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  1. Remember when we briefly thought the album was officially coming October 8th
  2. Deleting social media before the release is the best form of revenge. She's about to release a very personally revealing album without being easily accessible to the general public for the first time in her career, and that's exactly what we deserve after the way she's been treated. I don't think it's going to harm the album's success, and I also don't agree at all with those who think it was unprofessional. It was incredibly warranted at this point, and will give her a much needed break to minimize the toxic noise of the internet, while also making a pretty pointed statement about the hate she's received.
  3. I personally don't like to use the word even in a joking context, but I'm also never going to tell people not to use it as I understand for a lot of queer people using the word is a way of reclaiming it. If you really want to fight homophobia, I don't think LanaBoards is the place to do it as this is obviously a very queer forum. If anyone were to ever really be homophobic on here, you can bet that we would all jump right on them and defend whoever they were targeting, and they'd quickly be banned. Anyways, there's a picture on the wall...
  4. The way Lana slowly unravels the meaning of the song in Arcadia is so brilliant. It starts off so simple and seems like something cute as she describes her body as different parts of LA, and when she first says America it sounds so patriotic, like the way she used to sing about America. But as the song goes on we start to realize that it's not America she's admiring anymore, it's the peace of Arcadia. It's America that she needs to leave because it's not bringing that peace anymore. By the end we learn how deeply LA has left its imprint on her, hence her describing her body that way, but it's become something toxic too, and America is now associated with the hate she's given, and it needs a miracle to ever be returned to its former glory.
  5. DCooper

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs Yosemite
  6. Omg this just came on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0MeNXiPYx2KgGBXDDLWxma?si=ff87ba41e91f4e54
  7. I don't know if people went as far as saying she didn't write her music but there was definitely a lot of speculation when she first came out that there was no way she had creative control over herself as an artist, and was too fully formed to not be some industry plant.
  8. I saw the new Alanis Morissette documentary last night and her story has a lot in common with Lana's. A major debut that made her an instant star and had a huge impact on the industry, with critics coming at her for being outside the norm of what they expected a female musician to be, or suggesting that it wasn't possible she wrote all her own music because it was too good and fully formed. The media loves to repeat the same mistakes.
  9. For me the connection Lana drew wasn't necessarily about the songs themselves, but about how she wanted us to listen to Arcadia, like back when there weren't pre-conceived notions about her and people fell in love with the simple beauty of the music.
  10. I don't know how it works in the states but at my university 81% was an A-
  11. I’ll pray for you Kathi. You and that disgusting mouth of yours.
  12. Chemtrails is so underrated and misunderstood, truly a sublime masterpiece. It's both gentle and dark and tells a beautiful story of her ultimate rejection of fame, which makes perfect sense given where we are today with this album's rollout and what she said Blue Banisters means to her. The story she's been telling since day one is so incredible and intricate and I really feel so lucky to be witnessing it in real time. In the future, at the end of the her career, people will be able to look at everything as a whole and see how amazing it all is, but we are the lucky ones who get to see her life's story unravel as it goes, and understand all the little moments of where she's at in the moment that Lana infuses into each chapter.
  13. There is literally nothing lazy about the four emotionally revealing masterpieces she's released so far so I'm not too worried about that.
  14. She really is getting a deeper form of revenge than we thought with this album. When she first announced it I was expecting something angry, but instead she's telling her story in a really open and honest way, and then retreating from the public before the album is even out. It's heartbreaking revenge and critics will have a harder time trashing her in this new context, without looking even crueler and stupider than they already do. Lana is one of the greatest artists of all time (the greatest in my opinion, but I know that's subjective) but so much of the conversation around her is about unfair bullshit that's taken out of context and always paints her in a negative light. Most people who don't listen to her don't even have the slightest clue of the level of talent she has, because they wrote her off years ago before giving her a chance. It's so annoying when I mention Lana in certain settings and I can just feel the energy in the conversation shift as if people think it's problematic to love her. I don't understand how anyone can call this move dramatic on her part, it makes perfect sense and has been a long time coming. All we can really hope for is that her art does became the focus the way it always should have been, although even if it doesn't in the immediate future, there is no doubt that long beyond her time she will be regarded as a complete legend.
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