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  1. Wild At Heart - CORNY Dark But Just A Game - CORNY Not All Who Wander Are Lost - CORNY Text Book - Ugly looking Happiness is a butterfly - CORNY Love - Should have been Young & In Love
  2. Lindsay Lohan


    Something about listening to Deftones outside in the cold months just hits different...
  3. The OM demo makes a lot more sense as an opener compared to UV version actually... but still a weird choice Unfortunately it was stripped of all it's chaotic glory and turned into a pure piano ballad
  4. That was a speculation, knowing what we know now i'd say it's not that accurate since it was confusing Tropico for being apart of paradise instead of UV MPG, Tonight, ITTJ, and maybe Hollywood are the only ones that really make sense for tropico tbh
  5. Tropico album is Ultraviolence, just an early version of it But it was not finalized or approved for anything in the least bit; it's more of a concept that evolved later into UV Also this concept did indeed exist because 2012 MPG and I Talk to Jesus had "Tropico" in it's metadata We also got a rough tracklist from those trans-am pics so I think it's safe to say it did exist even if it was never meant to be a final product
  6. It's just an assumption to match up what The Love Witch was saying, but Trans-Am is also from January 2013 which is a whole 11 months away from the premiere so anything can change. Trans-Am could actually be the Tropico (album) working/ place-holder title now that i'm thinking about it... (which also makes a lot more sense)
  7. From my understanding, Paradise and Tropico were two different projects she was working on at the same time. Paradise - An extension of Born To Die. Tropico - An EP that was evolved into an album, then later scrapped and turned into Ultraviolence. If I had to pin-point the moment the "Tropico" concept was scrapped I would guess it would have actually been around maybe March/April 2013 when she created West Coast. It's very obvious that was a turning point in her sound considering everything made before that doesn't sound like the stuff after that. I feel like everyone is just assuming the Tropico trio (BE, G&M, Bel Air) was meant to be in Tropico, but we also have no solid proof for that like we do some other songs, it would be weird for Lana to do that but it's also something she would do I also don't think it was just a place-holder because it stuck around for so long, I'm thinking it was the true title until Tropico (Film) was fully realized and she changed it to an actual place-holder title which would have been 'Trans-Am' before making the final switch to 'Ultraviolence' but that's all speculation.. --- If I had to create a timeline out of what makes sense for me it would look something like this: (Dates are when I think they would have actively been worked on) Paradise (Random song version, including Hollywood's Dead, Damn You, Starry Eyed, JFK + others) [Feb 2012 - June 2012) Tropico (Idea created + started recording songs for the intent of an album but was shut down by label for being too soon) [May 2012 - Dec 2012] Paradise (Final) [Apr 2012 - Aug 2012] - Tropico (Album / EP) [Aug 2012 - Feb 2013] *Possibly Trans Am Tropico EP (The film trio + I Talk To Jesus) [May 2013 - Sep 2013] Rick Nowels' Ultraviolence (Album) [June 2013 - Dec 2013] Tropico EP (Final, removal of ITTJ) [Sep 2013 - Oct 2013] Ultraviolence (Final) [Dec 2013 - Mar 2014]
  8. From what i'm understanding these are not actual mixes by Patrick Warren, but just additional production made by him to be sent to Rick to be included in the song Calling it a "rough mix" wouldn't be correct because it's not one, technically it's just the Acapella over additional production. It's missing the actual production, so the only term that would make sense is if it were something like "Yes To Heaven (Edit 1)" / "Yes To Heaven (Edit 2)"
  9. I'm pretty sure these were recorded for Mike Will Made It's album 'Been Trill' and never completed
  10. There is! They just happen to get fired by Marina during maternity leave
  11. It's still on Tubi for me, maybe it's just a regional thing? https://tubitv.com/tv-shows/462977 YouTube playlists with all the episodes in good quality: S1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RGC844HbXU&list=PLaQSIBY1EHttcVv9alIw3kKJ87za2glBg S2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jFdo9rn7M0&list=PLaQSIBY1EHtvlUrx675AH-MSVd297ZF57 S3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZzrGHO-73o&list=PLaQSIBY1EHttQ_8tiBWRJwtY-3Ow6rECr S4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiojLXVFd2k&list=PLaQSIBY1EHtsuO1zGgkbWJ4jtxERWHrW1 S5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XReE0tvs_c&list=PLaQSIBY1EHttLJgTwVCkItClKwf1kr4ae
  12. I present Dangerous.... a trailer-trash Lizzy gem I tried to use as many Lizzy cliché's as possible Dangerous I was girl that they call Tropicana Rollercoasters and a cherry cola by the sea Throwing their fate in the sand by the shore Living dangerously And Jimmy he would smile in his blue and white strips Cigarette stuck in the side of his mouth Taking me back with his Pontiac smile Let's show the whole crowd what this summer town's all about Living Dangerously, We was so dangerous, we was living dangerously I was the girl they call Miss America Tinsel frown and rose red lips in a crown Throwing me love in confetti so fond Living dangerously And Jimmy would laugh with his jersey shore flag Sparkler in the palm of his hand Taking me back with his blue Chevy smile Let's show the whole crowd what this trailer park's all about Living Dangerously, We was so dangerous, we was living dangerously Betty Lou and Lana Rey Dreaming about Monterey Serving up a heartbreak In my sad Motel-6 mistake I want to live forever I want to live forever Living dangerously We were so dangerous Living dangerously We was living dangerously
  13. They have the full seasons for free on Tubi, I think it's on YouTube too
  14. Is this even true...? Cause absolutely no one talks about that song and when I checked the charts that song was nowhere to be found but Ocean Blvd was #2
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