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  1. People of the world spice up your life Every boy and every girl Spice up your life! I hope she knocks this concert out and everyone there geta and incredible serve of vocals and visuals!
  2. No she really snapped for that video and she still looks like that. A Queen of many queens
  3. Oh my the girls are mad lol. Yall it's not that deep. But sometimes delusional people have a way of convincing others
  4. Lol and I also....well I have my knowledge... so no Yall are...eesh no wonder so many of the OGs bailed lolololol next
  5. Lolol oh I am just fine. Fearful for Lana, but fine.
  6. Oh heavens...may lana never know you exist. Bless her soul and the heels she has on to run from you
  7. Omfg LASSO! BOTTLES, WE NEED BOTTLES! We Drinkin!!!!!!! I hate the title lololol but I just know this whole things gonna be iconic AF. What a queen. I hate country LOLOLLOL SOS SOS SOS. meltdown mode! This will serve
  8. I see 5.67% of us have taste as Fingertips is STILL that queen bitch like....fucking opus my god. However it's summer and the 1-2 punch of Peppers and Taco is slaying allll day. Then Fishtails once the sun goes down if you're feeling salty. It's soo good all of it. Even Margeret shines better in the summer weather.
  9. Hollywood Bowl is so NFR meets The Grants in a way. I prefer Lost At Seas atmosphere, Bowl is very much in the NFR Americana world. I adore the chorus. Sea is the better song for me, a total emotional collapse within that one. This is beautiful though. She does know she needs to feed us more now right? The drip has become addicting and we can't stop now.
  10. The albums is having its third resurgence in my household. I played it constant that first month, it waned slightly in the fifth week. The sixth I had an urge to play it all again and went from there. Took a break the past week and now I'm running through again and it's so fresh, my only want is that Lost At Sea would've fit so perfectly. I'd delete kintsugi (just so fucking sad it hurts me) and put Lost after Fingertips and then play as normal from there.
  11. Im gonna gatekeep this frickin amazing song as everyone moved on from it too quickly. It's resplendent, and the video-simple as it is- is the best representation of that nostalgia only Lana can provoke since the VG video. Soon as the archive footage played I was on the ground. I can't even fathom what Hollywood Bowl will be like
  12. This is the response I was looking for. Stuck at work for 3 more hours and then it's ONNN
  13. Oh it's a Frankenstein? Ocean theme continues, Frankensteined black dreams of unreleased songs, lol
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