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  1. but for me, as often with Lana, there is a major contrast between the concept of the album, which is called NFR for the reason you said, and its content which, imo, isn’t political or even social enough to justify the concept. i think that very often she extrapolates, takes things that characterize a few songs and applies them to the album as a whole, like when she said ultraviolence was almost unlistenable, or that many/most tracks on lfl were almost 6 minutes long, or that chemtrails was folky and guitar-based and so on. so what i’m saying is that both the fans and the critics agreed to paint out this album to be a social commentary, and imo, there’s just not enough of it for this to be true, when you look at the lyrics. i could find many examples for lyrics on uv or hm that are just as social or relevant to society as “a modern-day woman with a weak constitution”. what this album is, however, is an album about herself and about her love stories, as 95% of the lyrics are solely about that, so that’s what i choose to see it as. and i don’t think her metaphors or songwriting style makes it more characteristic of an educated person than her previous albums. maybe blue banisters and ocean blvd would, but again, even if there is hope is a dangerous thing, the rest of the album isn’t lyrically outstanding in comparison to her previous work
  2. but where do you see the educated nature of her point of view on nfr? i’m genuinely asking because i can’t see it
  3. I definitely agree with @Vertimus: this album is not the social commentary people paint it to be. It’s all about her own life and it can be interpreted in relationship to modern-day society, just like any other album she made can be. There are a few references to the end of the world, but that’s really not enough to make it what it is considered to be. I think even if you tried, it’d very hard to point out even just a few “points” she makes in this album about society. The quality of the album is another question, I personally really like it
  4. I have no words for how much I love the title track. I really have no words
  5. the part between a&w and kintsugi feels like a bit empty but i still absolutely love this album
  6. honestly i don’t really agree with that, NFR is also an album with quite a few rockier / upbeat / surfy songs, i don’t think it’s that much in the vein of change and get free, not many songs on nfr were piano-based or confessional like hope, dance till we die sounds nothing like blue banisters and sweet carolina’s lyrics have similarities with those of 3-4 songs on ocean blvd. i mean, there’s validity in saying that the last songs of the record n have similarities with the record n+1, but i don’t agree that they have more similarities with them than the songs on the other parts of the album. like, text book and black bathing suit foreshadow the experimental side of ocean blvd, if you lie down with me has a similar melody to ocean blvd, the themes of text book, blue banisters and arcadia (including people’s perception of her body) are also further explored on ocean blvd, and the same goes for the other albums imo
  7. My thoughts on this are that this album is the rawest, the most sincere, the most personal thing she has ever put out. There’s so much to relate to or to think about, whether it be family themes, trauma, love, loss, friendship, observing the world, evolving, building one’s life. It’s just so heartfelt and this is why the vast majority of us love it. In 2021, literally none of those 80 minutes existed and she managed to craft them all. It’s incredible because of how much emotion there is in every single minute of that record, it’s incredible to think all of this could have never been created and it still was. I think it’s not moving in the exact same way as her older work was, because I think what she used to do was simpler and maybe more directly impactful so it got more to the point: I think the structures were more clearly delineated, the melodies too, the lyrics were less enigmatic, there was definitely more world-building, and I miss this older style too sometimes. It’s hard to explain, but I think we can all agree she doesn’t make songs like Old Money or Dragonslayer anymore, without being able to pin down what it is exactly there used to be and there can’t be anymore. But her new music has a lot of qualities and I think more of us will be glad she took that path when the undeserved Chemtrails / Blue Banisters hate fades away. I personally hope she’s going to continue to explore whatever she feels like exploring because I’ve been satisfied with and deeply moved by all of her albums. I would also love for her to go back to her lower register, to starting electric guitars again, or to do songs that have bridges with a different chord progression than the verses (an element that used to really enrich the songs up until the Honeymoon era), but I think it’s important to realize the worth of what we got and to be thankful for it and for the unique path she has taken. There’s so much we got (including her unreleased work) and so much that we’re going to get and we can not even imagine yet.
  8. the title track is top 10 in her discography for me, i literally have no words for how much emotion and subtlety there is in every single note it contains. never in her discography have i seen such a beautiful instrumental build-up. the melody and the lyrics are magnificent. it’s one of her strongest songs and to me it’s really unique because of the vocals, the backup singers and the lyrics… i mean even after her vocals end and there’s only the instrumental, it’s still so strong and moving…
  9. yeah, norman fucking rockwell literally has the same chords for love song, happiness is a butterfly, california… not to mention the lyrics are really not that great in comparison to all that followed and the vocals not that great in comparison to all that came before. to me it’s her most uninspired record even though i still think it’s good because it’s Lana and there are some great songs chemtrails is a lot more humble and unique in my opinion
  10. i love the title track so much, it’s definitely the best song on the album for me and i’m so glad i waited until the album release to listen to it. i would really recommend anyone who feels like it to do it, it’s 100% worth it in terms of effect the first listen has on you
  11. i’m sorry but i really don’t think this is the follow-up to nfr… in my opinion 1) they’re really different as this one is so much more inspired, experimental, it is miles ahead in terms of lyrical content and variety. i get that nfr is much more liked than chemtrails or blue banisters but 2) objectively this album is much more a continuation of blue banisters than of nfr. the reasons for this are the piano ballads which sound much more like blue banisters than nfr (vocally and production wise), the family themes, the introspection, the multiple references to her past, the somewhat political lines, the allusions to the critics, this is all reminiscent of blue banisters and not of nfr. honestly it doesn’t make sense to erase chemtrails and blue banisters just because they’re disliked when this record is in many ways a continuation of blue banisters and in no way a continuation of nfr, whether it be in terms of vocals, in terms of lyrics, in terms of production
  12. 1. Ocean Boulevard 2. Kintsugi 3. A&W 4. Grandfather 5. Taco Truck 6. Candy Necklace 7. The Grants 8. Let The Light In 9. Peppers 10. Paris, Texas 11. Fingertips 12. Fishtail 13. Sweet 14. Judah Smith Interlude 15. Jon Batiste Interlude 16. Margaret
  13. first of all, why would people have to “do something for a community”? people are here to talk about Lana, not everyone is supposed to help the community in any way, so i can’t see how people can be reproached with not doing that. Honeymoun can be considered as helping the community in the fact that he sometimes gives information, and has definitely leaked stuff in the past, but he has also done stuff that’s not been helping, like when he flat-out lied to us, made statements that were based on speculation sound like they weren’t, or implied he was going to leak good stuff when he wasn’t. people have the right to criticize this, especially when it hasn’t been compensated by actual leaks for maybe 2 years. i don’t see any other insider doing that, and i don’t see constant hate towards honeymoun either. no one talks about them every day, and if people are talking about them today, it’s because they wrote that tweet which is likely to be speculative once again. and even if i agreed with you, i still wouldn’t think “all you are known for is crying over things not leaking in lengthy essays no one reads” is an appropriate way to talk to people.
  14. um why do some of you guys think it’s okay to come for someone like that saying they contribute nothing or telling them to just sit and eat their food just because they said honeymouns has lied/predicted things wouldn’t leak when they did? especially when that person is right, honeymouns hasn’t leaked stuff in ages but when he did, he lied several times, on the top of my mind when he said he didn’t have ufb when he got backlash for posting that video for april’s fools two years ago. then there’s the christmas 2021 thing, etc. generally speaking i can’t see how disagreeing with someone could directly lead to implying they’re useless or whatever and i think this forum has been tolerating rudeness/disrespect a bit too much lol
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