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  1. Miss Del Rey just posted to her stories. Of a new MV coming out! It looks like it’s for the American classics record tho she looks so fucking beautiful in it
  2. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    Brooklyn Baby vs. Architecture
  3. I agree with everything you said, and I agree it will be different. She really does change the sound up every record.
  4. I had a hard time struggling with it tying with LFL because I like most of the songs on UV, so really they're tied. They are both my top three. The songs I like on LFL, and I don't like all of them, I REALLY love the ones I do like tho, like they're masterpieces to me. Or I just love them a lot. (Cherry, Heroin, When the world was at war, 13 beaches, lust for life, summer bummer, love, in my feelings)
  5. Mine is currently Honeymoon NFR Lust for Life Ultraviolence Born to Die/Paradise are tied, it was hard to rank these last three But I love ALL of them so much. I don't dislike any of them.
  6. I like all three of those scenarios honestly! I'm so excited to find out
  7. Leave @lanasbottom alone. She is a gem to this board. And there's no need to fight, how do you know we're being 100 percent about being happy if it leaks? This thread is full of snark humor, that or delusions/our own personal wishes. shouldn't affect you. Edit: I meant this in the nicest way possible, I'm so sorry if i came across rude @veinsineon. I love your posts too!
  8. Do you guys think this will be her best album? I thought so for a long time, but now I'm not so sure :/ I hope it's worth the wait, at least.
  9. we were supposed to get cocc video soon, that or she decided to delay it cuz of the album delay. or the new record were getting for Christmas (supposedly)
  10. damn this thread is dead. well compared how it used to be. lana really did kill the hype. that or her mangers. idk really know whose fault all of this shxt was
  11. TWELVE TRACKS? Oh no honey, no. She hasn't done that to us since BTD & Ultraviolence (the non-deluxe editions). That would seriously be a crime to do that to us, after all the shit we've been thru with delays and ever-changing dates. I wanna cry if this is true. I would like to see proof :((( the only thing I like about this post, if it IS true, is that she squeaks. Reminds me of "I'm your lil scarlet, starlet" from one of her BEST songs ever written IMO.
  12. Genius, QUEEN!!! I stan this because I love the song title names, and I would die of happiness if it were 18 tracks. I'm praying AND manifesting for 16-17 tracks! especially after all the bullshit we've been thru waiting for this album but seriously, I want as many COCCs as possible. It'd be a treat . . . Lmao @ the way I had to zoom in on my laptop to 200% to read the tracklist, before I saw "hidden contents"
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