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    Tove Lo

    I mean to be fair I think they never announced they had an EP together, it was all insiders work, probably they thought they would drop it sooner tho
  2. She better do a side show too cuz i'm not paying for another festival set, we are ready for the real thing, she could literally have 5 dates in a row in each country and they all would be sold out lol
  3. TheBoss


    It's incredible WHEW
  4. TheBoss

    Lykke Li

    No Lana, afaik It's a mix of unleaked and OG old leaked files on there, there was some new Jessie Ware, some old Kylie, but not any that particularlt caught my attention (also each folder was only 1-3 tracks max so not a lot)
  5. TheBoss

    Lykke Li

    just these tracks (or do u mean from other artists?)
  6. TheBoss

    Lykke Li

    also this sadness is a blessing demo/alt mix: https://plwcse.top/f/59fb13375ac4ec48f7e12b1c43ae5642
  7. TheBoss

    Lykke Li

    Justin Parker's DropBox got hacked and new tracks leaked https://pillowcase.su/f/31fd78235a48691b72abe92ff05f3855 https://pillowcase.su/f/fa30ae7f2e2bfcaaed1ba57fded0f89e https://pillowcase.su/f/7eec5808c8bc9d51b638fe7d2306e564
  8. Anyone has a cruel youth one?
  9. TheBoss

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    GIVE IT TO ME RACHELL Is this bcuz of that database leal that was made available for 20 minutes?? The one with 1.3 tb of content
  10. TheBoss

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    didn't we already had the now that i found you demo in hq?
  11. Not her… happy for Kacey Musgraves tho
  12. I honestky can’t believe I’ve been eliminated, Lindsay Lohan when I catch on the All Stars season is ON!! And you too ivory almond, watch your back in the streets!!
  13. Oh my god, I guess I’m really homeless now am I?
  14. omg who is that judge? Lmao it made giggle a bit sorry (out of character sorry again lmao)
  15. Homeless Chic by Tinashe, I wanted to step out of my supermodel shell, and give you raw and pure chic even without a home, as all of you may know, after almost 7 years of being on an abusive relationship, RCA left me stranded to die and venture on my own with zero support, but I'm still here homeless, independent, beautiful and hustling everyday to make my life the work of art I always envisioned it to be.
  16. I AM A NASTY GIRL! Hopefully LanaBoards plays my new song "Nasty" unless they are only into white girl from new york type of music, hey I'm a fully independent artist too and these outfits are expensive!!
  17. why everybody and their mother are acting like I'm the evil villain of the season? I don't appreciate this narrative AT ALL! Don't make me call Roc Nation
  18. I'm sorry but Lizzy's critiques made me giggle a bit, Lindsay wasn't feeling this AT ALL
  19. The judges are surely taking their time! Mayeb no one will go home today and we'll get to walk the MET gala on some cute gowns
  20. For this week's challenge Tinashe's alter-ego is Medusa, beloved and hated by many, careful with diving into the deep of her turquoise ocean eyes, she might turn the judges and competition into stone!
  21. Had so much fun at the park with you ladies, specially with Britney, we had so much fun in the backseat of the bus! Thanks Lindsay fro all this experience!
  22. That outfit has been the lowest moment of my career along with the Chris Brown and R. Kelly collab, I did it out of necessity, better things are coming that's for sure!
  23. Let me serve you a drink, I really want to apologize for calling you a geriatric queen, I was reall scared about going home because of my limitations, while everyone around me was serving looks. I truly didn't meant it, I hope you can understand RuPaul <3.
  24. Oh we're a hot topic now ladies! Rating is going through the roof!
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