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  1. I really vibe with this album I don’t like the rhyme schemes in a lot of them though. Too simple I also figured out why I’ve never clicked with Billie as much initially. It’s because she dresses very edgy and street but her music can border on adult contemporary sometimes…
  2. she still posted on mother’s day i needed that thank u
  3. off to the races in the club
  4. I honestly thought she was wearing crocs when I first saw those shoe pics
  5. She looks so much like Chuck here
  6. horse? i wish she was never invited if that’s the case
  7. We can start guessing who is dressing Lana based on the designers who have already shown up right? Sadly it’s not Dior or Loewe
  8. Lana del Rey x Charlotte Tillbury is not a Roman Empire level collab but get that extra sponsorship
  9. Gigi’s makeup is not good. It washes her features out
  10. Lana references "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest in this song, and what's really interesting is that this song samples "Walk On the Wild Side" by Lou Reed, who is somebody Lana loves. Even though in her more recent albums she's leaned more towards Joni Mitchell than Lou Reed, I'm happy that there's still this connection.
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