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  1. I'm telling my twin sister about all of our tragedies and she goes, "Omg Lana release your album, look at whats happened to the boards,your people are rolling in feces." Lololol people feel our pain. However at least we know she'll discuss Violet tomorrow (???) And maybe just casually drop the new release date, just like she did the Sep 5th date. Even if she lies again, I have no more heart to break, so let's do it.
  2. So a theory. I saw that heart and song Twitter post, maybe I didnt go far back enough cus i didn't see much discussion HOWEVER. 1. The song could just be a message as its core theme and lyrics are that you can't please everyone. BUTTT 2. The song could be her cover as it is totally her aesthetic and Rick Nelson passed away in an airplane accident on his personal plane, i believe only the pilots survived-for those who listed to Sportcruiser on Violet, know that Lana made a hiccup during her flight lessons that was quite scary in the moment,This could be a small wink to that. Or maybe I'm just crazy (if this was discussed I am SO sorry)
  3. Wait so this is new?? Also lord I love her <annies> accent .....yeah this is old. Lord we lose always. Honestly at least I woke up early enough for exercise. We need Chem news my Love Lana!
  4. Oh we didn't, im legit going Friday to Friday at this point like an addict. I saw pumpkins, and then boom-october 2nd. Until the 30th. But to the BBC thing, is the entire thing a rerun? Like every second of it?
  5. I believe it begins at 1544 if you want to have a very painful laugh. Essentially there was hope she'd be doing a live lounge performance, but its just a rerun. Our pain is the source of such comedy. Heres to October 2nd goddammit haha Edit!! It has its own topic now but oh, the humor. But for real I think October 2nd may now be our baby. I mean we should have known all along with the pumpkin patches in the video
  6. YALL!! holy crap im sorry I am cackling. Sooo blessed I was not actively associated with the tragedy that just occurred. I broke out in a sweat at first, the posts were so dire I thought someone uttered 2021 and was ready to walk out the window. We stay losing but good lord are you all hilarious about it.
  7. Sweet chicken tenders and honey mustard, she hates us Just a date miss Del Rey, a few numbers to spare!. She looks really stunning here though, dayum.
  8. Sighs, but expected ones; I am aware of my delusions. Here's to finishing the bottle and waiting and hoping for an announcement tomorrow anyway maybe? No point stopping my mind now haha.
  9. Excellent taste!! But no, not the finest water in the world can quench my thirst for some Chem related music. 13 minutes to disappointment yall, im grabbing the whiskey!
  10. .......be still now, don't get my hopes up!!! Lord its a bottle swiggin night isnt it. Its never impossible! Hahaha thank you for this 20 minute psychosis im about to go through. Truly though this is fun, and at least I have an 80min long Sufjan album and Melanie confirmed. But I want Lana damnit!
  11. Hi everyone. Work sucked. Lana is so stunningly, brilliantly beautiful it hurt me, those pearls...PURL. ES. SCENT!! Hahah, but im so excited shes excited for Violet, as am I. I dont think ill be granted any blessings on Spotify in 26 minutes, but I do hope as Violet releases, she goes overdrive for Chemtrails. Lord let it be so our Queen
  12. I like itttttt!!!!!! But thats not what I'm here for. I'll see you at 12am tonight Lana, thankyouverymuchforyourconsideration
  13. Yay 1500!!! (Surveys the land).....something wicked happened here. JK but this is really quite the pre release! To fill everyone in, I work at a movie theatre and Black Widow and West Side Story just got delayed to next year, so im sort of SOL. I need this beautiful enigma of a woman to drop this song and lift my spirits cus its 1:50pm and im cracking a pity beer! Please Lana, itd make my heart sing.
  14. Huh, i must've left NFR post early cus I dont recall that, but yes that sounds un fun to read. Somehow I think all the visual serves will make people feel differently, and that Title track, iconic title. Not here for slander!! Only thing i hope from this is that it means the song maybe was sent to radio or something, and the legit release hasn't been compromised.
  15. On pg 1478 so I'll catch up but I must say, im extremely disappointed and feel super bad for her and the team. They really held that shit together. Wont be listening at all. Also my younger sister said I can't buy the book cus she got it for my birthday, which is fuckin Halloween so im just sitting here waiting for all things Lana. So sorry Queen Edit: no judgements on anyone who partakes, just not my scene at all and ive held off so long that im in it till the end.
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