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  1. I love how we completely invent things with more or less no basis and then blame Lana when they don't come true
  2. I love this picture so much so I made a super simple album cover
  3. At least we know that spring is over so Lana is waking up
  4. So likely we get crickets tomorrow but in a dream world we get an album trailer with a single on Friday
  5. Isn't Beyonce releasing July 29, and the Vogue issue just comes out tomorrow? Or is she dropping a single tomorrow too?
  6. Didn't news of the 3 singles last May only get spilled the day before? I don't think anything is coming tomorrow, but I also don't think it's impossible that if something were to happen it would be kept secret.
  7. Gucci's official twitter page tweeted about Lana's W Magazine cover today. I know she's wearing Gucci in the shoot so it's probably just that and they're delayed posting about it, but maybe they know something is coming this week
  8. This is good news imo. Rob's London trip made me worry that Lana's album was further away than we thought, but now I'm back to expecting something soon
  9. Me researching to make sure @honeybadger isn't trolling
  10. Don't worry bb we'll get to hear them on RG1 with Lana as the feature
  11. Omg has the mystery of Rob been solved
  12. This is such a bad take Lana has so many gems in her unreleased music, and even some of the poorer quality ones are still fascinating to hear because they are such unique little glimpses into her creativity. People aren't pretending to like them to be cool. Maybe some people just like to hate on things and put other people's opinions down to seem "edgy"
  13. Agreed, it could actually suit an angry conversational album quite well as either a prologue or an epilogue (or both, start the album with RBFY as an intro before she dives into the deep end and gives us a Violet-esque experimental journey through her mind before ending on a reprise where she comes full circle and reminds herself that she's better than the people who judge her and she's at peace )
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