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  1. reintroducing the AKA Lizzy Grant font (Impact) on merch was not in my 2024 bingo card not beating the rerelease allegations i fear
  2. not lana using the same pic i used in my videos when they were on youtube- what also- i literally manifested it in some dms just a week ago-
  3. templeoflana

    Melanie Martinez

    "Back from the dead" i mean- she's literally back from the dead but i'm glad she decided to come back to feed us this crumb of food.... more news soon i suppose
  4. the beat is so similar I didn't notice omg her mind
  5. It's the "Dark But Just A Game" sample for me- the song is so good omfg
  6. I think she does... it's either that or she just likes to get inspired by her own work, or to get better at her art
  7. So you mean to tell me I shared fake stem edits on my channel as "demos" ? Oh baby no... Time to clean up my content I guess... Thank you for letting us all know about this bc... so many ppl are shook right now, including me
  8. Honestly I'm being optimistic- I noticed that alternate versions usually have 'Exclusivité FNAC' (FNAC Exclusive) in their names, so you might be right
  9. Guys idk if that's good news but I just noticed that FNAC France just updated the BB vinyl by adding "édition limitée" (limited edition) in the name... and switching from the limited edition CD to vinyl does bring to this new one... we might get the updated cover soon ?
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