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  1. "Something a pretentious nerdy Instagram kid in high school, who thinks they were born in a wrong generation, would write" is the best way to describe the lyrics of this song, lol. What in the actual world. But I really dig the vibe, tho. The video is super cool. I like this song way better than "Secret Life" imo, even if Lana's barely in it.
  2. I was randomly checking "Ultraviolence"'s producers on Spotify, then I cheked on TIDAL and on "Fucked My Way Up to the Top" EMILE HAYNIE is listed as a producer. Then I checked on the wiki and it's there, lol. Since when were you aware of this information?! I was today years old.
  3. I was randomly checking "Ultraviolence"'s producers on Spotify, then I cheked on TIDAL and on "Fucked My Way Up to the Top" EMILE HAYNIE is listed as a producer. Then I checked on the wiki and it's there, lol. Since when were you aware of this information?! I was today years old.
  4. What an incredible photoshoot, she looks stunning. Now, what the fuck was even this article? The person who wrote it had the chance to spend a couple of hours interviewing Lana, and decided to write a long ass essay describing mundane details about her furniture? Also, what a narcissistic journalist. "Wow, I don't know what I personally think about this Lana Del Rey persona, let me babble on about what MY perceptions full of judgement and prejudice are about her instead of letting the person who I am interviewing tell me the answer". A classic example of a writer who tells but never actually shows.
  5. I live in Chile, and have the same feelings as you. She's a touring force in Latin America, why is she doing Lollapalooza only over here? smh. I want a proper solo tour.
  6. what's funny to me is how unapologetically unserious these lyrics are. Imagine if this was released back on 2020/2021, people would be cancelling her, lmao.
  7. "The early month of mid-July" is unbelievable to me
  8. Nah, don't say that. Isn't the queer community meant to be an spectrum full of identities, ideologies and perspectives? There's no black and white in the fucking rainbow for a reason. As long as we all tolerate and respect each other's opinions, have the chance to respectfully portray our ideas, and don't force our own views on other members, what's the problem? Like you said, this whole stunt did exactly what he probably wanted in the first place: elicit and spark a reaction. Good strategy, Troye. Friendly reminder that we all come from different backgrounds, with different coming out (or not) life stories. Not everybody had it easy, some of us are not quite where we'd like to be yet. I might not agree with all of the things said here, but I have nothing but admiration for how brazen and brave y'all are. And leaving all the controversy agenda aside, it all comes to the music at the end of the day, anyway. The song is really good, and I hope is a fucking hit, if he plays his cards right, why wouldn't it be? It's catchy as hell. He desperately wants it, and it shows.
  9. I completely see your point and I agree 100% with you. Disclaimer: This is a bit of a rant, but is my point of view, please don't crucify me, and if you do, take into account that this is my personal opinion only, you have the absolute right to disagree with me and educate me if there's something missing that I'm not seeing: Stunts like this is what gives society reasons to think that our queer community is full of sex obsessed nymphos, 'perverts' and 'degenerates', as they call us. I'm aware people like Sam or Troye are trying to come across as edgy trailblazers of sexual liberation. But in the long run, with the mindset of today's world, it causes more damage to our image and proves their point. It personally hurts me, a little. I don't want to be seen as some 'sex freak' just for being queer. But to be fair, at the end of the day, with the mediocre vocal ability and limited musical talent of Troye, this is the only route to go next commercially. Giving people something to talk about, what's a lil' controversy to stay relevant, huh? Sex sells, and helps to disguise our lack of skills, anyway. Even if I'm aware that his voice is average at best, I used to LOVE Troye's music. I was such a stan, even during the 'Bloom' era (that some people tend to shade). And I'm sure he'll give us bops, but the hypersexualization of his image is such a turn off for me. At least during the 'Blue Neighbourhood' era he had a vision, a concept, something interesting with a little bit of depth to bring to the table.
  10. Lana is such a massive troll for doing this concert inviting all of her collabs and their mothers only to waste the opportunity to invite at least one of them to perform together. Lol, this woman is unbelievable. She looked gorgeous, the dress was absolutely beautiful, she looked like a painting. Also, did somebody truly steal the shoes of our brand new livestream queen Loryyss? . Wtf. Sweeeeeeeeet. Barefeeeeeeeeet Indeeeeeed.
  11. Loryyss being as shady and petty as Lana today. Iconic behavior.
  12. that's a bit hurtful for Brazilian stans ngl, I hope they're joking
  13. this random running stunt the dancers do is far beyond my cognitive ability to comprehend what the fuck and why the fuck
  14. nnnn not Loryys being a TikTok local We still love her and her angelical vocal chords.
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