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  1. I am not a Jack A. fan overall, nor of a lot of his work with Lana, but, to my surprise, I loved all of the production on Lorde's 'Solar Power,' so I have renewed hope that I may appreciate his work if he's working with Our Lady again, which seems likely.
  2. I thought what was reported was that a reporter or someone in the crowd asked LDR what her favorite song was, and she said, 'Coconut by Harry Nilsson," not that the question was "what is your favorite song on the new album?", and 'Coconut, by Harry Nilsson," was her answer. Can anyone clarify? If 'Coconut' is on the album, a song I loathe in the original, does this suggest the 'Standards & Classics' album? When I think of 'Standards & Classics,' I don't think of 'Rocky Mountain High' or 'Coconut,' I think of pre-1965 songs 'Ebb Tide,' 'How Deep Is the Ocean?,' 'Skylark,' 'The Shadow of Your Smile,' 'Love Is A Many Splendored Thing,' 'The Good Life.'
  3. Maybe that is what DNC means, Don’t (K)Nock Constipation.
  4. Our collective state of constipation is ending!
  5. She recently said her favorite song was 'Coconut,' an early 70s novelty song by Harry Nilsson of 'Without You' fame. Me too. It's a gimmicky novelty song, not as obnoxious as 'The Monster Mash,' but close.
  6. After 'Wild At Heart,' 'Arcadia,' 'Violets For Roses,' and 'Black Bathing Suit,' all which, to me, harkened back to BTD, I think we can never quite guess what's coming next, though I think one or more albums of bangers is unlikely.
  7. I'd rather have a lot of tracks, as on LFL. That way we're bound to get more good tracks on average, since, generally speaking, she does produce more good than weak tracks per album. I'm happy to always 'uncheck' or delete or move off tracks I really dislike. I do hope we get 'Crazy For You,' though I think it's unlikely if it is/was a HM outtake.
  8. It's just a difference of opinion. Don't take it personally. We all hate or love or like or dislike some albums more than others.
  9. It’s more like 250 posts all of a sudden….
  10. It’s beautiful, like WM, 13B, Heroin, Cherry, BPBP, SB, WTWWATWKOD, GBA, and so on. It really showed how varied her songwriting can be, and it seemed to move outward instead of inward like UV and HM.
  11. It’s one of my top 2 LDR albums. I never tire of it, though it has a few duds.
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