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  1. Imagine 'Rock Candy Sweet' bringing back Dan Auerbach
  2. The guitar on the chorus sounds SO Red Hot Chili Peppers, love it.
  3. I always thought "Courtney" almost burned her home
  4. Hey! Does anyone know where can I find the scans of the booklet? ):
  5. Ikr? It sounds almost as if they wanted to emulate the autotuned loon. It's a very Lana sounding effect, at the end of the day.
  6. Yeah, we know Lana and dates, the record will probably be released on June 1st, 2022.
  7. Guys, please tell me I'm not the only one hearing what it sounds like the auto-tuned loon sound effect from Emile Haynie in some parts of the song? I know he's not involved but it sounds very similar. I hear it at 1:47 and 2:18. Mostly always after the lyric "the right reasons".
  8. So, this is probably going to be the country Nikki Lane assisted + Zach Dawes produced record teased for a while, right? (Not the covers one). Jack will definitely be involved, but I hope we get the Rick Nowels staple scrapped track from previous sessions — or better; a new one!
  9. What's with all of us hearing animals in her lyrics? Sharks, kitties and horses jfjfj
  10. Is it really "Braids in my hair" in Fuck It, I Love You? SHOOK. Also: Is it "I HOPE the livestream's almost on" or "OH, the livestream's almost on" in "The Greatest"?
  11. I dislike Jack's minimalistic approach and obssesion with piano ballads and I don't get his overrated status in the industry. However, I truly think Jack's production magnum opus to me is 'Venice Bitch'. I feel like the decision of making it a 9-minute song pushed him out of his 'typical four-chords pop song sound' comfort zone and had to improvise riffs, and come up with loops and changes, to give the song a new dimension. It's not a song with complex changes, they're subtle and cohesive. But I also believe he should stop with this one-man show thingy. It makes his songs sound same-ish. I get it, it's his vibe, but what made Papa Rick Nowels songs to sound different from one another (compare 'Salvatore' to 'Cola') is the fact that Rick had a whole team of musicians who knew how to play multiple instruments other than just piano, mellotron and guitar.
  12. • The album version of 'This is What Makes Us Girls' is an album highlight.
  13. Hey, it's me again hehe. What do you guys, girls and non-binary lads think about these ones: • 'West Coast' Is it 'I'm feeling hotter than fire' or 'hot and on fire'? • 'God Bless America' a). Bridge option 1: Even with you I've got no one to lose So you'd better believe that nobody Can make me feel lonely Because I hear (Sweetest melodies) Even when you talk that talk with the lights on I still somehow know that I'll never feel Ever feel lonely I have no fear (It's got me thinking, yeah). VS. b). Bridge option 2: Even when I walk, I walk with the lord So you better believe that nobody Can make me feel lonely Because I hear (sweetest melodies) Even when I talk, I talk with the lord's by my side So I know that I'll never feel, ever feel lonely I have no fear, it's got me thinking (yeah
  14. Have y'all listened to the acapella of 'Born to Die'. It surprised me that the line was: 'I feel so alone on the Friday nights' Instead of being 'on a Friday night'. I know she sings it that way live nowadays (and even 'every Friday night'), but listen to the acapella version and you'll hear what I'm talking about.
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