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  1. lana isn’t to only one to have done that though
  2. Future Jazz

    Taylor Swift

    sorry but no the fact that she’s been everywhere for the past few years is definitely her own doing. also i feel like some of you guys are forgetting about the bigger picture. some fans got tired of her and some people are annoyed, as ever, it doesn’t change anything about the streams, or the money she makes from it, and the existence of some “reserves” definitely doesn’t make her an underdog by any means. she literally just got her 14th grammy.
  3. so why play bartender the grants nfr and arcadia for the millionth time for the biggest festival on the planet ? those are NOT hits nor are they upbeat songs. i literally don’t know what it will take for the setlist to change
  4. if she announced it for September idk what we could get at this stage, i don’t think we’re getting a preorder 6 months in advance (ocean blvd was 3 months and it was already long as hell) so it makes sense to me that she’s silent, it’s weird that she mentioned it last month but i can’t see anything substantial happening in the near future
  5. every time things end up coming later than we expected them to notable because she delays them every time but i really don’t think anything is coming until 2025
  6. i hope we can get those fully produced late lizzy era outtakes one day
  7. the problem isn't people hoarding songs per se, i personally get wanting to keep your unleaked stuff to yourself in order to trade it for more unleaked stuff, i have no problem with that. what i don't get is playing with us if you're not going to give us anything. and you may say that most snippets that leak aren't leaked by people who have the full song, but on Christmas this year, the three people on here who have unleaked material have teased lyrics, hinted at one song being better than another, said that stuff we wanted was coming, and when you and the others are doing that without leaking anything noteworthy (and, sorry to break it to you, but to almost all of us, old og files aren't), don't act like we should be grateful. my point is: people have every right to hoard things, but as soon as they spend time on this forum hinting at unleaked material or implying that it's going to leak, other people also have every right to be disappointed and to voice it out, as long as they don't call other people stupid like you do. as i said several times, 2023 has been a good year and i'm very happy with it, christmas on the other hand... but life goes on!
  8. “my god you can never satisfy SOME people here” because we got a few og files from the person who edited them in the first place… is there anything to be satisfied with
  9. hello there how's your day could it be that the course of events (fans being teased stuff and not getting it) is just the same over the years
  10. the fact that some people chose not only to leak nothing, but also spent hours on lb trying to come for insiders for supposedly leaking less, teasing song lyrics, or saying shit like “this is the one”
  11. sharing song lyrics without sharing the song when you know we’re dying for a song, being that we were teased so many and we were also said we’d get leaks for christmas
  12. that one time we actually got a new song in the end so i'd say it was a win, more than whatever is going on this christmas
  13. having the few people who have unleaked material hint at having it and dangle it over our heads is only funny when we do get some stuff... however when we don't get anything it's just kinda weird for them to spend that much time on a website full of people who wish to have what they have but won't share and saying they like a certain song more than another one... how interesting if we aren't going to be able to hear any of them, really
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