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  1. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    Candy Necklace vs Paris, TX
  2. Still very upset we never got to see the full thing 😭 I hate Clay for whatever he did to make Lana break up with him and us never seeing this masterpiece
  3. I LOVE IT. She looks so beautiful, my favorite part is the end of the video with the Hollywood star, also my favorite look. Also really loved the long blonde wig and cloak 😭 I hope we get another MV this era! Hopefully for A&W, Paris TX, Peppers, Taco Truck, or the Title Track!!!
  4. I feel guilty for saying this but I might like Portals (as a whole) better than Ocean Blvd. I could never love Melanie as much as Lana, and the songs that I do like on Ocean Blvd, I love way more than Portals. Portals just has no skips for me. I'm having issues connecting to some of Lana's new songs. Idk pls don't arrest me
  5. There's been an insane amount of promo... She's been extremely active this era and keeping us fed very well
  6. Fishtail sounds like Cinnamon Girl and Tulsa Jesus Freak had a baby 🍼
  7. and we love you so grateful for everything you do for this fandom and all the work and time you put into it. Now GET SOME BEAUTY SLEEP 😴
  8. Not a fan of Sweet. I hope it will grow on me but we will see. I love the different woman / basic bitch lyric but the melody of the entire song is just meh. Don't arrest me please. Still got 7 more songs to listen to, wanted to wait till I could get stoned lmao
  9. What's up with everyone in the A&W YouTube comments posting about a r*pe lyric? "If I told you I was r*ped, do you really think anybody would say I asked for it?" Cus that's... not what she says? Like at all? Nor does it sound like it. I for real have seen 50+ lyric comments with that line in it since the song came out, even these really annoying YouTuber girls that did a reaction video to the song used that line and were discussing it in detail 😳
  10. Why Candy Necklace 😭 we want A&W!!! Where did she announce this?! I can't find anything on Honeymoon IG
  11. Lolita Lost in the Hood 1. Cruel World 2. Off to the Races 3. Dealer 4. 13 Beaches 5. Heroin 6. Carmen 7. Wildfire Wildflower 8. Fuck it, I Love You 9. Honeymoon 10. The Blackest Day 11. Tulsa Jesus Freak 12. Paris, Texas 13. A&W Interlude - The Trio 14. Black Bathing Suit 15. West Coast 16. When the World Was at War - We Just Kept Dancing 17. Swan Song 18. The Next Best American Record 19. Venice Bitch 20. Taco Truck x VB Bonus Tracks Body Electric Cola Gods & Monsters
  12. HAHAHA this video gives me LIFE Lana Del Rey Accidentally Blasts Profane Music While Leaving Church
  13. Will the album be available on YouTube right when it drops? I'm locked out of my Spotify on this phone...
  14. UGHHH IDK WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF TILL THEN Wait it's 9:52 CST here... Some people are getting it sooner? Thought it would release world wide simultaneously
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