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  1. That tells you everything you need to know about their personal and especially their professional relationship. Clearly, they don't have a solid business relationship in which communication is fluid, honest, and continuous. There's absolutely no reason for the public relations messes they've created with NFR and COCC. So either there's some sort of spoken or unspoken power struggle between them for information control as well as other aspects of LDR's career, or they purposefully enjoy teasing the public and their fans with vague, incorrect and unverified information, which is a bit sadistic, really, even if intended or partially intended to create buzz. She may see it as coy, as teasing, as playful. I don't think most of us do. And I don't think most members here are 'haters.' We're just frustrated by LDR's lack of professionalism for the second album running. It's not that hard to simply saying nothing until you're 1,000% sure of your album's release date.
  2. I think many of us are hoping for great LDR songwriting like ‘Summertime Sadness,’ ‘Ride,’ ‘Cola,’ ‘Yayo,’ ‘Black Beauty,’ ‘Old Money,’ ‘Terrance Loves You,’ ‘13 Beaches,’ ‘The Greatest,’ ‘’Living Legend,’ et al., and LMLYLAW isn’t of that quality. It’s more in the ‘Love’ quality, a song she could have written in her sleep.
  3. "To say she sounds like she's on auto-pilot mode on both TJF & LMLYLAW snippets would be the understatement of the century." " I've only heard a snippet of TJF, so I can't comment on that, but, despite his strong wording, I agree with Jared about LMLYLAW. It's so insubstantial that it's barely there. There's very little melody, and that little bit of melody is then repeated throughout the song. It's not substantial, it's not dramatic, it's not weighty, it's not catchy, it's not beautiful. The melody isn't developed the way the melody was for, say, Video Games. That's how I hear it. Yes, I know LMLYLAW is probably exactly what LDR wanted and intended it to be.
  4. I don't appreciate the song much. For me, it's just sort of there, without much dynamic, and is over before it gets going. It definitely sounds like it could have been a 'NFR' outtake, or a continuation of that album. I rate it low compared to much of her other work, especially to recently linked tracks like 'Living Legend,' 'Serene Queen,' 'I Talk to Jesus' and 'Thunder.' I really hope the rest of the album is more dynamic and melodic.
  5. I agree with the member who said something along the lines of, "I'd like to have heard what Rick Nowels would have done with it." I would too. It could use a little beefing up, I think.
  6. It's an odd choice for a lead single, if that's what it is, and is intended to have any commercial impact. It's far less melodic than 'Fine China' or 'Bartender,' because the melody is very basic and then repeats itself. Clocking in at 3:21, it's over very, very quickly. To me, the whole song sounds like one long bridge. It's not bad, but...I agree with the member who said, "I hope the whole album doesn't sound like this."
  7. And are completely unsuspected tracks, like 'Serene Queen,' the excellent LFL outtake. That's why, if and when LDR decides to release something enormous like Tori Amos's 'A Piano,' which had 5 discs/86 tracks of 'rarities' and alternative mixes, we'll be in for a real treat. Projects like these are usually released about the time the artist feels their popularity is on the wane, or that their major creative period is over. Full agree. 'Living Legend' is right up there with her best on any album.
  8. That's ridiculous. A lot of people of all ethnicities and heritages have thin lips and may want them made fuller when and if this is made possible, as it is today and has been for over 20 years. As far as skin color, many a "White' person seeks to have a tan as frequently as possible, whether this comes from the sun or a spray bottle. Many Italians with darker skin love their darker skin, as do many other Latins, including the French and Spanish.
  9. I understand that what you're expressing is the current cant, and may not actually believe it at all yourself, but the while idea of 'cultural appropriation' doesn't hold up to examination. When we see individuals from India, Iran, Myanmar (Burma) or Nigeria wearing Western clothing, we don't accuse them of 'cultural appropriation,' we just, using common sense, accept it that those individuals have adopted, temporarily or otherwise, Western clothing, such as two or three-piece suits on men or track suits on men and women. We--'Westerners' of all ages and genders--don't claim racial or ethnic ownership of a particular item of clothing and get offended, threatened or bothered. Westerners don't claim ownership of track suits or Fendi bags, or even items that come directly out of cultural and religious traditions. Once you put the idea or the actuality for or of a kind of clothing out into the world, whether it's a head wrap or other type of headgear, a scarf, skirt or kind of shoe, or a brand of sportswear like Adidas or Nike, especially today with instant, round-the globe availability, people everywhere, of all backgrounds, are going to adopt it to some degree. It's pointless and a waste of time to claim permanent ownership of a particular style or piece of clothing, though of course one can factually lay out the history and traditions of such an item or style, like the Geisha tradition of Japan. I agree that such an adoption can be thoughtless and facile, such as LDR wearing the Native American headless, and disrespectful of its original context, and she can be called out for such an act, but to portray such acts as highly offensive to most and nearly sacrilegious is useless. Some artists, like Madonna, have made a career of utilizing and essentially 'violating' emblems of the Catholic Church and other groups. It's a "Look what I can do--in your face!" attitude, the whole point of which is violating 'sacred' or 'taboo' traditions, icons and imagery. The punks did the same thing, as did New Wavish bands like Eurythmics. So have many other artists of all stripes in all mediums.
  10. And about release dates, she doesn't seem to have any sense of utilizing the various seasons to let her new album have as much influence as possible in the wider culture---like an early summer release date which could have made COCC the album of the Summer of 2020, or an early December release date, which would subtly encourage people to give it as an e-gift to others for Christmas and the other seasonal holidays.
  11. I'm sure several people here have already expressed this, but LDR is probably second-guessing (or third-guessing) the original conception of COCC and the songs included, and switching out older material for songs she's just written and feels more enthusiasm about. And while this may make the COCC better, it will probably make it worse, as it did with, I believe, LFL. Especially since she's expressed reservations about the album and her opinion of its quality. I'm still amazed at the excellent tracks she's left off P, UV and LFL while including much weaker material. Concerning the release date, oh well. We know with absolute certainty that nothing she ever says about release dates is reliable. It's not a question of lying or intentional deceit, just a silly habit of saying things she really isn't sure about. I don't think she understands the professionalism of not providing release dates that are not absolutely set in stone.
  12. I know that at least once in the past she said something about not having much current interest in something she produced a year ago and is now on to new things. And other artists have said that too, and it's understandable. LDR will be supporting and perhaps faking interest in something she's moved on from. I agree it's not a good sign when an artist doesn't reflect much interest in their own about-to-be-released project. I've been reading through a compilation of old Rolling Stone interviews from the 70s, and at one point Joni Mitchell says she was sitting around with the Eagles and America and JD Souther, and she said, "Let's play our new albums," and everyone declined. So she asked, "why not?' And several of them said, "Well, our new album is okay, I guess, it's alright...." and Joni said, "You're about to release a new album that you worked hard on for a year and you only think it's alright?" Point taken. LDR is so frustrating. I'm glad I've sort of moved off from Stanning her. The whole NFR debacle did it for me.
  13. She might just say, "Project cancelled," and go onto something else. It's happened with other artists, recently and in the past.
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