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  1. Happy birthday to the original queen!!! All of our lives changed 11 years ago today, even if we didn't know it yet Just blasted this gem from start to finish and it sounded as fresh as it did on day one, what a brilliant record with so many layers that have taken the general public years to uncover.
  2. I will! I listened to this whole album today and really liked the vibe
  3. Never heard of Lil Yachty before but this came on today and it's goood
  4. Lana got impatient and the whole album surprise dropping tomorrow, March 24 was a trick
  5. Omg that video is sooo cute! Those people are so lucky American Whore coming soon!!!
  6. lmao A&W in the news for their joke tweet about adding pants to their bear mascot and people taking it seriously American Whore incoming
  7. They were wrong to purposely mislead but the fact that some people were actually expecting something after even Lana sassed them is just as funny I did think the article would at least have more interesting speculation on what's to come though, but it really was just basic summarizing of some details of her career. I fear that Empire of Lounge isn't long for the entertainment industry. Unless this was for a high school project, then I wish them all the best
  8. Really? They printed it with both lyrics? (Sorry mods this is so off topic )
  9. I do hear "it's of age" but it literally says "it's our bane" in the official vinyl so that lyric obviously has some merit lol
  10. Some of you must be trolling at this point. Like it's one thing to say you hear mind and justify why, but it's another to suggest that marred wouldn't make any sense. Anyways, there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.
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