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  1. okay i totally love this but hopefully beautiful does not embody comic sans
  2. Baby, I'll be like a wildflower I live on sheer willpower I'll do my best never to turn into something That burns, burns, burns Like the others baby, burns, burns, burns
  3. has anyone gotten their air fresheners in from ldr village? i want to buy one, but idk if they have any power. i'd probably end up paying 10 USD for it with added tax & shipping so i just want to make sure it'd be worth it
  4. the way both her siblings and her father have had features in songs, music videos, production, etc. but her mom stays gone
  5. wait is sweet caroline going to be a diamond cover? or is it not related?
  6. he's always giving songwriter/poet on his instagram captions. this was only a matter of time <3
  7. is it confirmed if there's going to be any vocal collaborations on tracks? honestly wish she and a$ap would do another song but i've got a feeling that's not the vibe she's going for. nikki lane doesn't scream summer bummer
  8. am i the only one who doesn't want another single released? we already have 4, and honestly, i would've been okay with just 3. i still want an album full of surprises, you know? i don't really foresee her releasing anything else either because she left socials only a couple days after arcadia dropped. i feel like it would make sense to be sort of mia until the album releases
  9. don't mess with us too much! we are all too vulnerable right now
  10. i don't totally get why she would mind if we still had her old pictures as long as no one can comment or anything on them (i respect her decision of course though), they're all gone now from her website. but there's a think to sign up for announcements/updates, i just signed up. for anyone who is interested, you can get text messages/emails about releases, events, etc. i guess it's better than nothing!
  11. i only did officially released albums (leaving out BB too) otherwise it would've been even harder and really complicated 1. Ride 2. Off to the Races/Ultraviolence 3. Tulsa Jesus Freak 4. Video Games/Brooklyn Baby 5. West Coast 6. National Anthem (Sad Girl as a really close 2nd) 7. Cinnamon Girl 8. How to Disappear (Money Power Glory as a really close 2nd) 9. Religion 10. Next Best American Record (Dance Till We Die as a really close 2nd) 11. Blackest Day/The greatest 12. Bartender 13. Happiness is a Butterfly 14. Florida Kilos 15. Flipside 16. Get Free already starting to rethink some of my choices, it really depends on my mood i think
  12. do we expect any more music videos? if so, what do you guys think they might be for? i'd see about two more coming in, maybe another homemade video too. trying to instate better energy here babes <3
  13. i always forget how cute ldr village is until i go on there again. i don't know of any other artists who have something like that, but please lmk if there are- i'd want to check them out
  14. i'm sure someone has said this before, but i just realized you can go on lana's website and still see a lot of her old social media posts! i know that was probably common knowledge, but i just wanted to say in case anyone else didn't know.
  15. i love this! you know what would be really cool is if you took a couple lines from the lyrics of each song and made it into a poem. that would be so awesome! just an idea! <3
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