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  1. I do agree that it's overproduced at times but I think that's kind of the point in a lot of ways. She's singing about these heavy topics but she's purposely hiding them behind the grand theatrical production, because in this album Lana is walking the fine line between fun and danger and not yet ready to grow up. It's has the most "immature" mindset of all her albums but only because she's setting up the story of growth that she goes on to develop with each album, and despite the production, she manages to fill the album with deeper moments and hints of what's to come from her. Commercially, its production also helped demand its presence be known by the public and it worked wonders. Truly an iconic album.
  2. Omg I don't even know what to say about that paragraph.....LOL
  3. Breaking Up Slowly is going to be simple, relatable, and heartbreaking. The melody is so good and the the simplicity of the lyrics makes it even sadder somehow.
  4. That song is already a masterpiece Wild at Heart is going to be a whole new unexpected journey, my most anticipated track.
  5. I had such a glorious walk listening to this album last night. It's so good and sets up Lana's journey as an artist so well. The production is a lot more over-the-top than the rest of her work and she leans into a bit of a caricature at times, but it's all very deliberate and clever. It's funny (sad) that this wasn't well received by a lot of critics despite being such a knockout debut. I don't even think it's that this album was ahead of its time. I think regardless of when this was released the music industry wouldn't have been ready for Lana. It was her "debut album" but as we know from all her leaked materials she already had an insane amount of fully realized tracks where she explored the darkest and strangest parts of her mind. She blends pop music, dark themes, and evocative imagery so well here and no one knew what to do with her. Critics saying that she must have been a product of the industry because she came out fully formed already is so dumb, as if an artist can't take the time to create something special before releasing it to the world? I've always liked This Is What Makes Us Girls but I've never given it enough credit as the narrative ending to the record, I guess because I always listen to the album with the bonus tracks so it doesn't feel like the conclusion, but now I see that it really is. It's like she's saying goodbye to that more immature persona she inhabits throughout the album and knows it's time to move on to new growth. Even though the song jumps back to a younger Lana, I feel like that experience of leaving those friends behind is a reflection of where she's at by the end of the album and is ready to go through a similar process with herself and the life she's been living. Then comes Paradise, which almost seems like a death and rebirth of the Lana we got to know in Born To Die, leading us seamlessly into Ultraviolence where she's reached a new level of her confidence and maturity and there's no turning back from there. I know there are people that want Lana to return to Born To Die's level of production but I personally am not one of them and I can't really imagine her doing so at this point. I feel like Born To Die was meant to be an isolated sound and experience in some ways, which makes sense given the title and concept of the whole album. Her character here is always walking a fine line between fun and danger, always on the edge and fantasizing about death, even desperately asking for it, but that's not a sustainable mindset. By the end of Born to Die, and especially Paradise, she's put that person behind her and she's grown into a new phase of her life and her artistry. Of course she's continued to explore dark themes her entire career, but she's left behind the teenaged mentality that she explores in Born To Die, and leaving this style in the past only further strengthens both this album and her entire storytelling journey to me.
  6. DCooper

    Song vs. Song

    Shades of Cool vs I Talk To Jesus
  7. HMV, the good old days I am holding onto hope that some random stores will have it once it's out, I hope I don't regret my choice and then can only find it for five times the price on Ebay
  8. Surely the alternate cover will be sold somewhere in Canada right?
  9. In my dream last night Not All Who Wander Are Lost had very over-the-top 80s production and the lyrics were just Lana repeating the title over and over for the whole running time. Chaos
  10. Being dragged by Republicans is hardly a loss
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