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  1. Been obsessed with her EP lately - def top 3 favorite projects released this year
  2. I don't think she's ever leaked anything besides the honeymoon video tbh every other leak has been accounted for
  3. After LMLYLAW I don't get why everyone's expectations were so high... The performance was cute and she looked amazing - I am personally satisfied
  4. I think the opposite actually, Lust for Life was an album she played safe after she started getting blasted from the feminist movement and UV lyrics and whatever was happening at the time, then even changed her whole personality in that era for a hot sec. NFR impacted ALL of the recent pop records by being the first one to strip down production, taylor, billie, lorde, clario, etc. followed that sound because NFR was just so refreshing for the time - it's truly the BTD of the 2020s. I would say Blue Banisters is the same level of safe as all of her other records (except lust for life) which is not safe, it's Lana, because it all comes down on to how she wants the vibe to be, she was screaming all crazy during her 2011/2012 concerts because that was just the vibe, she's always seemed comfortable expressing herself through music. I don't think she ever thought about the criticism or playing it safe while making her records (except for LFL and probably Chemtrails).
  5. BTD: Blue Jeans Paradise: Bel Air Ultraviolence: Sad Girl / Guns N Roses (I have no idea how this made the cut considering all the amazing songs we have gotten from this era) Honeymoon: 24 / Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Lust For Life: WTWWARWKD / GBA NFR: None methinks COCC: Let Me Love You Like A Woman / Breaking Up Slowly
  6. Neon Palmmm 1. I Know A Place 2. Heavy Hitter 3. Lights, Camera, Action 4. Butterfly Doors 5. High Glitz 6. Miss Tropical USA 7. Speed Green 8. Let's Change Our DNA 9. Are You With Me? 10. Late Call 11. J'adore 13. Neon Palm Trees
  7. I always thought these were like almost the exact same song
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