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  1. there's no cursing on chemtrails because she was saving it for when zane asks her about dealer
  2. white dress both coming and not coming because it's been reworked into black adidas leggings out February 26
  3. it's true that all the signals point towards all songs except for breaking up slowly, dark but just a game and not all who wander are lost having been recorded in 2019 (earlier for yosemite of course). it's weird to think most of this album was done before covid even was a thing, and right after nfr came out, or even before. i can see some continuity between fuck it i love you, the last song made for nfr, and tjf though
  4. you can't just pretend it's easy to have self control and to not overplay stuff etc. of course the majority of us, me included, are weak. nobody's saying 'you shouldn't listen to things before the album you're so annoying for doing so or saying you do' so yeah just let the people who want to keep things fresh for the album say it and do it?
  5. it was a 2013 song which wasn't produced by justin parker, contrary to wild one, an actual song from 2015 that got registered. but for some reason (the word wild i guess lol) it leaked under the name 'wild one' which is false
  6. the way february, although close to the release, has been the most uneventful month since like August
  7. the way someone put fake shazam links for dealer and yosemite and got everyone excited for nothing but 1 hour later yosemite WAS found on shazam
  8. the way that i felt when tulsa jesus freak got recognized on shazam
  9. how is saying it's better to have NOT listened to anything from the song before it's available in full overdramatic?? once again, i know it's way worse in CG's case than in, say, California's case, but it doesn't mean both aren't "bad" in my opinion. and that was a rehearsal video with the exact studio version as only sound so yeah basically a snippet.
  10. actually it wasn't, a black and white video with a cherry snippet was posted some time before the performance. there was a groupie love snippet, though not from her instagram, but still, and quite long if i remember correctly im just saying there were a lot of snippets before the songs (whether the singles or the others) were heard for the first time and i don't think it's great, i think it was detrimental to the experience of the album. here she hasn't done it except for that 8-second-long chemtrails snippet
  11. well I agree it was way worse with NFR but if i remember correctly, we had 2 Cherry snippets, 1 white mustang snippet, 2 summer bummer snippets, 1 groupie love snippet, 1 coachella acapella, 2-3 change snippets + roses bloom for you. that left several songs unheard, but still, it was a bit too much for me. i think that uploading only one snippet for TJF this time was the right thing to do
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