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  1. As hot as she is right now, and seeing that most people, including critics, can see past a 'has Lana jumped on the country trend bandwagon?' thing, the smart thing for her to do is to release Lasso as planned, unchanged, on schedule.
  2. We know she makes offhand and seemingly irresponsible remarks in public and to the media all the time. And we know she changes titles, concepts, schedules, and release dates all the time as well. So I think it's fair to say, based on those facts, that we're at a 50-50 situation, but hope makes me think we're closer to a 70-30 situation.
  3. Maybe she meant "What can I say now," as if she's talking to herself, saying "I'm so frustrated that so many artists are announcing country albums that I just don't know what to say to you about Lasso at this moment." What other artists are doing should make no difference. She's Lana Fucking Del Rey, having some of her best years ever, who cares if others are releasing country albums or if there is an actual trend in play, however it came about? Releasing a country album is not an original idea in and of itself; it's one of the most recognizable and oldest of all American genres. So with luck, Lasso will be released on schedule.
  4. The Greatest is the greatest, one of her best, and the vocal passages on the refrain—I'm waaayyysted—are brilliant, stunning but not too too much.
  5. My list is long: Radio National Anthem America* Bel Air* Cola Gods & Monsters Old Money* West Coast is This Happiness Terrence Loves You 24 Wait For Life* 13 Beaches* White Mustang When the World Was At War Heroin* BPBP Tomorrow Never Came The Greatest White Dress COCC Yosemite* Arcadia If You Lie Down With Me* Violets For Roses* Black Bathing Suit Let the Light In Fishtail Peppers * Especially underrated.
  6. Her dress—or outfit—is not to my personal taste but it's eye-catching and original. Lana is conquering the world!
  7. Wonderful news. Thanks, Elle. She's really on a career role and hopefully, we'll hear a few Lasso songs during the tour. Her public profile has never been higher.
  8. I found her version of CRTMH on the anemic side—it sounded more like a demo or a first take to me, certainly not Lana singing "the way John Denver sings," so I'd prefer it not be included. I'm rather baffled while she released it all, especially compared to her brilliant take on Blue Skies, which I know had different producers and musicians entirely—and different intentions. I agree, Lana is going to do what Lana wants to do. That is certain. My expectations for her and all other artists today is 2-3 songs I like on new albums—if I get that, then I'm content.
  9. I agree with this, and it's made each less than perfect, not that I expect almost any artist working today to make a uniform, consistent, and cohesive album the way some artists did in the distant past, like Fleetwood Mac with Rumours, Bruce Springsteen with Born to Run, Joni Mitchell with Court & Spark, the clash with London Calling, or Tori Amos with Under the Pink and Boys For Pele. I'd like Lasso to be all-new material, specifically conceived for this project.
  10. In a sense, I would think Peck had better sense than to reintroduce it to the public, especially the American public, which already has so many backward ideas about homosexuality. But yes, I guess he's reclaiming it and knows it's tongue-in-cheek, and will perhaps stir controversy, especially if it were to become a hit of some kind. It is a relief to know he didn't write it and didn't think up those lyrics himself. Thanks.
  11. That's great to know--I didn't know that, as it sounds in some ways very much in the Peck tradition. It's funny and cute, but in a sense, it's a shame that it's out there, because it just reinforces a lot of incorrect ideas about homosexuality. Thank you.
  12. Speaking of Paul Cauthen and Orville Peck, Peck's new song about cowboys will set back understanding about homosexuality 1,000 years. Even if it is meant to be comic on some level.
  13. She performed with Paul Cauthen, who I love--and he's performed with Orville Peck. Imagine a LDR-Peck duet, something like Peck's Roses Are Falling.
  14. A wasted opportunity and unworthy of an artist of Lana's stature, and her team—whoever green-lighted the YouTube rips, Lana or otherwise.
  15. Agreed. And the leaked tracks should have been remastered, or sterling copies from the vault should have been used. I would also have liked I Talk to Jesus on it, not for religious reasons, but because it's beautifully produced.
  16. It sure is, not in the objective sense, but as my favorite. Ocean Blvd is at the bottom.
  17. I wouldn't dare post my list.
  18. What a great album, I am still not tired of it.
  19. I agree, and it's about time. It's not as if men don't experience sadness, loneliness, disappointment, rage, etc. They certainly do and getting in touch with those very common feelings rather than attempting to suppress them will do them a world of good. And men can do that with biologically male artists like Jeff Buckley, Anderson East, or Lord Huron too. I'm old enough to remember when men as well as women listened to Carly Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt, or Heart and bought their records routinely without thinking of it as women's music. And then for Pat Benatar, Madonna, Sheila E., Sade, Joan Jett, etc. It was towards the end of the 80s and into the early 90s, in the midst of Grunge, that I started hearing rumblings about women's music, which some female artists actually promoted, thus there was Lilith Fair, composed of only female artists. Tori Amos refused to be a part of it on the grounds that she didn't create music for a specific audience or gender. My advice is just open your ears and spirit and listen, without preconceived notions of what you like or don't like.
  20. I think we are seeing change—I'm seeing it here in NYC. If young male athletes can unselfconsciously wear pink shorts or paint their fingernails black on a lark, then young people are thinking in a freer and broader fashion. If some men (or women) can't relate to Lana, so be it. We don't need them to and neither does Lana. Everyone is free to like what they like, and as a result, sometimes we hear things we find stupid, like "Oh, Lana Del Rey? THAT'S Women's Music." The same thing was said for decades about Tori Amos. Anyway, headlining venues like Coachella will help free people of the notion that Lana's music is written for or appeals primarily to women.
  21. I agree her fanbase seems to be predominantly composed of women and "queer men," as you call them. But no one considers Elvis Presely's or Frank Sinatra's music men's music, or Led Zepplin's, Jeff Buckely's, or 21 Pilots' either. There is misogyny involved insofar as some men seem to automatically think of Lorde's or Lana's music as women's music, when I don't think they would say the same thing about, say, Amy Winehouse. Unfortunately, too many people think in a kind of cultural shorthand that actually doesn't involve thinking on their part, just the spontaneous acceptance of outdated cultural stereotypes. Among the young, I'm happy to see heterosexual-leaning male high school athletes unselfconsciously buying and wearing pink shorts, sneakers, or Crocs without even considering "but pink is for girls." I do think, culturally, we're moving in the right direction in that regard, at least among the young—which is where it counts.
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