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  1. Omg how was your PJ interview? Her set at Barcelona was one of the best of the festival!
  2. Omg the show was amazing she's so beyond magical
  3. Lana just texted me and she said Lasso is back on
  4. Some of you are really spiraling overthinking
  5. I'm not reading too much into the interview, I think she just doesn't want to talk about Lasso in advance until it's time to roll it out. I also don't think she's worried about trendhopping, she literally said the music industry is going country so she obviously knew a bunch of big releases this year would be country. She probably said that to get ahead of it and show that she isn't just following the trend and has been working on a country album for years. I have a feeling Lasso is still on track and she just doesn't want to discuss it right now.
  6. DCooper

    Billie Eilish

    Can't believe how much I like this album. The whole thing is great, but Blue really is something special. What an ending
  7. DCooper

    Billie Eilish

    Omg I was not expecting to like this even half as much as I do, it's amazing
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