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  1. I don't like the Paradise or NFR covers but I adore the Born to Die one, I can't believe people don't like that one!! It's gorgeous
  2. Omg the new song is amaazing!! And a direct Twin Peaks reference
  3. Omg I can't believe they only used it for the end credits that is so disappointing!! It would've fit perfectly for the final montage
  4. I suspect she did actually write/complete this for Euphoria. Maybe she had some of the lyrics and melodies already, and then the show approached her and said they wanted a song and she created this. Something about it just seems so perfect for Euphoria, I don't think she just handed them a track that she already had.
  5. So the alleged other version is even more stripped back? Leak it so people who are complaining that the song is too simple start to appreciate the details in the official version more
  6. I love how we bounce around and bring our chaos to different threads depending on the week LOL I wonder what thread will be the next one to take off
  7. I think the "this is her best song ever" crowd is pretty small though, most people who love the song aren't saying that. And if they do think it's her best song ever, then it just means that it's speaking to them personally right now. It's obviously not objectively her best song ever (Venice Bitch) but if someone loves it that much at the moment, I think it's sweet (like rock candy) that it's impacting them so strongly. Happy belated birthday! What a nice gift to receive, I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  8. I adore Watercolor Eyes but it's not on the level of some of her greatest hits, nor is it trying to be. Songs like Heroin, The Greatest, Chemtrails, etc. are obviously aiming for something a lot more substantial/impactful, but that doesn't mean Watercolor Eyes isn't gorgeous in it's own right.
  9. Obviously everyone can feel however they want about the song, but I personally think there's more to it than some of you are saying. It's simple and repetitive but that's part of its charm and there's something subtly magical about it. It really is addictive and the atmosphere gives this warm and special feeling, mixed with the sadness and disappointment in the lyrics. It reflects the mindset of a young love that's fading really well. Also it doesn't really feel that sparse to me? There are so many little things going on and it all comes together beautifully.
  10. After listening all day I really am in love with it It should be a legal requirement to listen to Lana songs atleast ten times before forming an opinion because they always get better and better
  11. I think she's referencing the strength and freedom of wild horses not being enough to keep them together, and also maybe referencing to this masterpiece by the Rolling Stones. He sings about a relationship that nothing can take him away from. "wild horses couldn't drag me away." Lana could be flipping it here, meaning that they don't have the same determination that's depicted in the song.
  12. I can't stop listening, this song is going to work so well in Euphoria. There's such a youthful innocence to the lyrics and delivery. A beautiful and simple mix of love and disappointment.
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