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  1. It hurts me that Honeymoon is always at the bottom
  2. I want to share my little story with you if you may: My grandmother died of Covid in April. I lived with her all my life, I used to put her to bed every night and I never forgot to say 'good night, sleep tight' always fearing that it might be the last time. Her death is something that still makes me cry like a child. So last night I was in the bathroom, crying my heart out because I miss her and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye, I couldn't see her because of Covid restrictions. I asked God for a sign, I prayed and I told him to send my a butterfly to let me know that she's alright. Today after lunch I went outside to have a smoke, Blue Banisters playing with my headphones on, and there was the butterfly. It stared flying all over me while I was standing on the grass when Beautiful started playing. I couldn't help crying. I'm going to keep this moment in my heart forever. Don't know if it was just a coincidence, I don't care, I needed it and I choose to believe! Beautiful now has a special meaning for me, I will never forget it. My heart is so full right now. Hopefully someday I get the chance to meet Lana just to thank her.
  3. 1. Thunder 2. If You Lie Down With Me 3. Living Legend 4. Wildflower Wildfire 5. Text Book
  4. The vocals in IFLWM when she says LIE (LIE) are so Ultraviolence
  5. Yes! As as whole, I prefer BB, but, just like you said, White Dress and the title track are in another level of greatness.
  6. I'm in tears she sang so beautifully! They did our sis so dirty for so many years when she has the most angelic voice
  7. uvbabe

    Instagram Updates

    I love that she's using the Honeymoon acc because I think she just want to talk to and connect with her closest fans probably because she feels more comfortable
  8. uvbabe

    Instagram Updates

    I was in class, did someone record it? Omg mi país!
  9. Only considering Lana's official discography: 1. Ultraviolence (her best work imo, everyday I wake up wondering if she will ever top it) 2. Honeymoon 3. Blue Banisters (could be #2 but it's too early to make up my mind yet) 4. Norman Fucking Rockwell 5. Born To Die 6. Chemtrails (I love this album honestly) 7. Paradise 8. Lust For Life (in my universe it doesn't even exist, don't listen to any song on this album like... never, not even Heroin)
  10. Lana going crazy at the end of BBS is probably my favourite thing eveeeeer she's so crazyyyy LOVE HER
  11. My girl UV is fine... for now. BB's about to take HM second place
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