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  1. the way i have listened to neither the title track nor the snippet of candy necklace i can’t say it’s easy but i believe i’ve gone too far to give up on the idea of listening to that album for the first time in its entirety
  2. it’s just that it’s absurd to release an album 3,5 months after the preorder lmao. i know it’s not her fault but i’m really sad we’re in an era where it takes this long just because of vinyls
  3. That is very true! She has made a lot more albums thanks to the time and space she got from not touring that much. Anyway she makes the final decision about that balance between touring and recording. I still hope to see her live one day though because I have literally devoted 11 years of my life to her music
  4. I agree with your analysis and don't think she's going to do a traditional tour in the near future, but I honestly don't think it's fair to say she's done everything she had to do. Not that she has to tour per se, but in my opinion, she hasn't done what it is reasonable to expect from an artist who tours from the moment they tour. I live in France and in the past eight years, she has been there once in 2016, once in 2017, and that's it. And it was at festivals so it was super expensive, then she cancelled the 2020 show for the reasons we know. At least she did come to my country, even though I was too young to see her alone and I couldn't afford it anyway; but she never went to Asia or Africa. Still, she really hasn't been a lot in Europe, considering how popular she is here. I agree that it is quite a challenge to tour and that it is understandable that she doesn't want to do it anymore (even though it's probably a lot less challenging for her than for artists who put an emphasis on dancing, visuals, etc), but I don't think her track record with touring when she was touring has been really satisfactory Then again, not every artist has to tour, but from the moment they do, there is bound to be some expectations based on what the average artist who tours does, and I don't feel like she has really met them in the past eight years. And even though touring is tiring, maybe that shouldn't prevail over all the other factors, as touring is a way to brighten the lives of millions of fans, because of how important she is to us, so I really wish she did tour again, even though I agree it's not realistic to expect her to.
  5. I’m so glad I still haven’t listened to the single with every new album cycle i’ve gained more self-control, from listening to the incredibly low quality honeymoon leak, to listening to the snippets for lust for life and nfr but not to low quality leaks, to refraining from listening to anything but the singles for blue banisters, to refraining from listening to the singles. i’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now and it’s probably easier this era than it usually is, as the pre-release is short and there are no recycled songs, almost no snippets, probably just one or two singles and most importantly no delay
  6. okay but 80 minutes for the album, assuming each interlude is 2 minutes long, leaves 76 minutes for 14 songs, so 5,42 minutes per song…
  7. where did the information that the album was 80 minutes long on lanapedia come from? i doubt it’s true
  8. also on lanapedia i think Crazy for You should be removed from “Unleaked songs” as we got a demo which is already quite elaborate, we don’t have the final for Hollywood’s Dead either but it’s not under “Unleaked songs”, rather until “Unleaked versions”, and i think it should be the same for Crazy for You
  9. which one is your number one? i'd say talking like an answering machine if it is real, because it's so intriguing and most of her registered songs are better than the unregistered ones, otherwise earthquakes
  10. i would add talking like an answering machine as it seems to be real, and coconut and key lime pie although we're probably never getting it, but you got it covered quite well
  11. what was that weird burnt norton video on instagram back in 2015?
  12. dark city, dope, loved you then and now or earthquakes would very much be new
  13. do you know anything about "the city streets have gotten you down"?
  14. also dope, la who am i, loved you then and now, melancholia, pink champagne, sugary sweet, california demo, black beauty concept demo
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