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  1. Tell that to other 80% of the fandom that feels this way. How childish, telling someone to “hush” because you don’t agree with them.
  2. All I know is I would literally rather Miley and Ari come out and they sing DCMA over Taylor being a guest. Taylor showed up with her crew to Ice Spice’s set but not Lana’s? The woman she supposedly is inspired by has been ripping off her aesthetic for years now to profit from?
  3. it’s not just blind items that didn’t come till years later, it’s in her songs. A lot of them. I hate Azalea but she was right about Lana being hooked on opiates. Barrie, G-Eazy, and Chase were all addicted. And yes she would be able to do all those things. Heroin doesn’t knock you out unless you take way too much. For someone with anxiety like Lana it works more as an upper. I don’t think she gets high anymore, and she’s my favorite person on the earth, I’m not saying any of this to insult her, but it’s true.
  4. she is based for calling Taylor Swift not interesting but I draw the line at her insulting Lana. She literally got Lana into heroin and they were high on it the entire endless summer tour (I was there). There’s also blind items about it but it’s not exactly a secret. maybe she’s mad Lana won’t get high with her anymore, who knows.
  5. I think she just needs to sprinkle in some more upbeat songs. Doesn’t have to be the whole setlist. But she should switch out some ballads for some exciting songs, Florida Kilos, OTTR, LFL, Peppers, BBS, DBJAG, Freak, HBTB, MTWBT, Get Free, FIILY, Summer Bummer, Body Electric, National Anthem lol not that these songs are all “upbeat” but they’d be fun live. Lana gets to pick the songs she performs right? I wonder if she has some kind of special attachment to certain songs that she’s more comfortable with.
  6. Something just seemed off tonight with her, like she was a little out of it or not in the best mood. It felt like she wasn’t really connected to this performance. Maybe she was nervous, maybe something going on with her personal life… At least she looked and sounded fucking amazing im gonna be delulu and hope next week the setlist is at least slightly different
  7. lmao @ Evan in the audience. Are they fuckin or not???
  8. I’m 15 minutes behind on the show (she’s singing Ocean Blvd rn) but I just wanted to say these are the exact same songs she sang for the festival tours and her headlining tour last year. Where’s the new songs? (Not necessarily new songs but songs she hasn’t performed) also, is it just me or does she seem nervous/off key/not really into this performance at all? It looks like she doesn’t want to be there at all. I hope she utilizes the stage more like the balcony and stairs, I also wish the dancers were different dresses because sometimes I can’t tell where Lana is when it’s zoomed out. other than that she looks fucking unreal. Like a goddess. Ethereal beauty. Nothing could compare me for this look she has going on tonight, she is truly never looked better. I just hope she’s OK mentally. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. She is just trying to be moody for theatrics. I hope she plays more exciting songs :/
  9. Lana x Deftones collab when i don’t want her to go the honkey tonkey rootin tootin route im still upset about it
  10. Currently watching her 2014 set to get EXTRA HYPED and I wish she still performed Cola 😢 but I respect why she doesn’t
  11. you guys the set is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t believe there’s like a huge balcony, makes me want her to dance underneath it and sing Best American Record also I wonder if next week the set list will be different which is exciting. I’m so interested to see who she will bring out 👀 not really a huge Sabrina fan but I might watch her set bc her performances are usually really cute i really want her to sing Gods & Monsters, Off to the Races, Cruel World, Tulsa Jesus Freak, Peppers, Salvatore, 13 Beaches and I don’t think she was heard sound checking any of those so I might be SOL.
  12. These are pretty bad, I’m sorry. Low effort, Etsy has better Lana merch. And why is everything so small and skimpy? Like don’t get me wrong I like skimpy clothes sometimes but some of the cuter designs don’t have a full length T-shirt option and the skirt is cute but it looks like it would fit a child. What’s up with the bodysuit and the bicycle shorts? She needs a better merch team. The cardigans are cute and that’s it.
  13. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    Terrence Loves You vs Gods & Monsters
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