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  1. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    The Blackest Day vs Gods & Monsters
  2. 01. Dark But Just A Game 02. Tulsa Jesus Freak 03. White Dress 04. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 05. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 06. Dance Til We Die 07. Yosemite 08. Breaking Up Slowly 09. For Free 10. Wild At Heart 11. Let Me Love You Like A Woman
  3. Can I do this based on which one's I'm most excited for? Sometimes my favorites aren't always the best
  4. Fortunately for me I have a dissociative disorder so right now I feel nothing. Only thing I’m realistically excited for is the album as a whole, and that feeling itself is suppressed until we get closer to the date. It’s not cynicism I just literally feel nothing about this era rn, it’s been drawn out and all I wanna do is overplay the current songs we have. The more I think about this album I’ll go insane. Excitement officially over until two weeks upon release.
  5. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    Literally can’t choose but The Blackest Day never gets any love The Blackest Day vs 13 Beaches
  6. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    This is literally impossible for me, hopefully someone can carry on the game <3
  7. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    Do yall realize Honeymoon has been winning this ENTIRE page? LOL Funny because it's in my top three, of her best songs imo.
  8. Maybe the Vinyl plants WERE behind but they were EXTRA behind for her bc Elizabeth sent in the record at the super last minute. Like when was 8 weeks before March 19th? Not that long ago
  9. I personally don't believe the vinyl delay reason but I'm not calling her a liar, who really knows Me thinks it was delayed due to last minute decisions, being indecisive with adding/deleting songs/changing the tracklist. Didn't a few songs not make it? Yeah I'm blaming it on that
  10. She also teased the title track in October and released it in January
  11. Didn't the MOJO magazine description only call two songs "country style"? BUS obvs and "Wild At Heart". The tears of happiness I had when I found out...
  12. I kinda wanna leave and come back to LBs on the 26th. Everyone is getting me hyped up for WD, I don't wanna deal with another waiting for COCC music video back in October when we thought it was coming out on/around Halloween. That or I need to stay away from this thread specifically, I'm not trying to get my hopes up unless Eclipse can give us a hint so I can stop worrying about it
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