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  1. Oh it's a Frankenstein? Ocean theme continues, Frankensteined black dreams of unreleased songs, lol
  2. Sped up version should be tossed in a lake of fire, but the regular is frickin dreamy and surfy in a way, it's just great. It's a shame we know it so well
  3. Nah this has annoyed me. What's the frickin game plan here? Lemme go back to Ocean and stream her and wait for the Daddy Duo songs cus this is just messy. She hates money
  4. I'm about to start reading through the thread for this masterpiece of a video. Her darkest video ever. What's in the box, that has historically held a woman surgically torn to pieces? Why it's Lana Del Rey being cemented onto the Hollywood walk of Fame. Her grave.
  5. Thats what her lower register does, it intimidates. Her drawl is deadly, so plainspoken you just know she means to fuck someone up, especially with A&W
  6. It's just her power, the recounting of a damaged soul's journey so far, masterpiece
  7. Those opening notes on the actual melody-its INSTANTLY like "oooh this gurl about to serve" so lush, slightly foreboding, forever glamourous.
  8. Honestly, to be at his side was everything, i feel peace. I wasn't there when he finally went, but if I hadn't gone that day I'd be in shambles. Shockingly, besides Kintsugi, this album is majorly helping me. Followed Lana since I saw a thumbnail of her in a flower crown on a throne on iTunes main page for BTD video and being 31 now (i know its not ancient, but I was like 18 when I first heard her) , getting older is accepting mortality, and that's something she really understands clearly in her own life. Thank God for this art
  9. I totally get needing outside help to cry lol. When this album dropped my Papa wasn't doing great at all, and he's passed just yesterday. I avoided the song cus I didn't want to "manifest" anything and now that he's gone it's just too raw. But I am excited to revisit it as he's in no more pain, playing golf with his brothers up there I'm sure, and I got to say goodbye-but yeah this hoe song is TOO MUTHAFUGGIN SAD for now. Also sorry tmi lolol God bless the internet
  10. See this insane to me. Kintsugi is SO UNIVERSAL, and so bare-it does nothing but rip old wounds open. Fingertips is just major sympathy (or empathy if you've been in her shoes) and it's so specifically her story that I don't feel WRECKED, cus it didn't happen to me. But everyone has had to say goodbye to someone, or didn't get the chance-so Kintsugi is just shatteringly sad. I don't find it therapeutic, it absolutely is but to me the sadness overwhelms still. "Daddy i miss them" makes me ugly cry. Fingertips is gorgeous, serene, otherworldly (THESE are the strings ive been after from her), and more revealing than anything she's done (nasty wildflower Wildfire and its "instrumental" found dead in a deeeeep ditch). Fingertips supremacy I said what I said and I'll say it again.
  11. See this is the first album since NFR *but really L4L where my craving to put it on has grown. Chemtrails did give me needed peace during the pandemic, and it definitely got replayed to hell, same with Blue Banisters-but I think it's because they were there, they were what's new for her and I rarely play through other artists albums like her. Ocean I NEED to put on after a certain amount of time or my mood sours lol. I truly need to hear Paris Texas for brain recalculation. it's like the Violin to Frankensteins Monster-instantly calming and beautiful
  12. Songs I listen to the most: -Fingertips -Taco Truck -Paris, Texas -Peppers -Fishtail Basically the closing BOP triplets and the broken-hearted fairytale duo
  13. God what if we have to wait until the topless vinyl ships for CN to drop because her team thinks that will help it move more copies. That's June
  14. I had my first proper cry to Fingertips today. God that was cathartic. I haven't cry cried in what feels like ages and just...the power of that song and its beautiful arrangement. An alltimer. Top 5 ever for me I feel, and this solidified it. I'm floored. Still.
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