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  1. this album might be her saddest. but in such a beautiful way. wish people talked more about it.
  2. the fact that after btd she said she was quitting because she didn't have anything else to say... she's insane i love her
  3. Fishtail might have the worst lyrics on the album but when she says for me you're the one and if i'm not the one for you don't you say it? goosebumps
  4. Margaret sounds like a song you write with your friends all night long, wine drunk, and then you all sing it together like when you know you know
  5. I gotta admit I don't like the last three songs... for me the album ends with Margaret and it's beautiful it's flawless it's a masterpiece
  6. 1. Ultraviolence 2. NFR 3. Ocean Blvd? (I feel like it's too early to tell but right now it's placed here) 4. Born To Die (BTD is such a classic that it's hard to rank, it's beyond good and bad, it is just too iconic) 5. Paradise 6. Honeymoon (i love honeymoon sm it hurts to see it so low) 7. COTCC 8. BB 9. LFL (her only bad work imo)
  7. I feel it when she says WHEN IT'S GONNA BE MY TURN (DON'T FORGET ME!!!) @ God we're talking to YOU
  8. So I turned the lights off and went to bed, but as soon as I lied down I started to cry like a child
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