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  1. Madison Beer: Home to Another One Baby Selfish Envy The Leaves Sweet Relief Barbie Mars Argo: Angry Hear Me Out Living It Runaway Runaway Lick It Like A Kitten Tired Today Lindsay Lohan: Over Stuck Black Hole Confessions of a Broken Heart My Innocence Xanax
  2. are there any live steams other then rod and stephan
  3. The lightning.... If she doesn't start in the next 10 minute it gonna get cancelled...
  4. the way it thundered here the moment you sent this... (7 hour drive away from boston)
  5. The lyrics seem very.... limited which kinda makes me think she's just making it up on the spot This is what I can understand by the lyrics:
  6. Wait...... are those background vocals it could actually be a song
  7. It could be her just messing around while soundchecking but omfg I hope it's ac actual song
  8. Lindsay Lohan

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor is the biggest loser ever it's hilarious actually, I'll never respect her as an artist... mediocre accolade hag all-over
  9. Honestly I kinda feel like there's not a lot to say because pretty much everything has been said already in some form lemme dig and see if there's anything I could contribute...
  10. Omg I was about to say this exact thing!! The song is so soundtracky I feel like she should have pitched it to an upcoming coming of age movie like The Edge of Seventeen or even Love Simon cause that literally is the vibe
  11. This is so exciting I am excited for you You have one shot to convince her to release Noir...
  12. Lindsay Lohan

    Charli XCX

    I didn't think the album was very good TBH but I might say something stupid is amazing I'm more excited for the remix album because von dutch and 365 remixes are 1000x better than the originals Rewind also worst song of all time
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