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  1. Really loved this interview but she seems really angry and sad and existential in this Very real and personal compared to her last couple of interviews
  2. Obsessed with her vocals but i'm never listening to this again
  3. Big Bad Wolf The distorted rock production and horror strings are everything to me
  4. I made that comment because it clearly was inspired (and recreated) at one point then changed completely The BTS pics: Final bangs: How it looked in bts looks exactly like the reference photos They obviously changed it mid-shoot - that's not bad or anything, it's just an observation. I should also note that the Brooke Shields hair is exactly like the one in the shoot
  5. Claudia sweetie im so sorry for that terrible attempt of recreating your hair... my god I wouldn't be surprised if they just changed the hair concept while doing it on set because it doesn't even look like it
  6. Lindsay Lohan

    Lexie Liu

    New song has been released in honour of members of LanaBoards - Delulu It's actually amazing how NO ONE is doing it like her. Truly one of the most unique artists of current times
  7. 01. AKA (First real album) - Lizzy Grant - 01. Born To Die (First album under a major label) - Lana Del Rey 02. Paradise 03. UV 04. HM 05. LFL 06. NFR 07. Violet 08. COCC 09. BB 10. OB I count AKA and BTD both as her first album just under different labels. I also feel like to me if it had an era dedicated to it and has it's own vinyl (ex Paradise & Violet) it counts as an album It's actually hilarious that her next album could be promoted as LDR9, LDR10, LDR11, or LDR12 depending on who you ask
  8. Lana albums as Lindsay Lohan: AKA: BTD: Paradise: Ultraviolence: Honeymoon: LFL: NFR: Violet: COCC: BB: OB:
  9. I'm unsure if Unknown's timeline meant those songs were finished in 2015 or if they started production in 2015, but if that's the case it's actually super interesting how far Crazy For You made it in the tracklisting - I wonder why she scrapped it. It's one of her best songs imo
  10. I have a list of 10 songs that was sent to a producer for additional production so maybe Lana was referring to those? Crazy For You Freak Get High (High by the Beach) God Knows I Tried Honeymoon Ice Cream (Salvatore) Pink Flamingos (MTWBT) Religion Say Yes To Heaven Swan Song
  11. She's so cute Lana has been giving 2012-2019 Lana for the past couple of months like she's really back now
  12. They wanna be Lil Tay so bad it's kinda embarrassing at this point
  13. Just when I was gonna give Blue Tankisters a chance.....
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