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  1. I agree with all your timelines! I could see the album starting off lighter and then get increasingly dark as we go on, as Lana starts to notice the chemtrails over the country club. Then we head down a stranger more unhinged narrative as her whole reality crumbles. This would also lead really well into Behind the Iron Gates.
  2. Joke's on them because you can dance to every Lana song in one way or another. Close your eyes, feel the music, and sway away.
  3. I'm not that optimistic BUT if we are getting something today it's still too early, it's only 8AM in LA. Don't lose hope bbs
  4. I just remembered that I edited a music video for Honeymoon a few years ago using clips from a bunch of Lana's videos LOL #blastfromthepast
  5. Violet is just as much a musical journey as it is a poetic one for me.
  6. Happy birthday to this absolute gem from start to finish! Gorgeous album. I remember some of my friends thinking the album was boring when it came out and I was seriously judging them lol
  7. I think she's going to post something album related today, I have a good feeling about it. ()
  8. Agreed! I never understand when people say she doesn't have range. I think she has huge range.
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