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  1. Someone is posting phone numbers in the chat, if you haven’t joined yet you might not want to 😬 Idk how they’re getting them though
  2. Wonder what the pinned messages will be for? Maybe to announce when her set starts?
  3. Omg thank you so much icon! Btw I love and admire all the work you do for the Lizzy Grant lovers among us!
  4. Is the Pawn Shop Blues demo not titled Bread and Oranges? I thought that's what it was called on The Phenomena of Lizzy Grant mixtape but Lanapedia just says Bread and Oranges is the "original" title
  5. Omg I was just looking for this and couldn’t find it anywhere, thank you sm for sharing!
  6. Edit: I’m dumb it was just Architecture (TNBAR demo) I remember listening to a LFL era song, a demo I think? with either the chorus or bridge instrumentals which strongly reminded me of the album versions of the more folk-pop songs (Love, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, Coachella, God Bless America) but with unfamiliar lyrics and I cannot for the life of me figure out what that was does this description sound familiar to anyone?? I’ve listened to the LFL demos without The Weeknd and it wasn’t one of those, so idk what it could be. I’m not super familiar with non-demo unreleased from that time period so maybe it’s one of those?
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