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  1. honestly so true!! i feel like we could get this vibe from her in lasso.
  2. okay but we all knew lana was going to keep up her country vibe! like an ultraviolence-esque album wouldn't make sense considering her most recent releases and actions (waffle house lol). maybe she will be expanding on those cotcc foundations??
  3. although i understand why some might not like this mv, it's certainly not bad! i do think it's much different than stuff she has released in the path, but i really like how she went in a different direction with candy necklace. definitely shows how she has changed in her career and life, which reflects ob's message of growth and reframing the past. in my opinion
  4. i feel like we should expect a rob feature at the very least (and i think it would be a dreamy bop) i would love her to collab with stevie nicks or a$ap rocky again, but i don't think that's going to happen
  5. what about another "interlude- the trio" type thing lana did for bb? it was kind of random, but i think it was a great way to mesh the dreaminess of arcadia into the more sultry sound of black bathing suit. i still go back and forth on it though lol just one interlude though, and sorry, but please no more judah smith
  6. my favorites: 1. NFR 2. Ultraviolence 3. AKA all very close together though because i love them dearly 4. born to die 5. blue banisters 6. honeymoon 7. chemtrails 8. lfl 9. paradise 10. ocean boulevard of course, i love them all so much and for many different reasons! in part because of their unique artistry and how each of the albums connected with me in their own way
  7. i feel like another stevie nicks collab would be STUNNING with lana's current musical direction. i could see her doing fewer collaborations on this next album though, but who knows.
  8. A$AP Rocky collab? or am i crazy literally nothing points to this happening i just think a touch of the lfl vibe in addition to her current musical direction would deliver something special
  9. this might be a dumb question, but does lana even have the rights to release AKA? isn't under a different record company? i'm sure she could obtain the rights if she really wanted to, but where does it stand currently?
  10. i love AKA, but i feel like lana has spent the past few years reinventing herself so she can rely less on personas, so formally releasing AKA would kind of contradict her current direction. her sound has evolved so much, but i could see her wanting to pay homage to her roots too? i mean what do i know though lol BUT with taylor swift getting such great results with her rereleases (which i get is totally different circumstances ofc) maybe she would be inspired to do something similar??
  11. i feel like she returns to btd to showcase how she has changed, evolved, matured, etc since that album. performing her classics years laters allows her to reinvent them and add new twists!
  12. blue jeans > summertime sadness for sure though! but i feel like they are both her most recognizable songs for people who are just casual listeners (if that makes sense). like my mom knows summertime sadness pretty well, but the only bb song she knows/likes is wildflower wildfire lol. anyways, i feel like she would want to reach as many people as possible with her performance (esp since its at a festival), so she's going to play her most popular songs, even if there are newer songs dedicated fans prefer more.
  13. i feel like bb is sort of a mix between nfr, chemtrails, and honeymoon plus a fourth totally different and new addition. i love it so much
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