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  1. By concrete I mean Lana will say the word "lasso" once again
  2. Now that it's March, I definitely think we're getting some concrete info this month
  3. DCooper

    Charli XCX

    1st listen: hmmm it's fun but a little repetitive and underwhelming 3rd listen: okay it's good but a few too many i'm your number one's 10th listen: I'M JUST LIVING THAT LIFE VON DUTCH CULT CLASSIC BUT I STILL POP
  4. DCooper

    Allie X

    This album is excellent. Just got tickets to see her!
  5. DCooper

    St. Vincent

    Wow the song is awesome the video is too, the timing is just so bad
  6. DCooper

    Charli XCX

    omg he's kind of a genius with that marketing LOL
  7. Lasso is a flawless title and she won't be changing it
  8. I'm optimistic that it's coming in September! They've been working on it for 4 years and only chose to mention it now, which must mean it's nearing completion. I don't think Jack would talk about it as well if they weren't almost done.
  9. DCooper

    Charli XCX

    She's obviously being a brat with the cover choice so it works for me
  10. I suspect that Lasso title track will be a song that changes the world
  11. I really hope that Nikki Lane has never read this forum
  12. The album rollout hasn't started. She excitedly mentioned an upcoming album that she and Jack have been working on for several years at a music industry event while he was being honoured. It's not her fault that we're all rabid. I for one am happy to at least have confirmation that an album is nearing completion and heading our way, hopefully this year.
  13. I am still confident that this is a classic country album. I really don't think the Quavo song is for Lasso.
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