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  1. Honestly I wouldn't mind a country album is it's like Hey Blue Baby, I Must Be Stupid For Being So Happy, and The Prettiest Girl in Country Music I just want Nikki Lane to stay as far away as possible
  2. Can you upload this video pleasee it's been on my mind for months and it ceases to exist on the internet
  3. This is true! I'm guess at some point the manufacturer must have changed because some of the newer records had this really nasty murky tone to it like this: The original ones were much more clear: If you're looking to buy one I would suggest getting one of the original UO ones
  4. Honestly it's kinda ridiculous at this point... what does she even pay her security for if people are coming by and leaving her stuff like that AND stealing her cars I'm sure she's aware that her address is easily accessible online for anyone who's looking specifically for it, she needs better security
  5. I really liked the movie! My only problem with it is that I felt like some scenes went by wayyyy too fast and some too slow. Don't really like how they skipped over his whole movie era which is so iconic looking back. Baz said that he might release a 4 hour cut of the movie and I would love to see that if it happens
  6. Nectar of the Gods one of her best actually but it's UV era so doesn't count ...I think a more interesting discussion would be how there is probably an actual final version of Nectar and Cherry Blossom lying on someone's hard drive right now...
  7. Normalize having strong lyrics and production again
  8. Lemme make a whole analysis of the song real quick... The song itself is more of a response to critics and just that whole "If she wants to die so bad why doesn't she just kill herself already" saying people were tweeting at Lana back then. It's not necessarily Lana saying she wants to kill herself but her addressing that normal people can casually talk about depression and being sad in general, but when Lana or any other celebrity were to speak out about it they would get the "beautiful people beautiful problems" treatment where they would get mocked for feeling a certain way because of their status in wealth/fame or whatever. When you mentioned " it’s just sheer pain and desperate" that's EXACTLY what Lana was singing about where she could literally say she wants to die and won't be taken seriously due to her status. The song is actually quite close to Lana's QFTC statement where she mentioned there is a certain image based on feminism and she doesn't have it; therefore treated different. It's the same thing with BPBP / publicizing depression in the public eye. The times have changed a lot since 2014 & it's more accepted and noted now but in 2014 you would have been (and were) laughed at! Also why the demo would not fit the documentary because the demo lyrics don't really relate to their story...
  9. You missing the whole point of the song- But I don't think the demo would have fit this series anyways since their lives did not seem that dramatic... and the final version IS good (one of my favs of lfl in fact )
  10. "I’m kissing you hard, you got my lipstick on your face I stole your girlfriend’s keys, kicked her out of your place Cause I want you more than I did before, I’m missing you hard, give you my softcore babyface And then we start to fight, tumble down the staircase And when we hit that floor, you want me even more, And then you buy me roses and it’s fine I forgive you almost all the time" Shakespeare has yet to make a verse as amazing as this
  11. Also just thinking about the amount of women that are going to end up killing themselves by accident and on purpose because of an unwanted pregnancy. It's like we're suddenly living in this weird ludicrous dystopian alternate universe where things up for debate really shouldn't be up for debate...
  12. Didn't she say she wanted to work with the guy who made the LFL trailer again too
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