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  1. TheBoss

    Charli XCX

    This were such fun times!! The way everyone called it fake in a millisecond! BTW: I think Kylie Minogue jumped into PopJustice to share a little bit of info for Disco before it started?
  2. TheBoss

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    Textless would have been even better, but I LOVE the cover, so happy Surrender My Heart made the final cut
  3. TheBoss

    Kim Petras

    According to some insiders on ATRL Runway Walk was never meant for Problematique, this apparently is the only one left to leak
  4. TheBoss

    Kim Petras

    Either one of these
  5. It's weird, I think my "crazy stan" side is definetly fading, still love her, BB was an amazing album in my opinion, and I do believe that her art is at it's best and it's been delightful to see her grow. But to be honest, stanning Lana is super boring since like 2018 lol I've moved on from Lanaboards to ATRL , and in the same way I've found a huge amount of amazing and more exciting artists to listen too for now.
  6. TheBoss


    This might be my favorite Beyoncé album, holy shit, this is too good
  7. Get that coin! https://www.vulture.com/2022/07/the-last-movie-stars-trailer-ethan-hawke-paul-newman-joanne-woodward.html
  8. TheBoss

    Kim Petras

    I honestly like the sessions from the album, but both Coconuts and FSN as the single choices... that was a choice
  9. TheBoss

    Kim Petras

    My file of Dance To Forget ended with such an abrupt beat that I decided to scrap if anyone has any edit with a fixed ending my DMs are open
  10. TheBoss

    Kim Petras

    This is what I'm using for now 01 All She Wants 02 Born Again 03 Coconuts 04 Left My Body 05 Malibu 06 Hit It From the Back 07 Je T'adore 08 Ur Time to Cry 09 Future Starts Now With the cover posted above, and it flows pretty well in my opnion
  11. TheBoss


    I'm so fucking pissed she came to my random ass country today and I ahd no idea, she literally was walking through the dirty streets from Santiago eating fried empanadas and buying the draft of the new constitution. I don't even live in Santiago, but I'm gonna travel in like three days, I-
  12. Art Deco-like style of production and pure pop
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