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  1. I just want the album trailer! They must have shot it..it can't be inexistent It would be so wild, psychedelic and woody-dark I can see already a Twin Peaks atmosphere and aesthetic
  2. Am I the only one who is actually calm? I mean, obviously i'm very excited but we have no news and all we can do is waiting 16 days
  3. So what happened today here? Seems like has been a bit crazy again Also, just wanted to say a thing, and I apologize already for bringing this again, but...I think we should we should feel a little lucky if @Eclipse still talks to us, he just tells us what he knows, and as someone already said, it's not his fault if some things don't happen. He's kind to tells us. Now obviously I don't know him, but I think we could just be a little more..respectful and not drag him for things which are not his fault? Just thinking. Sorry again, this is just my opinion and I don't think it is weird
  4. aaaahh a sunset album I can already imagine. this made my day, thank you cause it was a bad day
  5. that happens often, a few days ago i was looking there and on cocc playlist it said "updated 4 days ago" or something like that, it's very usual..at the moment even the UV playlist results updated today.. so it doesn't mean anything in particular in my opinion
  6. sorry probably i'm bringing this again here, but i don't have time to read all the previous pages so...where was this confirmed? i'm talking about the fact that that one is the official cover
  7. welcome here! it will be a bit crazy but it's so funny and lovely
  8. they're very beautiful, and interesting because full of details. i write a lot of poetry, but i posted two poems here already
  9. Exactly..girls let's chill, think and do something else! when it will have to be out she will tease it, doesn't look at all like a LMLYLAW release, so..
  10. You're right in my opinion! Being realistic sometimes is the best thing
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