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  1. Couldnt agree more here. She happened to come to the world in a specific context that ended up leading for her to live a privileged life, but that's just a fact and noticing it doesnt mean blaming her for it or whatever. Nobody should blame someone for being born in a deprived environment either (even if many, many people in fact blame socially vulnerable people for being vulnerable but that's another issue). But yes, she definetly could have used all the resources she has at disposition to grow a wider perspective regarding the position she's in, and she's definetly not done it yet. Truly hope she does someday. And definetly everything can be analysed from a political standpoint. I think that it is quite necessary when what it's at stake is not watching contingent inequalities as natural, as naturalising them makes even harder to notice and try to overcome them!
  2. I guess you can choose which analytical paradigm suits the best to your views (as they exist precisely to enable people to look at the world in a way that makes it meaningful for them), but what you called the "marxist lens" or "materialistic framework" isn't something that's reductible to "you have more, I have less", but a whole complex scientific artifact that's used by all the centers of power worldwide to design how resources are distributed and regarding which interests the distribution is made. This isn't a left-wing discourse tick, as you seem to perceive it, but a whole perspective that's been developing for centuries and that shapes the very root of the choices that are made by the highest level institutions (which aren't precisely suspicious of being left wing, but who know how much inequality -socioeconomical, tangible one, no one's discussing epistemology or metaphysics here when discussing inequality- is the result of political decisions and how to take advantage of it). COTCC develops a very situated narrative that's (as any narrative given) determined by the place Lana exists in in the world, and that happens to be a very privileged one, no matter how much she may have worked. 99% of the world works on a higher, harder basis and conditions than Lana does and they don't get to live the privileged way Lana does. This isn't, of course, Lana's fault or something to blame her for, as she isn't making the choices that make the terrible inequality we live in to happen, but that doesnt mean she isn't absolutely at a privileged place in many, many levels, and that it affects the way she looks at the world and what she has to tell about it. COTCC being political (as any cultural expression is, willingly or not -as a manifestation of a specific way to approach to the world, with a concrete value- system behind it-) doesnt require for it to talk about World Bank or Christine Lagarde, politics don't resume to institutional politics. The fact that her position in the world allows her to make a living from depicting her life experiences with fame, wealth, gender inequality, episodes of relative poverty or the perks and bads of living in an environment of as privileged people as her speaks itself about how social conflict exists, and how the world is seen from the minoritary portion of people who gets to benefit from the current state of that conflict. Anyway, my point here isn't (nor it was in my first post to which you answered) to set Lana as responsible for the social disfunctionalities and injustices that happen to divide the world, but to highlight how her artistic production, as every other artist's, comes from a very concrete place and therefore speaks about certain things that arent just available for the majority of the people, as art isn't isolated from the political and organizative contexts it's produced in and tends to reproduce the features of those contexts itself.
  3. COTCC is everything but apolitical (theres actually no thing as apolitical, as politics refer to power relationships and they're present in every aspect of human life). The whole album's narrative is the dilemma between the lights and shadows of privilege. Living in precary conditions or being able to look to the world from the comfort of a mansion arent things that happen from spontaneous generation, but that rely on the very existence of inequality, which is the root of political dynamics itself. The fact that the album presents those topics in an apparently unproblematic, naturalised way, doesnt make them less politic or conflictive, just makes it harder to look deeper into their social connotations.
  4. sjatib

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Isn't it "centuries have gone"?
  5. Know about the 'dot.com' financial gate? Happened just as Lana was going through teenage years, ended up exploding in 2002, if I don't remember wrong.
  6. sjatib

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Not feeling the title a lot, but the art is outstanding. A very nice thing to see Marina being colourful and vibrant again! By the way, if RCS miraculously ends up being released on the scheduled date, we'll have new albums from Lana and from Marina together in the span of ten days!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOAMnxOk1Uo&ab_channel=AntonTL Don't know if this guy's performance of DBJAG has already been discussed here, but I find it just brilliant. His voice makes the song even more EELS's-like, and captures perfectly the elegance and somberness of it. If you havent already, give it a listen!
  8. Not to hate on NFR, but the more I listen to COTCC and the more time goes by and perspective towards this album grows wider, the more it looks like a random bunch of songs (few outstanding ones -VB, Hope-, some nice ones -Bartender, MAC,NFR, HTD, FIILY- and many, many fillers and/or poorly written ones -HIAB, TG, LS, TBNAR, DT, California) casually thrown together as an album and getting a huge crittical acclaim I still cant get how came to happen apart than the album having some truly genius moments and being released at a perfect sociopolitical timing (Trumps impeachment and right before a worldwide apocallyptical pandemic, which came to set some messages on it as almost prophetic). I love Lana and her output in a very special, compromised way, also this album, but with time Ive got to think that, as a whole, it may be her weakest one.
  9. They better not hear The Greatest/Liability, Love Song/LMLYLAW/WAH and lets better not continue... I dont think this guy is a bad musician or producer, but he's noticeably uncreative composition-wise.
  10. Hahahahahaha Not all those who copy plagiarize
  11. The Love Song/ Wild at Heart/ Let me love you like a woman/Happiness is a butterfly same damn three chords over and over without Lana seeming to notice the cheating
  12. sjatib

    Instagram Updates

    I guess you think the Commonwealth (or the "current british monarchy" -that isnt the same political institution that has stand for centuries either, it seems-) has nothing to do with what the British empire was, therefore there's no historical continuity from one to the other, nor they represent the same national oligarchies interests. There's a lot of scientifical studies regarding the relationships between former empires and formes colonies, and I can guarant you that they are still everything but symmetrical or based on solidarity, but all the opposite. I get that this isnt a topic which all of us know deeply about (and it shouldnt be either, as we all come from different academic/professional fields and thats amazing and makes the dialogue always rich and enjoyable), but if you arent aware about the particularities of the topic you are talking about (which you definetly arent, and thats absolutely allright with it), try not to come off as superior to anyone here at least.
  13. sjatib

    Instagram Updates

    Painting the british monarchy almost as charity sisters while arrogantly asking another user to get educated speaks for itself. Not looking for controversy here -not that kind of person-, but if you are going to be rude against other users at least have some historical knowledge to back your pretentiousness.
  14. sjatib

    Instagram Updates

    I see that you are coming from good intentions with this post, so no hard feelings or whatever. Anyway, sorry to say that your perspective is also uninformed. If there are inequalities among nations and also between individuals is because of structural power and violence schemes (which monarchy is and has been a key for them to function) that produce those inequalities. The inmensely unbalanced distribution of wealth and influence that poisons the world we live in isnt a natural fact, but the result of terribly traumatic historical events such as colonialism (where specifically the british monarchy played a huge role) that left one half of the world in the worst of miseries so a 1% from the other half could rot in money and power and talk about how natural and justified those inequalities were. I live in Europe too and sorry, but if you are talking about the eastern countries of the EU, what left them in very difficult situations was precisely the introduction of capitalism in their economies, which included the devastation of their formely strong industrial, medical and welfare systems (which were developed, by the way, by communist governments -totally to criticise in other regards such as the respect for individual rights, but to be credited also on the construction of solid nations and economies-). So yes, Lana is definetly uneducated on many levels and it should'nt be a problem to acknowledge that, as its absolutely evident (and not just because of the monarchy thing, but by how unaware she's shown to be regarding some topics that are being discussed here) and something she has to work in (if she is sensitive and responsible enough to do it, of course).
  15. The first one reminds me heavily of White Dress regarding vocal melodic line and performance. Nice songs btw, thanks for sharing!
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