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  1. I have to admit, here and there I could barely tell what song she was performing. But her public profile has never been higher and I hope this means Lasso in 3 months.
  2. She's got her hair bump back. She looks fantastic.
  3. I could easily see ITTJ on Lasso, even unreworked. It's one of her most amazing unreleased songs, and songs like it are the reason most of Ocean Blvd didn't impress me.
  4. Nick Drake: The Life by Richard Morton Jack - at 560 pages, much too detailed and not interestingly told. Biography is my favorite genre; this is the first time I've ever found a biography too weighted by superfluous detail. Not recommended unless your a diehard Drake fan. Rudolph Steiner by Gary Lachman - Another disappointing biography and overview, and I usually like all of Lachman's books. I'm halfway through and I still have no idea what was important or distinguished about Steiner. Not recommended. The Devil & His Advocates by Erik Butler - This is a fascinating history and lowdown on 'the satan' in the Bible, who is originally working for God and more of a lawyer than a foe or enemy, (or the Enemy). The book explores how 'the satan' became Satan (and Lucifer, etc.) due to the Book of Revelations and the influence of various Middle Age sources, including Dante's Inferno and Chaucer, and how Hell, Purgatory, etc. are not found in the Bible but were essentially products of later centuries. Not an academic book, it's intelligent and stimulating. Recommended. A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death & Life of Edgar Allan Poe by Mark Dawidziak - Not quite a biography, the book focuses on the mystery of what actually caused Poe's relatively early death--Rabies? Alcoholism? A 'brain fever'? Murder? A brain tumor? Syphilis? Heart disease?--or any of the other theories that have been put forward over the decades. It goes back and forth in time with each chapter, from the time of his death to his childhood and onward, which occasionally gets a little confusing. I'm enjoying it. Recommended. H.D. [Hilda Doolittle] by Lara Vetter - A book in the Critical Lives series, this is an overview of Doolittle's life; there have been several large biographies of her in the past, and I was hoping for some new information, but there's little here that readers of the previous biographies won't have come upon before. Vetter also adds interpretation and opinion, which is the best part of the book. If you like H.D.'s work and would like to know more about her life, this is not a bad place to start, as it's a concise 207 pages. Recommended for people newly interested in H.D. who haven't read the other two (or more) biographies written about her.
  5. As hot as she is right now, and seeing that most people, including critics, can see past a 'has Lana jumped on the country trend bandwagon?' thing, the smart thing for her to do is to release Lasso as planned, unchanged, on schedule.
  6. We know she makes offhand and seemingly irresponsible remarks in public and to the media all the time. And we know she changes titles, concepts, schedules, and release dates all the time as well. So I think it's fair to say, based on those facts, that we're at a 50-50 situation, but hope makes me think we're closer to a 70-30 situation.
  7. Maybe she meant "What can I say now," as if she's talking to herself, saying "I'm so frustrated that so many artists are announcing country albums that I just don't know what to say to you about Lasso at this moment." What other artists are doing should make no difference. She's Lana Fucking Del Rey, having some of her best years ever, who cares if others are releasing country albums or if there is an actual trend in play, however it came about? Releasing a country album is not an original idea in and of itself; it's one of the most recognizable and oldest of all American genres. So with luck, Lasso will be released on schedule.
  8. The Greatest is the greatest, one of her best, and the vocal passages on the refrain—I'm waaayyysted—are brilliant, stunning but not too too much.
  9. My list is long: Radio National Anthem America* Bel Air* Cola Gods & Monsters Old Money* West Coast is This Happiness Terrence Loves You 24 Wait For Life* 13 Beaches* White Mustang When the World Was At War Heroin* BPBP Tomorrow Never Came The Greatest White Dress COCC Yosemite* Arcadia If You Lie Down With Me* Violets For Roses* Black Bathing Suit Let the Light In Fishtail Peppers * Especially underrated.
  10. Her dress—or outfit—is not to my personal taste but it's eye-catching and original. Lana is conquering the world!
  11. Wonderful news. Thanks, Elle. She's really on a career role and hopefully, we'll hear a few Lasso songs during the tour. Her public profile has never been higher.
  12. I found her version of CRTMH on the anemic side—it sounded more like a demo or a first take to me, certainly not Lana singing "the way John Denver sings," so I'd prefer it not be included. I'm rather baffled while she released it all, especially compared to her brilliant take on Blue Skies, which I know had different producers and musicians entirely—and different intentions. I agree, Lana is going to do what Lana wants to do. That is certain. My expectations for her and all other artists today is 2-3 songs I like on new albums—if I get that, then I'm content.
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