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  1. I can't believe people often quote NFR as part of their holy trinity. I view it as the worst album she ever put out, after Lust For Life. The production on this album has such a strong watered-down feel to it that it feels like there is a veil between sound and listener that hinders communication between both on literally every song, making her voice sound distant. The electric guitars that are used sound nothing like those on Ultraviolence or even on songs like Heroin, they sound like weird keyboards, which makes it hard for me to give any credit to the rock feel she was going for on songs like Venice Bitch and The Greatest. Same for the violins. It's crazy how good the violons on Violets for Roses or Thunder sound compared to the cheap violins Jack used on Love Song or Venice Bitch. I don't buy the more upbeat side of it either, because it's like she threw in a few 'urban' elements or lyrics without ever making an actual bop. The piano ballads are forgettable. The album has some good songs, but as a whole, I see it as bland and watered down. It's still good, because it's Lana's voice and melodies, but it's really bland. Apart from Hope and How To Disappear, I find the lyrics to be extremely poor and uninspired, which is why I have a hard time seeing this album as a commentary on the state of America. I just can't consider "I miss X and I miss Y and I miss Z" to be relevant and serious enough to be even a bit of a social or political commentary. I mean, I know she said in interviews that the title was supposed to evoke what Norman Rockwell, or America from the fifties in general, would say about today's society. But I just can't derive from the album any idea or conception regarding that commentary. It's like she said she made a commentary on America on this album without actually making any of it. The critics - and, in my opinion, the fans - made it way deeper than it is. Not to mention how painful the era was. Waiting for a year between the single and the album was the worst she put us through. I loathed the whole baddie aesthetic she had going on. I hated the way her managers interacted with us. I hated Don't Call Me Angel. And by the time the album came out, there were only two songs we had heard nothing of, because she posted countless snippets. The music videos were dreadful. Chemtrails, although suffering from the same flaws linked with Jack's production, was at least much more humble a project, and created more of a pleasant atmosphere. It also had better lyrics and a better rollout.
  2. to be honest, and that's a personal opinion, but we really need some rest we haven't been outside a pre-release era since March 2018 when she first teased happiness is a butterfly, because the day she released nfr (after more than a year of teasing), she teased white hot forever and the day after chemtrails was released she teased rock candy sweet. this time, if she can find it in herself not to mention a new project with a title and a date that, as always, are going to prove not to be accurate, i think we should be grateful for that and not be the ones to put ourselves in the situation of waiting for another album already (even though of course we're sort of already expecting the covers album and that nikki lane project to come at some point)
  3. NFR also didn't leak in higher quality than that infamous LQ leak until three days before its release. Same for Honeymoon if I remember correctly, there were the UO recording 7 days before, then the HQ leak. Actually Chemtrails would be the exception, with a HQ leak 10 days before release
  4. I still have a hard time believing how much I love the four singles. They are so different from one another, yet they work so well together. Her unique musical touch shines through in a way it had not since Honeymoon. It's actually sad to spend a period of time characterized by such excellence on Lana's part complaining she's using piano.
  5. should women accept sexist jokes? should Black people accept racist jokes? what you're saying is exactly what people who makes those jokes say to them. and the principle is the same as in this very situation: being disrespectful towards other people in the name of humor. i think you went way above being snarky and bitchy, several times. what i need, if you can't bring yourself to treat other users with respect - which should be a natural thing to do - is for you to stop quoting me.
  6. true, it doesn't bring her less money. but she stated several times she was unhappy when her albums leaked (lfl, for instance, or black beauty and the other songs) so i guess she'd prefer for it not to leak. but it most likely will and i think she's used to it!
  7. it actually is that serious when you - and a major part of this community, as people let you go on behaving that way - don't seem to realize it's not okay to talk to other people the way you do. it makes for an unhealthy climate, and yes, responding to my posts time and again just to be mean - don't try to pretend the way you phrased your previous message wasn't mean - partakes of this. in this precise message you sent, for instance, saying "should've been smarter" is mean. saying "some people gotta grow up" referring to me is, too. making fun of people reporting a problem in someone else's behavior as well. also, i never said anyone held a gun to anyone's head when something leaked, so i don't know why you assume that's what i think. and putting one unreleased song on an album is way different from putting 5 (or maybe even 6).
  8. i don't quite mean what you think i mean. as i said, i trust Lana's vision and tracklist choices, and i think that after we get used to all the songs, and there is no major asymmetry between the knowledge we have of each of them anymore, there'll be zero problem. but even if the tracklist makes a lot of sense and tells her story in a coherent way, upon my first listen, there is going to be an effect of the fact that there are 4 known songs, then 4 unknown songs, then 6 known songs, then one short unknown song. i'm not saying she should've done it differently, nor am i saying she should've taken into consideration the fact that some people already know those songs. but having experienced that when i first listened to nfr, i just think i might be tempted to wish the time spent listening to the the known songs away, which is a bit sad - but i'm not blaming Lana or anyone!
  9. boy you really are trying to be mean to me in every possible way aren't you? telling me to shut the fuck up and go suck my mom wasn't enough? as a matter of fact, i have listened to the leaks (4 out of 5 not knowing those songs were ever going to be reused - and btw. i think it's absurd to blame people for having listened to them without knowing that). so it's also a fact that 4 songs in a row, then 6 songs in a row, are not going to be fresh. and it's a fact that it was not the case for the previous albums. i'm not saying it's anyone's fault, i'm saying i'm afraid the first listen will feel unbalanced, because of those facts.
  10. in my opinion, Miles' voice is not really enjoyable, neither is his delivery, and he takes up like 70% of the singing space. and we already have the version with him, that's also why i'd rather have new Lana content. i don't see any problem with Lana being both protagonists
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