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  1. @Eclipse is dropping hints in a language i sadly forget! I love your methods, its such posh chaos
  2. I've somehow found a way to put Tulsa and BUS mostly mostly out of my head, so now I CANNOT wait till White Dress, if that is indeed coming when we think it is. In comparison I had already heard so much of NFR, and the description of White Dress makes it irresistible. I need an emotional wrecker, like floor-sobbing sad. sidenote- i listened to Chemtrails on constant repeat on my 4 hour trip to the mountains and back (its easier for me to hear one song than many when making a journey im unfamiliar with) and it STILL slaps. It is doomsday whimsical incarnate, especially when playing in miles of endless mists.
  3. Agent Cooper asking the right questions! How do I not know what this is. Also, Chemtrails while crossing the Susquehanna river....omFg. This song, im so fearful for the rest of this album. Not because I don't think it'll measure up, but because I didnt plan on being assaulted by splendor so early in the year. Lord help us all
  4. Sis isn't that like...a normal Wednesday here on the boards? About to have a walk with this song now. So hyped haha I love each experience.
  5. This was hard to word so if you don't comprehend, legit its my fault So im driving and while listening i get to, "I'm not unhinged, or unhappy I'm just wiiiiild" and said it perfectly in time with her. Shit made me almost pull over. Its brilliance. Concerning mental health, Its so exhausting to always think something is "wrong" with you, and that thought compounds upon itself, making it worse. But what if thats not everything? That our own demons and labels given to us may certainly have their truths, but thats not, and never will be, the whole story. We cannot just be summed up by easily defined buzz words. That i'm not unhinged. Or unhappy. Im just wild.
  6. My emotions right now! I think BTD is tops for many cus she's Queen Seniority and I think many have been through it with that song by their side....buts its a new decade Babies!!!!!
  7. Actually agree 100 percent. And ESPECIALLY at the twilight hour. Lord knows I've heard the song with a bottle in my hand a SOLID amount, but Lana is part of my peace ritual, and this song is transcendent so....hol on imma try somethin Life is an experience of beauty to begin with luv! I better not see judgments here on our friends who stay sober, do you sweet friend, and stay as iconic as you are!
  8. Isn't it odd it has different powers at different times of the day? With sunlight, its whimsical, airy, and so full-like when I first heard Bel Air. At nighttime, it becomes a different beast, the sadness comes forth, the doom of it all. Listening to "its not too late so baby don't give up" at night is....emotional.
  9. Again, LIVING for your enjoyment, f*ckin love to see it. I......ok let me think.. ........ BTD-COTCC-HM=UV=/NFR-LFL Damn you're right. How amazing!! A SERVEEEEEEEEE. Driving to it is quite an emotion.
  10. Wow, that was intense. Firstly, it sucks to see her this distraught, she should be allowed to celebrate with us! Secondly, she talks almost exactly like me in the sense that when something is really on your mind, it becomes this stream of consciousness bounce around, including different topics but still makes sense in the end, so I was on that wavelength. Lastly, she put periodt on this with that fuck you.
  11. Yurp. My friend, who is a casual listener and probably only knew about the song cus I was majorly hyped messaged me this morning and said only thing she didn't like was the mask ( seems she didn't even know about the Barnes visit) otherwise she loved the song/video.
  12. Hmmm. Damn shouldve waited haha. I have 2 Targets like 5 minutes from me so maybe I'll go :gulp: in person day of...mask up no mesh! Gotta get the cd too of course.
  13. Superficial comments on the Video- 1. Whoever plays "young Lana", major props. When she shakes her head with her hand to her head it was just so Lana. 2. Great Gatsby is now public domain, snatch that story and keep it forever Lana! 3. Really love them all together, that resulted in the cover. Theyre all so animated and happy, and I love that her one friend now has that straight up dark stare on the album. Like hahahaha yes luvs, laugh now but half of you are being eaten later. 4. Sis bit a lemon with no hesitation 5. Her casually washing blood off in the shower has a serious power, such an actress. 6. The shot where she walks through glass should be everywhere. Everywhere.
  14. Chemtrails personal deep dive- 1. I used to go to these church camps with my twin sister, where we learned to swim. We both hated it, since we were boy/girl we weren't allowed to be partners and both despise making friends "you don't play, youre no fun" 2. Our day camp had a counselor who said she went to India (no idea if she was real) and gave me this stunning, deep blue (turquoise jewelry) bracelet that I treasured for years. I lost it somewhere along when I was 11 or 12 3. We're born on Halloween! My sister and I have always adored that- my mom apparently prayed we'd be born on time- 2 weeks later, Nov 14th, but we said SUP in the middle of Halloween day. So a wolf coven is sort of our thing. 4. "Nobodies son, nobodies daughter" teen years, as im sure many of you experienced yourselves- was rough. My twin and I were separated for a long time, our Dad peaced out. But the ONE thing I've always loved about my sister is, no matter where we are, at any given time-we seem to sing the same song at the same time. Ive walked in from school countless times singing and walk in- shes on the same note upstairs. SO-in conclusion that's my introspective on this beautiful song and why it already means so much to me, and I swear ill stop commenting for the night so others can shine, as I have been quite the hog. Love yall so much, today was 100% worth it
  15. AND im just now noticing, even though I liked her comment, that @Elle changed the thread to March 19th!!! 2021 Periodt!!! Victory was the days flavor!
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