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  1. idk how i feel about this but i did love the henry snippet, i hope she will surprise me
  2. I like Miley but Endless Summer Vacation is not a great album. Especially compared to the masterpiece that is Ocean Blvd. I will be SHOCKED if it wins and believe there’s a conspiracy behind the scenes.
  3. THIS WORKS. i also couldnt follow ppl unless i did it on mobile, BLESS <3
  4. aww well idc about a new mgk collab at this point (he changed his sound anyway) but I would love a song with Jesse. I know they’re close, I’m actually shocked they haven’t put anything out yet
  5. Tunnel Vision aka best song on Portals also the MV will be out in SEVEN HOURS AND TEN MINUTES
  6. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    shades of cool vs come with me
  7. don't see it listed here but i NEED to know what happened with the MGK song, according to https://www.lanadelreyfan.com/lana-del-rey-is-working-on-new-album-with-machine-gun-kelly-and-jesse-rutherford/ it was for NFR? she posted a snippet on IG 10-23-18 and it was never heard about again. and she was also working with Jesse WHY DID NOTHING MAKE THE FINAL CUT HER AND JESSE MUSICALLY TOGETHER IS JUST PERFECT, like did she not want features bc of all the LFL features?
  8. "TROPICO" (WORKING TITLE FOR AN EARLY "ULTRAVIOLENCE" CONCEPT ALBUM) ("Tropico" was never finalized and had only rough drafts, that later evolved into "Ultraviolence"; it's unknown if the project was ever intended to be finalized or if it was actually scrapped due to leaks that happened in July 2013; songs in this list also can be considered as "Ultraviolence (2014)" outtakes) i would have LOVED an album titled tropico. imagine how lovely the vibe would have been. maybe lana thought it sounded too similar to paradise... so maybe she could have named the paradise ep 'tropico' but 'Born to Die - The Tropico Version' doesn't sound as nice. i might be in the minority with preferring the title tropico over ultraviolence but then we would have never gotten the masterpiece that is THE tropico short film.... tldr; i'm happy things turned out the way they did <3
  9. really wish hollywood, french restaurant, velvet crowbar, cry kill die, come with me, wild one we're officially released they're toooooo good forever my favorites
  10. HARPER'S BAZAAR wrote the “Lana Del Rey Can’t Qualify Her Way Out Of Being Held Accountable.” article and she's cool with them now and on the front cover?! they way I would have turned them down and told them off
  11. funny games, the american version. it was so disturbing ://
  12. omg PLEASEEE i want something exciting!!!! something that feels like drugs
  13. Her last single was beautiful because anything she does is immaculate, I hope it's a stand alone single or at least not the main vibes. Miss Lizzy is the best alternative artist alive right now, she changed pop music in a major way. I really hope the country, more folky sound was just a trilogy of the last three albums. And she made it work beautifully but I hope she ventures more towards her original sound, it would definitely slay and be more mature and experimental. For her next original album, it would be a dream if it would sound like a mix of the Paradise EP/Ultraviolence & LFL album. Thinking Gods & Monsters, PWYC, & Heroin vibes... Omg I would die. She NEEDS to work with those producers again.
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