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  1. I...we think the same. Drink's a double now. Also this Alexa thing, every time I hear her say her name, the next words are supposed to be "and this is my cover". But this holds some promise! However im also thinking November for anything substantial from Lana or Amazon's secretary
  2. Ooh, your taste is so strong im going to have to pour myself a drink. Cheers to you and the talent that is Orville Peck. That would be the best case scenario collab
  3. Gladly take November. October just became month of the WOMAN which is so badass but it got crowded as hell. However sidenote, I dont think miss Adele gracing the stage is gonna change plans for the album. At some point, management needs something tangible for the Big Guys, and I think Lana would have found it pretty damn insulting if her bosses had told her "Ariana is releasing here so you can't, Adele here so you can't, Lorde there so you cant" like damn no wonder she questions herself, her own team devalues her. Or she's just vibing and doesn't give AF when, who am I to say
  4. Agreed. I think, well pretty sure we All Think-that this can be solved by a date. Id love a track list but that still seems far fetched currently. Just one concrete date and the mess will end. A date AND a tracklist? Send me to heaven. Im still team January (Dear God September was a different life) cus flannels and pumpkin patches and whatnot....the lead video has no business in March.
  5. That blows chunks. Like just a random assault? What the hell. Lana girl, drop the album this is too much to take.
  6. I took the day away, and yall are saying Ben got freaking hurt?? Who the f*ck???? I cannot stand this world. Im rereading all the pages now, but what sparked all this? Like good god who and how did we find out that Ben got injured? This is all legit terrible news. Worse news was the balancing act of Breaking up Slowly in my head and LMLYLAW in real life (I was with my football crew today, not exactly fans of my taste in music). Breaking up is quite the melody. UGH, I will listen to no more besides what we have. Album or bust, come hell or high water.
  7. Its hard to describe. Like it sounds like Nikki is singing the normal melody and lana is on a higher register and harmony,but if she was alone on the song she'd be performing at nikkis register. Sorry, I didn't even want to type that cus I dont really know how to explain myself alot.
  8. Oh facts!! Actually I'm really cool with that. Like how Cara delevigne was on Fiona apples new album but like, you would have never known had she not told us. Just a sonic support system of friends to help you record. Yeah im all about that, you solved the mystery!
  9. I'm listening to Lane's 2017 album now. From the 3 I've heard, shes a country dive bar vibe girl. We'd be friends for sure (though country is....not close to my favorite) Theory-Nikki was in the bar where Lana performed the opus that is The Greatest and she stole her away from there and made Lana tacos. Boom, friendship. Shes good vocally, however Lana singing the harmonized part instead of the main on her own album...makes me think its a solo.
  10. So Breaking up Slowly is this eras How to Dissappear in terms of "the one that gets performed live" (should we start naming incidents like Friends episodes? Here for it) Watching that last insta, shes so confident in her voice, but how do we interpret her saying Nikki was kind enough to let her have it? That either means her and Nikki wrote it together and its going to Lana, or Nikki is on it. And I'm perfectly cool with both, I dont know miss Lane at all so excuse me while I go educate myself.
  11. 2019, we really didn't know what we had did we? This song is....with the right production, and no shade on the guitar, but if this was developed, even if its a duet with Ms. Lane (solo please would be just fine though) this could devastate a soul. Lets make it so!
  12. I like the idea in abstract. The idea of bringing LA with her to the Midwest, all of its sleepless angst and glitter and dashed dreams- the cowboys will throw a fit.
  13. Blessed day! Thats pretty dope, shout out to your job and have them give you a raise for taste
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