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  1. A month ago I was completely sure that we'd be getting a single in September. Today's the day...
  2. This is unpopular but I don't really mind Ben's updates, we know not to take them too seriously but they also are nice reminders that an album really is coming, even if it's not our definition of soon
  3. Has anyone started reading Lolita? I'm almost halfway through, it's very good but very disturbing.
  4. Perhaps today will be the day #manifesting
  5. I still think @DragonWhore is our one true insider this era
  6. I will try that, thank you!
  7. I just tried, video links aren't working either!
  8. When I try to post a gif in a status update lately I just get this error, any suggestions? The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined.
  9. That is such a shitty thing to do, I'm so sorry that happened @Elle! I hope whoever did it is reading this thread and realizing what a cruel prank that was. Extremely childish and thoughtless.
  10. Oh interesting, I didn't know that. At least we can easily add to our playlists
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