almost as if Lana had been some kind of enfant terrible which actually died after releasing her debut major label album and became an almost mystic legend, an undoubted cultural icon in a way similar to her beloved Kurt Cobain, p.e. Couldnt care less about the price as the idea of getting them just doesnt dare to come through my mind but, ye, wish that those of you who'll buy them will enjoy them deeply <3
  6. The fact I got to see this movie (found it cringy af, hahaha) and lost the fact that our very own LB admin was there <33 Wish you the best on your career, and thanks for making this place such an amazing one, @Elle PD: Honestly think that you'd be an amazing feature to Euphoria, and its one of my favourite productions!
  7. You were in Love Simon??? -Btw, getting to see you in Euphoria would be just incredible!-
  8. Already picturing her rolling her eyes at someone's post saying that they contacted Chris Gehringer on Facebook
  9. Just noticed the "Cal" they talk about in the preview is Nate's dad. That episode is going to be fierce xd
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