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  1. Pitchfork posted an article of best music of the year so far and this album was on it with the following description: Recommended If You Like: Long, messy, borderline incomprehensible cult-classic films starring a lead actress who somehow totally sells it. LOL
  2. This was surprisingly boring I'll give it another chance because I love Euphoria but the writing was pretty bad, there was nothing compelling about the first episode
  3. I love Say Yes To Heaven but all of Ocean Blvd is significantly more cinematic and unique than this song lol
  4. She must be making fun of people with the sped up version
  5. Omg it sounds better than I expected from the comments here
  6. OMG I just finally listened to Mermaids
  7. I can't get over how good this is, I hope David Lynch sees it
  8. WOW fucking amazing, what a creative and thought-provoking video. Lana is a genius, I had chills watching. Powerful and unsettling. Can't imagine complaining about the "BTS" it's literally the whole concept of the video lol
  9. Omg I'm so excited to watch after work
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