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  1. honeymooncd

    Taylor Swift

    I know that Florence has strayed away from her lung days a bit, but you can still hear a bit of it in her current music. I hope we get some of that on the album, I would love a song with a production like Girl With One Eye. Oh, also, I think that i can do it with a broken heart is gonna flop. I can just tell
  2. I think it's time to move this to the rumor page....
  3. We all know that this will be delayed for at least a month.
  4. honeymooncd

    Taylor Swift

    Oh these people really don't get her....I can criticize taylor very easily, believe me- but this tracklist ate and you will all eat your words.
  5. honeymooncd

    Taylor Swift

    i was hoping that this would be a more concise album, one with less than 15 tracks-but i think shes letting herself release whatever she wants now that shes gone from big machine(ex: lover, folklore, evermore, the whole TV project) she doesn't want any unreleased songs
  6. honeymooncd

    Taylor Swift

    can we get a pre release thread 4 this
  7. honeymooncd

    Taylor Swift

    https://x.com/tswiftnz/status/1754334239448010844?s=46 GORGEOUS GIRL
  8. honeymooncd

    Taylor Swift

  9. https://x.com/theswiftsociety/status/1754323475043369050?s=46 lana and taylor in the audience!!
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