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  1. I swear if this ends up being a partial official livestream because of the delay…
  2. And from cherry to btd? Where the fuck is pwyc im confusion
  3. I used to love this song so baaaad, amazing album btw, flume had me in chokehold in 2016 with this one and Say It
  4. ly thanks <3 I feel the same way about PWYC? I'm excited!
  5. I heard this was gonna be livestreams by Globo Multishow is that true?
  6. DMD just like OTTR are wonderful tracks, it just doesn’t translate as a good performance in 2023, not at least with Lana’s recent live efforts since 2017 imho Remember that one time she performed Paradise in 2018? Tragic. Fun song but I just know she was thinking about that Sylvia poem in her mind I hope she proves me wrong tho!
  7. TheBoss

    Kylie Minogue

    Did running leaked? Or am I downloading a virus? lol
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